Chak De Bachche!

Today, while Orange Sitara is on live broadcast on MBC1 just right now,  I am gonna talk on Chak De Bachche, pronounced as “Chak De Bachche” lol…

Chak De Bachche is an Indian Television children’s singing and dancing competition.

The show got started on March 28, 2008 on 9X Entertainment Television channel. It was hosted by Roshni Chopra, an Indian Television actress and Manoj Tiwari, a Bhojpuri singer and actor.

24 Kids (12 from big towns and 12 from small towns) aged between 8 to 14 have been selected from every nook and corner of the country. 6 pairs of kids from small towns will be pitted against 6 pairs from big towns.

These two teams will be led by their mentors, who will guide them, then will fight for supremacy.

Excellent hosts!

Professional Jury Panel

lol, and they have professionals as jury members who do not hesitate to sing to show the errors and correct them!

Group Picture

This one is a nice picture 😀

btw, yesterday (2nd August 2008) was the final of Chak De Bachche, and the couple (Deepak & Nishtha) from the Chhote Shehar Ke Desi Dhurandhars team (Village) won!

fuf, depi la kot mo pc mo p tan sa bane figirs la p santer, OMG !

To click : A very interesting link for chak de bachche

LOL! I didnt watch Orange Sitara today, since I am blogging right now!

How do you find this real tv show?

Lets not try to compare the Orange Sitara ‘competition’ of Ambernath Mossae…

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  • Orange Sitara & Chak De Bachche! is like comparing the ground & sky… 😛

    An interesting show, great concept (Jori No.1 anyone? LOL) although I preferred SRGMP Little Champs! 🙂

  • Orange Sitara Vs Chak De Bachche is equivalent to “di riz basmati kohinoor” vs “diamant kohinoor”!!!


    I watched it too. These kids are the real magic of the show.

    Avishs last blog post..Unexpected Photo Shot Inside Tote Lepep Vacoas!!!

  • Anushka

    hi, i really like chakde bacche, yesterday i felt like crying too…. those kids are so talented… i prefer this program than orange sitara…

  • mo demane moi combien letemps avant ki mbc lance so propre adaptation lol

  • @vicks: lol, A.Mossae pas encore lance so version en indien lol, mais si zotte faire ene zaffaire koume sa dans morice, surtout village, la ville, bel bezer pu ena!

    Par contre, ene lot emission ki mari nice, c Z’ouais!
    This one is cool and original, and it happens that its not A.Mossae who is directing it 😛

    Kel coicidence!

  • [re=23120]Yashvin[/re]:
    Wey! Z’ouais is very funny! 😛

    carrotmadman6s last blog post..Samsung i8510 INNOV8 – the N96-slayer

  • Dhan

    I prefer Chakde….taaaa orange sitara la ene lak sa lol…..
    those kids are so cute n talented in chakde n also the juries KNOW EXACTLY wat should be said to those kids coz they are themselves experts in their respective fields…ENA ki1 LIKE ZAT dan SA ORANGE WATEVER….yuk….LOL

  • Mike

    I much prefer Chakde, so much entertaining fun and really talented kids. Even if i do not understand the language, my wife is simultaneously translating the comments/dialogue, its fantastic. We got bored with Sitara.

  • This programme … trop top .. au moin sth nice pu geter lor mbc 🙂

    yushas last blog post..Should i delete this blog ?

  • Nabila

    Oh yes, Chak DE is far far better than sa Orange mega bom la!!

    What i cant understand in orange seki y they don’t give the singers a feedback after their performance, so that they know where they shud strive to do improve, unlike ChakDe where the children are given feedback which definitely help and guide them!!!

  • Anjana

    Hi Nabila,
    I’m Anjana, in response to your comment, I would like to say that the mentors cannot give their feedbacks to the participants as I am damn sure that most of them haven’t learnt music. Zot nek ecouté santé. Even if they comment the participants won’t understand anything, base la meme zot penan.
    My husband and brother in law are musicians themselves, and I myself have learnt music. And I understand that sa kalité program la bane gud singers zamais pa pou ale chanté, as they know ki pou abaisse zot sa.
    What really makes me angry is that zot dire ki zot pé faire sa pou the wellfare of music in Mauritius. B sa candidate ki pou gagne sa competition la, kan pou dire li ok tone gagné, aster alle apprane music. Li pou carrement dire toi ki li deja coné, ki li bizin alle apprane. D’ailleur zot p deja prend zot pou bane star!!
    I dont blame the participants, I dont blame the mentors. Participants want to have their chance to win. The mentors are doing their best to help the participants, in fact its more than a job for them. But I blame bane all the heads of that programme. I better stop here.

  • 😀 mo bien content guet ha 😀
    but but but…..fer 1 discrimination entre poor n rich people… :S
    kind of fr bn poor la, village people, feel ki zot inferior as compared to othrs 😮