Caught speeding at 175MPH!

This is an example of one of the days on which you regret for having took the decision to take the car out in the night. Nobody even thought that the following story would happen to me…

Le destin est ce qui nous arrive au moment oΓΉ on ne s’y attend pas.

I was already on bed at about 2230hrs, but since i couldnt get any sleep & it was a FRIDAY night, I decided to get out of bed and do something else than usual…

A few mins later, I was on the road which was practically deserted, but still, the hunger for more speed quickly incited me to push the accelerator harder…

After a few kms, I heard the siren of the police, getting more and more clearer as I continued to drive along the motorway.

I didn’t pay much attention to that siren horn, but when a police vehicle appeared on my rear mirror, I realized that I was already at 175MPH, and the horn was meant for me…

I slowed down over the next hundred meters to park on the side lane…

HOWEVER, that damn police car came crashing right into mine!!!

That turned me angry!

I pushed on the accelerator pedal, speeding again onto the motorway, soon being pursued by additional police vehicles, including the Rhino SUV!

Road blocks were set onto my way, trying to slow me down, till I came to a dead end, surrounded by a few of the police vehicles…

I was taken out of my yellowish blue Mitsubishi Eclipse, and grounded to floor by a police officer…

Ouch! That did hurt!

I had to pay with the last marker I was left with, so, i just pressed ALT + F4 to quit the game…

Now, gotta to sleep, since its already 0030hrs…

Sweet dreams!

btw, sorry for this ridiculous story πŸ˜›

@ all : I am a 100% non-gamer, its only very recently that i got hold of need for speed most wanted dvd to test on my desktop pc, and these last days, i have been playing only this, just to spend time doing anything else apart from programming.

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  • xtased

    nice one!

  • LOL ….when u said “The Police Car Came Crashing Into Yours and you continue driving”… i already knew it was either a dream or a game lol πŸ™‚

    Coz Mauritian Police cars are so coward… they don’t really get into HOT PURSUIT …

    Btw U r playing underground most wanted?? Its cool hav it home too.. evryday when am just feeling like deeeaaaaaaddd tired i must play it to get some adrenalin lol.

    Avishs last blog post..8th August 2008 – 08 – 08 – 08

  • 175kmph. pa mal. deja preske fait.

  • hehe..nice one!

    Max done in real is 170km/h..zour mo frere so chawtari..banla ti fini ti en retard mw! πŸ™‚

  • Shoulda have used Speedbreaker to run away…

    & use a much heavier car (Lambo) to ram those Rhinos… πŸ˜›

  • letemps mo trouve 175MPH mone fini dire lor nfs sa..

    nissan la affiche kmph li.. apres hier to ti pe dire moi to pe alle zouE.. so..
    kinda guess πŸ˜›

    btw to pe diverti ek sa pc la.. πŸ˜› si to envi upgrade a ene carte graphic 512 to connE cot gagnE mo esperE .. (donne ene ti call.. mo pas pou hesiT pou prend profit ek toi ) πŸ™‚

  • unfortunately max i did 120 meme πŸ™ … 175 seems nice πŸ™‚ i shuld try in real

  • kouma mne trouve 175mph mne fini konner to p koz zouer la
    akoz dans maurice pena simer fr 175mph..which should b abt 280kmph
    nfsmw is fav game
    try the black edition favorite of all the challenges..

  • am a big fan of need for speed..played every need for speed..from its first game to carbon.but carbon and pro speed suxxx way tooo much…

    Dan mtius kpv faire plis ki 200km/h..ti ena 1 couz ti faire 210km/h dan so bmw..lerla so needle ti mort lor 210 meme..ti bsn envoye lagence pou dress li..LoL

  • wawa,
    c snt les fou du volant,,
    satanas et diabolo….

  • [re=23304]tushal[/re]: 210 la lor lavigie sa?

  • 175MPH = 281.6Km/H

    this is for all those who seem to confuse between MPH and Km/H

  • Amit

    LOL this is just a game but.. directrice MBC radio, ene certaine madame PP, p zouer NFS lor nu la route nationale while being drunk li.. Let’s hope that the Road Traffic Act applies the same to her as it does to others!

    See it here:

  • Soukounn

    Ta Yash, ki serti tone ecrir tou sa, zistoir la film Mithun nett

  • pal mo ki koir ki to p roul lor sime moi
    anyways my top speed is 345 km/h using d bmw
    that was a kwl ride ek zour la si marui top

  • lol…jour tne ekrir ha post la, so lendemain mne ask mama eski to ti sorti a soir e to ti pren loto….line dir moa non e mne persister non…pa ti enkr lir li full πŸ˜€ thn mne gagne ner r to zistwar la πŸ˜€

  • e mne persister *wiii*
    faute πŸ˜€

  • Madiihah

    hahaha eh yash to ser veye toi bien
    tne try nfs juived la sa osi seryer

  • moi mone kwar vrai vrai police ti der toi ler guetter to p zouer game :S

  • Nirmal

    Hahaha seryer sa man, ankor en TigiT to kas mo rekor personel ki 215Mph R mo Ti Carrera GT maX tune with junkman parts (siouplait) pena 1 laPolis ki kaV coster R moi haha BUT SPIKES SUCKS :)…NFS mostwanted is the best NFS game EVER…others like carbon suck :S also don’t waste your money on pro street.

  • Mayeven

    Any1 have driving test pratical dvd thx.

  • Bhooks

    I was on my way to Quatre Bornes.. was driving somewhere after Pamplemousses on the Motorway. In a matter of 2-3 minutes, I was overtaken by 20+ motorbikes. I was driving full on 110 Kmh, these bikers overtook me with such ease. And they disappear as quickly that they appear in my retroviseur. I just said to myself. Pou al mort vilain divant sa. When I reached at the whereabout of Caudan hude traffic jam. All bikes parked on the motorway, one of their fellow biker was on the tarmak. He looked dead to me. πŸ™‚

    These guys should easily do 220 kmh +. Any idea till what speed they can drive?

  • Le voyageur

    Some easily do 330 km/h, someone said to me there has been death too!

  • Roubesh

    @bhooks, to ena lalangue cabri! lol jokes

    @yashvin, 175mph ti p calkiler ki loto tone rouler coumsa!lol

  • ReenaDKL

    “He looked dead to me. :)”

    u actually seem happy he/she was dead…lol!

  • HardcoreGamer

    ah… Good old nfs most wanted. One of the funnest nfs game ever released before nfs hot pursuite 2010. I remember how I liked pressing the speedbreaker button and ram and crash into cop vehicles in slow motion – total bliss. Something you wouldn’t dare doing in real life.

    I don’t understand why people say video games are for kids. Its for entertainment. I enjoy playing video games just like you enjoy watching movies. I busted my 49yrs old father playing a game I recently installed last night- Portal 2.

    mph = Miles per Hour

    You can change this to kmph in the options menu, from Imperial to Metric.

    I suggest that you read the lifehacker post if you want to convert nongamers to gamers.

  • T0rped0

    Yeah, why so many pre-conceived ideas about video-games and gamers?
    Some explanation here

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  • wtf :s. Kan tonn dir 175Miles/h la mo ti p doutE kitsoz pa korek la … to masinn pa pou al sa kantitE la.