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After Sales Service at F@st Clique

You have most probably seen him commenting here or perhaps you are one of his friends on the various profiles which Facebook eventually blocked.

Today, the famous Tushal will be our guest writer and he will be ranting at one of his purchases at a computer hardware shop, which we will name as F@st Clique.


Reasons why I love my Kindle 3>

Loads among you have been asking for a review of this wonderful piece of technology.

Fasten your seat belt, the article is gonna be a lengthy one, with loads of pictures and a video 🙂


[Guest post] Wimax : From Nomad to Emtel

One of my dear and most regular readers decided to write an article for us to share his experience with a few Internet Service Providers and also, some useful information about his new internet connectivity, the Wimax Emtel Pro 🙂