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Promising job prospects for web design/dev

Very often, some young students turn towards me, asking for some piece of advice about their studies, how is the ICT job market going in Mauritius or do they pay well, things like that.

Job Career fairs might not always be the right place for these pieces of advice as they want to hear them from someone they know personally.

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Infotech 2010

Intelligent Mauritius…

That was only the motto just like C’est un plaisir!

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[Guest post] Computer-Age Teens

Shuaib and Veekshay are today’s new guest writers! Despite being in Form 4 and 2 respectively, they have come up with some crazy videos with self made special effects! This should amaze most of us here!

So, take out your camera, set up your home studio, today we gonna do some video editing 😉

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Buying on eBay from Mauritius

I finally came up with this post since I have been asked practically the same questions for the last few days! Most of the people landed on my D5000 blog post in which I describe my first experience with eBay.

So, this post will go mainly to Mauritians wishing to purchase something on ebay…

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Making everyone your brother / sister on Facebook

Some youngsters are unfortunately turning Facebook into a joke. To name a few : Stupid quizzes, unlimited tags on nonsense pictures, comments on pictures turning into chat sessions.

A few days ago, I noticed another new entry into the list mentioned above.

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Why you should go to Infotech 2009?

I have been quite disappointed with this year’s edition of Infotech.

It is clearly only some kind of fair where companies where only interested to put their products for sale, nothing more, and share their pile of brochures…