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Things which are broadcast on TV and worth blogging


Oh my god!

Despite not being a big film-aholic, I was truly entertained by this movie which talks about a man and his (non) belief in God.

Did you watch the movie?


Infozen, the worst mcb tv show of 2010

This post is especially for the Infozen team, whether technicians, hosts or management. Thanks to the useless new year’s eve tv schedule on MBC, I was compelled to watch the Infozen broadcast of tonight.


Petition to stop Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

This never-ending tv serial has been going on our national television for at least 10years now.
What we learn from it? How to cheat your husband or wife, get divorced x times, rapes within family members… Nothing good at the end of the day.

Please help to share this petition among Mauritians…


Et vous, comment l’aimez vous?

Vous l’avez remarqué, ces derniers temps, j’écris pas mal sur les différents pubs diffusés a l’ile Maurice, et je trouve que ca marche plutot bien!