Mauritian bloggers, you are wanted!

As a blogger, It is sometimes necessary that you take things from another angle, different from that of everybody else around you.

This encourages other people to voice out their opinions too, thus causing a (huge?) uproar about certain topics. Still, I haven’t yet mentioned examples where bloggers may land (or landed) into problems while denoucing/criticizing different practices in our daily life.

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Introducing blogging

Hi everyone! I just wrote a page on “Blogging“… Took me about 3hrs to cover different important points on blogging… My main objective was to introduce blogging to newbies, in a simple way, with lots of pictures… You can read it here, and perhaps mention any additional points I have missed out… Lets see if […]

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Hurraayyyy! 200th post!

200!!! I reached it! and over 2750 comments… Since more than 1 week, i have been testing, updating my wordpress, customizing a theme, everything on my local machine at home. Now, that the 200th post is reached, i have uploaded everything to my domain 😀 WordPress 2.5 is Great! Simply great! Except its admin panel, […]

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