Parked cars damaged by a “chapiteau” in Champs de Mars

Never assume that your car is safe, not even in a paid parking! I even wrote a post on those disclaimers some time back. If you follow me on Facebook, you already know part of the story. Some pictures below and if you want to read the full story, just continue reading to the full article.

The full story

If you follow me on Facebook, you probably laughed when I posted the picture with the caption:

I’m currently in a bus heading towards Port Louis, and seated in the 2 seats on the left side. The sandal of a man, seated at the other end, on the right side is slowly slipping and nearly reached my shoe. What should I do? LOL.


Though it looked funny (and I admit that it was damn funny especially when I tried to take a discrete picture with my mobile phone), I was quite tensed. Right at that moment, I left an off-site training at Phoenix in a haste to take a bus to Port Louis when I got a call that a chapiteau (tent) damaged my car in the parking.

On reaching the parking of the Port Louis Tennis Club, the police was already examining the scene. A chapiteau which was installed some 10 meters from the cars flew directly on 3 of them, thus causing considerable damage.


And as you guess by now, one of the cars was mine and like all of the other drivers, we paid a monthly fee for keeping our cars there during working days.

The damages to my car:



Damages to the two other cars:




The chapiteau


After hearing the different persons involved, the story timeline can be written as :

  • Contractor 1 places ChapiteauA (seen damaged, lying on the ground) on Friday.
  • Cars are parked early this morning, everything is normal.
  • Contractor 2 arrives on the parking after 9-10am and removes ChapiteauA from its initial position before installing their own tent. This first consists of removing those safety straps which hold the structure firmly on the ground and then, place it by the side. This was done without prior authorization of Contractor1
  • With the heavy gusts of wind blowing, the ChapiteauA was thrown up in the air and landed on three of the cars parked. In addition to the damages to the cars, the iron/aluminium structure of the chapiteau got damaged too.




The rest of the story…


The Contractor1 was contacted and required to give his statement, especially the part where his permission was not given to manipulate his structure. Contractor2 was unreachable to give any explanations. As for the damaged cars, one of the drivers and myself wrote our complaints in the Police Station of Pope Henessy. A police examiner was called on the spot to (of course,) examine the damaged vehicles so that we could drive with our cars back home. We reached the police station shortly before 2 pm and left it nearly 2 hours later, with a free ride in the police vehicle (without being accused of any rape, thief or murder) lol.

Now, the insurance companies need to be contacted and procedures followed to get the cars repaired while the police carries out its inquiry to determine the responsibilities of the different parties.

To end, I do not know for how long I can remain car-less or get reimbursed (if any!!!). Meanwhile my transport will now be nooooooooooooo -> The bus!


  • Nirvan Pagooah

    With which company is your car insured? You might get a replacement car meanwhile you car is being repaired.

  • Yashvin Awootar

    Will get that checked on Wednesday! It all depends on your “contrat” and I should check mine :P

  • Yasir

    I am sorry for you yashvin. I know how a car owner feels during these situations. Especially now you have to travel by bus :(

    I just hope you get your car back and never get into this kind of situation again. As for the insurance, that’s another pain…. btw, why did you park there? weren’t you aware of the fact that tent is being placed there???

  • Yashvin Awootar

    For sure, we were aware and it has been like that ever since I park there, from years back. But never an accident like this one happened and of course, it was human err. And since it was a paid parking, all cars there are allowed to park even when there were tents like those ones of today.

  • Mike

    I thought you were being escorted as a VIP but no. Problem with paid car parking is that they have clauses that say you park there at your own risk. You can only turn against the chapiteau company assuming they are covered for such liabilities. The insurance machine is always very slow. A real pain, you should be compensated for repairs, transportation and any loss of wages incurred. Keep all documentation and expenses.

  • reenadkl

    Aie..thank God no one was injured… Well it will be nice to see your posts while you’re on the bus everyday :P

  • reenadkl

    En tout cas ena ene l’assurance qui dans pince net.. Mtius Union :P A chaque fois li demande diagnostic docteur, ki normalement li pas gagne droit koner…let’s hope to l’assurance pas labas !

  • lol

    No such thing like “park at your own risk” exists under mauritian laws. You are entitled to dommages et interets.

    Its same when you break something in a supermarket, you are not required to pay for same.

  • Akash Gura Goredo

    That’s what I call bad luck.
    Still, it’s better you were not in there when it happened, and that no-one got injured in the process.
    But again – who gave the authorisation to build up this temporary structure without insurance cover? The authorities have washed their hands with safety and protection of life/property since very long, else, all these seemingly little but potentially lethal things should have been prevented by proper enforcement of our existing laws.

    But who cares…?