Parked cars damaged by a “chapiteau” in Champs de Mars

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  • With which company is your car insured? You might get a replacement car meanwhile you car is being repaired.

  • Will get that checked on Wednesday! It all depends on your “contrat” and I should check mine 😛

  • Yasir

    I am sorry for you yashvin. I know how a car owner feels during these situations. Especially now you have to travel by bus 🙁

    I just hope you get your car back and never get into this kind of situation again. As for the insurance, that’s another pain…. btw, why did you park there? weren’t you aware of the fact that tent is being placed there???

  • For sure, we were aware and it has been like that ever since I park there, from years back. But never an accident like this one happened and of course, it was human err. And since it was a paid parking, all cars there are allowed to park even when there were tents like those ones of today.

  • I thought you were being escorted as a VIP but no. Problem with paid car parking is that they have clauses that say you park there at your own risk. You can only turn against the chapiteau company assuming they are covered for such liabilities. The insurance machine is always very slow. A real pain, you should be compensated for repairs, transportation and any loss of wages incurred. Keep all documentation and expenses.

  • reenadkl

    Aie..thank God no one was injured… Well it will be nice to see your posts while you’re on the bus everyday 😛

  • reenadkl

    En tout cas ena ene l’assurance qui dans pince net.. Mtius Union 😛 A chaque fois li demande diagnostic docteur, ki normalement li pas gagne droit koner…let’s hope to l’assurance pas labas !

  • lol

    No such thing like “park at your own risk” exists under mauritian laws. You are entitled to dommages et interets.

    Its same when you break something in a supermarket, you are not required to pay for same.

  • Akash Gura Goredo

    That’s what I call bad luck.
    Still, it’s better you were not in there when it happened, and that no-one got injured in the process.
    But again – who gave the authorisation to build up this temporary structure without insurance cover? The authorities have washed their hands with safety and protection of life/property since very long, else, all these seemingly little but potentially lethal things should have been prevented by proper enforcement of our existing laws.

    But who cares…?

  • Hi Yashvin,
    I just came across your story here. It dates back quite a while – how did it end finally? As you know I did a blog post in the past about constat a l’amiable so all these kind of topics interest me a lot.

    Did the ones who set up the tent bear full liability and paid your excess? You are absolutely right that wherever you park your car there is a risk! And the excess fees of insurance companies is not low, meaning a mango or a coconut falling on your windshield can cost you Rs.15 000!

    This was a good one! “I’m currently in a bus heading towards Port Louis, and seated in the 2 seats on the left side. The sandal of a man, seated at the other end, on the right side is slowly slipping and nearly reached my shoe. What should I do? LOL.”

    Did you kick it back and scream goal? or engage into soccer talks which team he or she supports 😉

  • Hi.
    Sorry for posting a reply after 7 months lol. In fact, both parties (the club and myself) came to an agreement whereby my monthly fees were waived off to cover the reparation costs 🙂

    As for the sandal, perhaps I should have handed it over to the man lol.

  • Well, they are a private club and from what I learnt afterwards, they don’t even have a parking permit. So, to calm down everything, they finally accepted to come to an agreement by waiving off my parking fees for some months.

  • Akash GG

    What if you no longer needed their parking…?
    Well, I’ve been told that in civilised countries, the first thing anyone does to show good faith is to offer money in form of compensation. Because you could die tomorrow, or no longer live in the same place, work at the same place etc. But in an uncouth civilisation we have in Dodoland, no-one finds it normal to hand out money to compensate. In your case, what if: you had been injured? Severely? No longer been able to work as a result? Had to relocate? In all these scenarios, how can free parking tickets compensate the unwarranted damage inflicted upon you by their negligence…?
    Let me stop my paranoid barrage here: In Dodoland, nothing ever improves until someone important loses something important.

  • Agree with you. But since I still needed their parking, I agreed upon it. Else, I guess that they would have landed into serious trouble for offering paid parking without permit and probably renting the club without necessary permit or declaration of income for all those events 😛

  • Akash GG

    I don’t know why, but it still seems like extortion, even 1 year after reading the initial post…