Car scratched by Codan security guard at Vieux Mooulin

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  • yurit0s

    Ene chance pas ti mo loto Ou mo Moto. Sinon la faya #petrolhead

  • Ashvind

    Ena zimage dans sa moris la dow. Lapolice lot coter, bouncer laba, security guard par ici, next what? 

    Kisanla pou dress zot? ki l’exemple zot p montrer? (apart bouncer)

  • plonker

    That frontal damage looks like the car scraped against something, not key damage. Maybe you had a problem with the security guard. And by the way, he already asked you to leave politely. However, he did act unscrupulously if it can be proved he did so and thus should be punished.

  • Mercedes-Benz

    Latest Update 03/05/2012: I have been told by the centre manager that they will most probably terminate the contract of the security guard company asap as they have had similar complaints from other customer (i.e. tyres being made flat etc…). These folks only deserve hell! I am going to call the security company tomorrow to understand what actions have been taken. They seem to be playing safe by telling me that this hasn’t been captured in the camera and guess what… there are ATMs within 10 metres from where i parked the car. Hard to digest that my car was outside the camera surveillance range!

  • Thanks for the update!

  • Bernardo

    I really sympathize and feel sorry for the Owner of the Vandalised Car (OVC). He must really feel powerless in his misery and must have a bitter taste of injustice. I would have felt the same.

    However, it has to be said that OVC knowingly took a calculated risk when he parked his car in a no-parking zone. Moreover security guards have clearly warned him that he could not park in this area.Yet the car owner acted against all odds.

    Whether OVC parked his car for 1 minute or 1 hour does not matter. The fact that there were other cars already parked in the same area is also NOT an excuse to do the same.

    That said, I strongly condemn these security guards. It is not up to them to take action. They should have called the police to get the car impounded. They should be severely punished and compelled to pay for all damages done to the car.

    Yashvin, I do not feel it is right to draw a parallel with all law enforcers. You cannot and should not generalize.

  • neo

    Codan?!?!? Not Caudan!?

  • No, it is Codan. I want to write it like this for some specific reasons.

  • “There are cameras but they told me my car was
    out of sight.”

    Strange, I got the same answer:
    – at Trian0n Shoppong Pork, when I had my door bumped and dented
    – at Jumba Phoenix, when I got my front fender deeply scratched, presumably by a caddie
    – at Codan Ouaterrfront, when my wife had both her sideview mirrors stolen…

    So, are the CCTV cameras for decorative purposes only, or what???

    I’m almost to the level of wishing that these vandals and/or their loved ones get maimed/killed/raped/what-not there, but I won’t.

  • @ Akash : Thank you for abiding to the unsaid rules when writing the ‘names’ 🙂

  • It was fun, actually 🙂
    I forgot to mention Bhugateyl: there too, the cameras suffer from acute myopia…

  • lol

  • karishma

    i know who the guard is!! bezere dimoune sa

  • Tushal

    The CCTV are fake. 🙂

  • Tushal

    THere is no CCTV cameras on the parking of

  • mau

    I think it would be better to write their names as it is If you don`t, when people google search their name they will find only positive reviews about them, all REAL reviews remain hidden.

  • selven

    Tchiouu mo abitiE al laba souvent. et park kot atm la em, si securitE kit zour raye mo masinn :p , mo fer sa bour touni dan rosebelle meme moi.

    En passant, Chef Security Brinks dans Cyber tower 1 osi ena bann tann li raye loto bann dimoune seki park endans.

  • Update (10th May 2012) :

    Codan security’s contract has been terminated at Le Vieux Mooolin complex. Confirmed news.

  • vsh

    Your friend parked illegally *after* having been warned by a security guard? Sigh. I would not say that he deserved to get his car keyed (he did not). But it’s hard to sympathise with his plight.

  • Smile, and show something private, and someone will run to you… 🙂

  • i’ve had similar problems with a brinks security guard at shoprite. some of them have no manners at all

  • Sasha

    How can you be so sure that it is the security guard himself who did this…??? When you saw him near your car, did you see him use a key or a knife to scratch your car?
    No, right? So dont judge man, that’s so ridiculous!!
    On top you parked your car illegally, it’s the security guard’s right to be upset, that’s what he’s been trained for , to follow the procedure… same as you follow your company’s procedure, if you’ve got any good manners in yourself first!

  • Sasha

    And you’re happy??? Pff…see! Best of luck!

  • This is not all! Here’s what I experienced at Caudan.

  • Nice blog you got in there! Thanks for sharing!