Les plaques d’immatriculations personnalisées passent à Rs25, 000

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  • Also registration fees is higher now…wait for the price of petrol 😀

  • Bhooks

    to sir nimero personaliser sa. Eski mo kav ena enn plak which reads

  • yurit0s

    Oui la flamblee des prix p commencer. Apres courrant, aster plaque loto. Bientot pu ena disik, l’essence etc.

    fitness aussi in augmenter. Rs 400 pu ban private car. Et fees pu transfert numero lor ene loto in vine Rs 2000. L.enregistrement

  • @Bhooks: “BH 00” seems ok, mais kouma to pu met sa “KS” a la fin la? 😛

  • and what happened to the thing about changing the colours of car plates ?

  • @le_voyageur : As I mentioned, this should be a reality very soon but first of all, the authorities need to name official dealers which will provide the new car license plates. When? Let’s wait…

  • Sun

    But why? who gets this money? WHY must we pay to write OUR name on OUR car? why 25k? Isnt the car ours? o.O can sombebody explain seriously?

  • Bhooks

    Alors pa apel sa nimero personaliser.
    se zis enn nimero ki tonn aster

  • Mike

    Well the government needs to collect taxes/cash from various other sources now that the NRPT and tax on bank a/c interest has been abolished. So this is just one of those new measures.

  • speed

    Is is personalised number or numbers of old cars that NTA have a list.. personalized number means “YASHVIN” for example.

    And what about people who have paid R1000 for reservation of numbers previously like “1213”, they can pay old fees to get the number on cars later on or the new fees?

  • Pa plaque personalisée sa, 🙂 plaque personalisé li vinn comme disons mo envi ecrire “selven” dans mo plaque, et non pa reuse de plaque seki deza exist!

    Moris penkor ena plaque personlisée

  • @Bhooks & @speed & @selven:

    Wikipedia :
    “Une plaque d’immatriculation est une plaque portant une combinaison unique de chiffres ou de lettres (pour une zone géographique donnée), destinée à identifier facilement un véhicule.”

    Et mone dire “plaques d’immatriculations personnalisées”

    @speed : Unfortunately, I can’t give you an answer for this one. I guess that you should give a call to the NTA. Thanks for coming here 🙂

  • Et moi ki ti pu ale met “TA5” for Tasya 🙁

    O moins si zot ti arrange imper sa bane simein la!!!!! Tou zafer nek payer meme nous..kuma ban gros imbecile!

  • @Yashvin: hmm unique pa v dir personalisée :p

  • li oblizE unique tou facon, unique et creer par dimoune la li custom plate :p. Parseki nimero la pann generer par 1 masinn ou organisation, mais par dimoune seki envi li la. Dimoune la biensure fer so demande de sa nimero la, mais c li ki ask for that, mais par contre 1 nimero pa personalisé li 1 plaque ki in deza generé par 1 masinn ou 1 organization, lerla toi tonn gagne either choose it or be assigned to it.

  • but that’s not the point, the point is :p rs.25k is more expensive for already existing plates! I heard custom plates, if it will be introduced, would be rs.75k, anybody can confirm?

  • Spectre

    Who gives a sh*t anyway? You need to have a massive ego to get one of those.

  • jumping_turtle

    declaration ine augmenter??

  • Observer

    It is a matter of fact that NTA/STC have been identified as the indirect sources of revenues to finance measures such as the abolition of NRPT and also “Transport Gratuit”.

    Measures such a personalised number plates fee have been hit by massive rise. Same for fitness fee. next will be surely the new petrol price.

    and yet….we drive on roads which are like ones in sugarcane fields….

    le peuple admirable merçi a toi!!!

    P.S: In formal official language this is called “Tax”, in less polite language it would be “vol à main arméé”

  • Mayeven

    Mo deja reserve ene num li coute mwa 1000.rs 3v c personalisee. 3 represent m ek V ce mon surnom M.V … How much cost to exchange the num vis versa to a car. Example:- num of the car to moto n moto to car. and sold the moto. Thank.

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  • hasnaa

    Eski me kpv met SOF14 pu sofia?? for my daughter???would b great..

  • Hello @hasnaa.

    No. This level of personalisation is not allowed in Mauritius, not yet.

    Thanks for visiting the blog 🙂

  • T0rped0

    Ena enn lecturer UoM ti pé dire: si ou envie ralenti bann véikil, nek ena pou arett repare simé…

  • ReenaDKL


    wai..mais selment, bzin aret paye road tax…franc tou..sa ban chemin la kuma dir modiss ine met piece a gauche a droite!!! pfff!!!! ventre deranzé!!! femme enceinte economise frais clinic…accouche dans loto! pas bzin bato…nu ban chemin meme fer toi gagne mal de mer! lol!

  • Aju

    Does any one know the link to go and check the availabilty of car plates for new cars?

  • Unfortunately no. I remember having the link long time back.

  • Vikram bholoo

    Mo p rod BV ou V

  • Approve.

  • You can search on available license plate numbers using the link : https://www.govmu.org/English/E-Services/Pages/Regmarks.aspx

  • Vimal Chintamunnee

    Hi. For the numbers which can be selected on https://www.govmu.org/English/E-Services/Pages/Regmarks.aspx

    Example for a number plate “1234”, Is the cost still Rs25,000 or has it increased to Rs100,000?

  • Hello

    From what I understood, normal plates cost Rs25,000 while personalized plates are at Rs100,000 each.
    By personalized plates, I mean, the one owned by Afrasia bank for example, with the text “AFRASIA” if I’m not mistaken of course.

  • Hello.
    You need to check the government website to get the link to NTA.

  • Nazourah Bukurally

    For how long is a registration number reserved on your name if it is not used in a car? If I buy my number today and I dnt have a car. How long is it reserved on my name? Does the rule exist of I want to have a number as my name “Nazourah”?

  • Difficult to say. You need to call the NTA to be sure.