New camera set-up at Camp Chapelon

Early this morning, a Facebook friend tagged me into a picture showing some equipement set-up on the overhead pedestrian flyover at Camp Chapelon. The one who uploaded the image mentioned that this set up was “Average Speed Camera System” but unfortunately, no other details or facts were available.

From left to right, I can distinguish :

  1. A mirror like equipment which randomly flashes red.
  2. A LED flash
  3. A frequency emitter/transmitter
  4. A large CCTV-type camera (of the brand HIK Vision)
  5. A smaller CCTV-type camera (of the brand HIK Vision)

Normally, Average Speed Camera System should work in pairs but I haven’t been able to spot any other setup in the region. Also, I believe that for this new system to become operational, the law should most probably be amended to recognize this technique. The authorities are probably only testing this setup in the country.

Some more pics :


Update (21 Feb 2017)

Earlier today, arshad3489 mentioned the presence of a similar set up at Place d’Armes in the comments section. During lunch time, I grabbed the opportunity to walk up to there in order to take some pics :


As you can see above, the setup is practically the same except for the round thing (flashing red) which differs (in appearance) and also, its position.

Let’s sit and watch

Update : 25 Feb 2017 -> In a press article, the police says that, I quote : “Selon le service de communication de la police, il n’en est rien et il s’agirait uniquement de caméras de vidéo surveillance.” Still, this doesn’t seem to be a very convincing reply.

Waiting for more official information to update this blog post. Meanwhile, if anyone has more information to share, please don’t hesitate!

Keep smiling!


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  • Tushal

    in faire pou be cash!

  • arshad3489

    A similar setup has been done at Place D’armes as well. It is when you go in the direction of The government house.

  • Thanks for letting me know.
    Mo al tire 1 foto taler 😉

  • Blog post updated with new pics!