Bloggers in holidays while Uni Starts!

thats a gr8 holiday for most of the mauritian bloggers…
n who dared to say that we bloggers, did not have holidays.
of course, it’s rather a “Vacances Forcée !”

in fact, is down since some days and all bloggers of type <name> did not have access to their respective blogs and hence, chomage techique…
however Stephane Lee has provided another url address meanwhile and i think that as from now, is no more…it has to be reactivated and till then,

the new will be doing the immense job of tracking all mauritian blogs..
consequently, some of the <name> blogs have been converted to <name>, for instance Fadil new link

that was for bloggers’ holidays and as for me and other uni mates, we are back to uni as from tomorrow, hurrrayyyyyyyyyy!!!!
however, very tough (and perhaps hopefully last) semester coming:

  • Submission of Final Yr Project
  • Assignments pending since last semester
  • Revision & Exams
As for me, i started using java net beans as from today…

it is so hot and cool !!!
what an interface! A bijou to work with….
ps to mr meetoo:
I havent tried the others yet, like Python & Ruby
Thats y, for me, net bean is still a bijou

Bonne Rentree to all

(Mauritian Bloggers & Uni Students!!!)

WAAA! A partir demain, nu pas payer dan bis!!!

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  • and the race starts again..
    get set goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Finally seen the light and started using NetBeans, haven’t you? 🙂

  • Netbeans is sooo good! Tried it once, and loved it! I wish I could program in Java for my final year project!

    Yeah, we’ve moved…

    Bonne rentrée!

  • Ehmmm yeah, forgot to update the link to my blog… :getlost:

  • haha.. had a quick look at netbeans.. nice..

    abbreviations are too good
    psvm lol

    don’t really have time to sit with it right now (need to have a look at ada for pl classes )

  • Haha…i’m still on holiday for one month…
    Good luck…

  • Avishna

    goodluck on ur first day which ended in rain !!!
    an still on hols for the next one and a half month 😎