Bharati, il était une fois l’inde

This evening, we were at the Swami Vivekananda Conference Center, Pailles to assist to the Bharati Show, which is performing in Mauritius since the 4th December 2008.

Superb Choreography accompanied by live music and singing, very lively colors and extraordinary lightning effects!
You can miss out everything else in your life, but definitely not the Bharati show!

For those who want a small preview, you watch the small trailer video on their official web site.
Unfortunately, its forbidden to use camera during the show 🙁

For now, lets hope that I get the car from the lucky draw lol… even if I am too big to fit in it 😛

For those who watched it, I would like to get your feedback, and for those who didn’t get the opportunity to go there, perhaps you can leave ur regrets 😛 (kidding)

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  • No pics… no proof it was good. That sucks. 🙁

  • Crystal

    I confirm! It was tooooooooooooo gooodddd…
    extraordinary colours, talented artists! great ambiance! made us dream 🙂

  • Unfortunately i could not go myself. but my parents are going tonight.(my mom;s bday,) i hope she’s gona like it! 😀

  • Bhooks

    awesome. words not enough to describe. a must see

  • the clothes of the artists were super 🙂

  • Bernardo

    I saw the show too on Friday the 12

    That’s the same Bharati that danced on French National TV TF1 and Show “Star Accademy 8” — (with Yvane)

    I thought the show was fantastic. This is the kind of performance i like to watch. Real value for money. Great entertainment. I have watched a couple of musicals out of the country recently and i must say that Bharati is on par with them.

    And have you notice how cosmopolitan was the crowd? That was nice to see.

    Now i hope that after seeing Bharati, the general Mauritian Public will be more open to musical shows than they actually are. I still remember empty cinema theaters for great movies like “Chicago” or “Everyone says I love you

    I also, by chance, saw the girls from CCC (Centre Culturel Chinois) in a show this year and they were simply as great… without the humoristic naration and live band though… So fellow mauritian people, let’s watch out for more art and cultural shows

  • i was there for the first show; really amazing , the only bad aspect was the security people. they were as if bullying us ,when a camera was on, they would point a light on the person and threaten him but what logic, we are paying for that then why can`t we take pics and also when the break was over , the were ordering people to get inside.however i somehow managed to get some pics as i turned off my flash, zoomed to the max and covered the screen of my camera, i`ll try to post them send them to u yashvin… 😀 nice show!

  • Arvi

    It was just awesome,wonderfully synchronised,everything was just perfect….

    its like watching a shooting life…the dance,live singing,costumes,lights,public,the tambla….everything….

    words are not enough to describe.

    Hope they’ll be here again…….

  • Bernardo



    If you take pictures or film, this systematically means that you are pirating copyrighted materials. You are lucky to have got away with your illegal shooting…

    You are paying to view the show not to copy it… Same applies to filming and shooting in cinema theaters..

    Bharati productions have full rights on the show, so they could have asked you to leave and refund you.

    As for asking people to get in after breaks, they are right. IMHO they should have just continued the show without warning. After all, a 15 minutes break should be 15 minutes. I would not like to wait because people are late or disregarding time.

  • Avishna


    The security people were doing their job. and they did it to the perfection.

    a coz ban dimoune cuma toi , zot prend break 25 mins lerla show la fini tar. ek tire tire photo ek flash derange dimoune, ek enplus to p violate the law.

  • Ruqayah

    Let me tell you that for those who did not get the chance to watch the superb Bharati Show, can watch it again next year. The Bharati team are coming to Mauritius (I don’t know which month) again very soon.

  • Nazira

    Ah ben j’adore le spectacle Bharati The Show!! Jsuis déjà aller le voir et c’est magnifique. Ils l’ont fait aussi comme une initiation à l’Inde et à Bollywood pour le public européen (car depuis ses débuts la troupe fait des tournées européene)

    Hey yashvin dis moi en fait, le speactacle à Maurice il était en français (avec Rahul Vohra comme narateur ou est-ce en anglais?)

    Donc ben le personne de Bharati déjà est sublime, Bhavna Pani est une danceuse incroyable! C’est pareil pour le nouveaux Siddharta jouer par Sara. Les chorégraphies sont géniales, on a carrément envie de dancer quand on le regarde!

    L’histoire est pas mal, c’est l’histoire d’amour à la bollywood, en plus ce qui est pas mal c’est qu’on long du spectable on nous présente l’Inde, ainsi que la culture indienne, les différentes région de l’Inde, donc c’est vraiment un ptit voyage! C’est interessant et puis le narrateur fait ses ptites blagues et tout il es trop fort!

    Puis Bharati reprend des titres de bollywood, mais à sa sauce quoi donc ça donne un résultat pas mal!

    En tout cas les gens qui ont vu bharati ont tous été transporté, tout le monde ressort heureux du spectacle et à fond sur l’Inde, c’est génial l’ambiance qui règne au spectacle quoi!

    C’est un spectacle à ne surtout pas rater!

  • Dinesh

    Wonderful… Ive never seen a show so beautiful before….
    Hope they come again to Mauritius