Beware of hi5’s Possible-Clone

when i checked my mail this evening, i got a mail from “hi5” with title
“Jassica Horoianka has sent you a hi5 Photo Comment

Its always a pleasure n joy to check wat friends write in my profile, but the following things were not normal

  • there was no pic of the sender in that mail.
  • there was no copyright of hi5 in the bottom

Nevertheless i clicked n the “Review Comment” and was sent to the following login page

that was more n more strange.
however its login page was practically the same as the true one which i immediately verified

Another strange thing, the password field is not masked

Once u click on Login, your user-name n password are sent to another page, this can  be seen from the status bar;

After this redirect to that strange address, the original hi5 page is displayed, as if nothing has happened…

Strange na?
if ever u get that mail, do not try to login !
n do add a comment here to let me know am not the only one targeted by that “Jassica Horoianka”..

btw, u can add photo comments to my new profile picture…

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  • lol you are the only one targeTed :getlost:

    didn’t get it.. maybe they are targeting big profiles.. with many views and many friends :ermm:

    anyway.. i wonder what they might be doing hacking a hi5 profile?? :getlost: :getlost:

  • *ehm*

    personally, nothing such happened to me :blink: ..

    by the way, you are quite attentive .. :biggrin: [ the password is not masked :w00t: .. ]

    enfin .. : 😆

  • Kunal

    mo sure nomad sa, zotte p rode to password pu kas to fes!
    Hey!!! Vraimeme sa, to paswword li: “mypassword”?! :devil: :biggrin:

  • wai mo password sa :whistle:

    u can try it if u want, u gonna get a big surprise :shocked: