Before going any further, let me tell you that we are not talking about the Aston Martin that Our PM has bought…
Here, am talking about the Aston Shell

What is It?
It replaces the standard Windows Desktop and provides you with a host of new features, such as Sidebars, clock, weather monitor, animated buttons, transparency effects, allows you to change Window’s appearance and functionality. Aston is very stable and has a small memory footprint and low CPU usage, so you can free your processor time for other tasks.

Ya, all of these are true! I checked them out!

its soooooooo goodddddddd!

U can change your desktop’s appearance in secs from a normal Windows Interface, to that of KDE (Linux) or even MacOS…
You can customize almost everything.
There are even side menus on the desktop with lots of shortcuts!
The Graphics is astonishing and the plugins? lol, so many of them!

It runs extra fast and does not consume much processing power.

U can download a trial version from its web site. Hundreds of themes and plugins can be downloaded from there itself to customize your pc!

I havent found any inconvenience with it till now since u can choose if u want to use default windows or the aston desktop when u log on into ur pc…
Other users may wish to use Windows whenever they want.
Well, i let you enjoy some of the themes i tried…

Aston Default

Aston 1


Aston KDE


Aston MacOs

Techno Theme

Aston Techno

Windows Vista

Aston Vista

Wont u have a try?

Do leave what u think about this aston shell

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  • sttst

  • man, for my first glance here….I’m rushing directly to the site to have a fun tour/test. I’ll let you know how it acts with me once I’ll be having it on my pc πŸ˜‰ thanks for sharing this great stuff

  • hey that’s an interesting post! πŸ™‚

    I’ve checked out the website, it rocks!

    I might get one of these soon. thanks for sharing πŸ˜‰

  • lol i really thought u were talking bout the PM’s aston marton.

    Do you have something for Mac OS users? We can’t mod much of our shell like Win’s.

  • hmm, i tried the MacOS plugin, was nice…

    but now i have completely switched to another software that i downloaded from

    they are themes but they modify the windows shell to include a lot of things.
    the graphics are too good, here too…

    also, y dont u try to buy a MacOS?
    thats the most simple thing to do πŸ˜›

  • heh i have a Mac, i mean, do you have similar software that works on Mac as well?

  • lol, na, doesnt know anything about Mac…

    btw, the last time i had a Mac was 2 weeks ago…
    it didnt taste so good πŸ˜›


  • mine is tasty, want a piece? πŸ˜› it’s even Intel powered. IF you like ‘mac’ on windows, you SHOULD like the real mac.

  • No I think it’s having no effect since my FlyakiteOSx did major tweaks to the Win core itself. I think I would need to test it at my cousin’s place on a fresh win copy πŸ˜‰

  • :cheerful: hey Yashvin, I’ve put the link for the Aston Shell in the Rebooting Xp suit list and a link back to you.

    Hope you don’t mind :whistle:

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  • to Hans : thnks for linking back πŸ˜‰

    to james : mac, hmm, someday hope i will work on that n taste it :tongue:

  • Avishna

    it just wont install on my pc and i dont no y!!!! :cwy: :cwy: :cwy: :cwy: :cwy:

    i will forward it to you by mail…
    its abt 3MB + its crack :devil:

    also, try the software from

    its worth to have a look n use it, just like me :silly:

  • Avishna

    u may encounter sm prob wen u uninstalling Ashton. yea its fantastic and all mai ala li bouffe memoire saaaaaaa. bref here is the prob which i encounter but i managed to solve it.

    Q: I’ve removed Aston from my computer and now on each boot I get an empty Dekstop without any icons or the taskbar.i had to pass through task manager to be able to look for the answer.(eh wi ein les filles ossi conne use pc :biggrin:)

    A: You must not uninstall Aston by removing its folder manually. Instead, use Shell Swapper from the Start Menu, set Explorer as a shell, logoff and use “Add/Remove Programs” Control Panel component to uninstall Aston.

    In the case described above i had to install Aston and then properly uninstall it.

    as for me, i think my plain xp desktop is marvellous , dont wanna try new experiences. :wub:

    cheers Avishna

  • :whistle: lol….
    so, seems some of u dont know what it means to uninstall a program. i think its a bit normal to have side effects if u delete the aston folder directly from program files.

    the wise solution is to use Add/Remove Programs :silly:

    anyway, am happy that u liked it at the begining…
    as for me, i have long back removed it and instead am using the thing
    its cool 😎
    and lol, the emoticons also are superb, getting a pleasure to add them :sideways: and there :happy:

  • Avishna

    nope u got it wrg , mo in justement remove aston from add and remove program lerla ki mo in gagne sa prob la , ti BIZIN fer li manually switch shell sipaki la enfin bref mo pc ok so am ok πŸ˜€

  • James, you can use shapeshifter on OS X, althought there isn’t as much motivation to do so. OS X doesn’t look as bad as Windows by default.

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