Another day with friends…

The Plan

“Ki lere plan demain?”

“Dizere” was the answer from Fadil, and everyone agreed on that time…


Everyone ( Zainab, Fadil, Yasmina, Jaya and myself) reached on time, with a few mins late, and as usual Mantasha was one and a half hour late!

Excuse? Ti ena accident lo simer…


Paying the tickets at half price, since Zainab, Fadil and Yasmina are from accenture 😛

Thnks les filles et Fads…

The film “Hancock” already started and she was the last to join in the group…

Séance fotos comme dab!

After the film, we ate some “boullettes’ in the Caudan Food Court…

15 boullettes + 1 longue = Rs110,
Just for me 😀


Then, we moved to Shooters where we ordered some drinks + some desserts…

My all time Favorite : Kamikazeeeeeeee!

lol, la tete ti commence virer tout akoz melange ki nu fine boire 🙂

Now back home, uploading pics, just at this moment, Mantasha n Zainab are shouting to get their pics… lol

Next plan in some weeks time…

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  • Zai

    merciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash!!! as usual noune passe ene bon moment… 😀
    prochain plan is NEXT WEEK!! Infotech 08!! bizin alle fer ene ti seance photos la bas! mo croir mo amene mo camera san fois la yash!! coumsa toi ek fadil va gagne inp la paix! :p

  • mantasha

    hey vraimen la route ti blocker coz accident sinon mo ti pu arrive a temps:P

    anyway had a great time;)

  • Crystal

    Yea..had a great time yesterday : Thk u everybody!
    wai infotech 2008 coming up and this is a no miss event …
    c u on saturday

    wai zai amen camera..sinon san foi la mo sire yashvin pou fini par fer 1 don so camera..fadil osi! lol

  • Coooooool….surtout boulet la….

    Mo p gagne faim mone guet sa la 🙂

    Avishs last blog post..Unexpected Photo Shot Inside Tote Lepep Vacoas!!!

  • JLBB

    Yep was a really nice day on Saturday! 🙂 Manta eski ton comprend film la bien?! si to ler lot kout nou raconte toi cki ton rater… vin bonheur selement!

    Ah mon zouen Manta zordi.. so ban dents de lait p tomber et so ban dents permanents p commence pousser… la moitie so figir p faire mal! :p hehe

  • amizer em!!