among friends in uni….

seems that a lot of people liked the “Pif Show!
a large amount of you are still watching it everyday!
More will be online when pif learns how to do new things 😛

what else?
today went to uni for “project work” and we landed doing stupid things before the camera, while testing our projects

Despite being in hols, we cant keep away from uni (reduit) because it seems like missing something.
lol, 2day i was wiz my Nomad t-shirt, wiz everyone staring at me!

Wonder what we will do when most of us will leave uni in about 6 months!

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  • kimlyn

    Weps vraiem ca!!! Jpense ke ca va bcp me maquer :dizzy:
    c moments de fou rire…a etre parmis les amis ke jm bien…a taquiner un peu toule monde 🙁
    Mais jpense yash ke ca va te manquer encore plus…surtout si tauras a travailler loin..tres loin de reduit :whistle:

  • haha I think you’re really addict with the Nomad t-shirt? wouldn’t you :whistle:

  • Ooops ..

    u’ve been tagged .. soooorry 😛

    see ‘a to z meme’ ..

    :whistle: :whistle:

    Well said Hans .. Haven’t ya becomre a Nomad T-shirt Addict ?? :wassat:

    Are u doing publicity for Nomad ?? :whistle: :whistle:

    { just jooooking .. okkkiee .. :w00t: }

    — I just love these emoticons :tongue: :w00t: :biggrin:

  • lol, ya am doing free add for nomad, oops, Anti-Nomad!

    btw, monday i will return one of my modems which will really be in a bad state :devil:
    on blog on monday evening…

    well, for now, seems that i got my first tag!
    will try to follow the trend, thnks anoop!