The group which quickly gathered more than 15,000 Mauritians

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  • The Harte family is very popular in Ireland, hence the disproportionate backlash. In the past, such petty things led to wars between countries. (Ever heard of Troy?)

    IMO we should have kept quiet on this one and let the storm die on its own. This counter-group add fuel to the fire. While most Irish are poor and cannot afford a holiday in Mauritius, do not underestimate their network and the negative impact of their campaign if it spills over Europe.

  • The cause is just, but gotta hate the teenagers and freshmen going along their new-found sense of patriotism and raging with poor arguments on the ‘boycott Mauritius’ group. A lot of Mauritian ex-pats living in Ireland are making things even worse by adopting some sickening ‘holy than thou’ attitude and bashing the country on the ‘boycott’ group.

    For the Irish, the whole situation is your typical celebrity worship. Gullible people getting emotionally invested in their favourite glamour and football icons, while the Irish media and politicians massively capitalize on their vulnerability.

    Go find the same level of coverage or political involvement for the 2 women murdered the same month as Michaela in Ireland last year! Nada! It wasn’t half a world away.

    There was even a controversial piece, written by Vince Browne, exposing the Irish media agenda regarding these two murders and the Michaela Harte’s one. Gotta respect the guy for going against the mob behaviour publicly.

    The website is down though, but here’s a mirror for those interested.

    Despite the warranted rage, I do hope this trend dies a quick death in Ireland. We have less credibility on a world-wide scale compared to the influential parties backing it there.

  • Their boycotting us is not a surprise, and who would be given how our authorities allow tourists to be treated since the early 1990’s: like cash cows for taxis taking them for a “shortcut” through all “duty-free” shops, milking them with “tourist” prices whenever/wherever possible, or all-inclusive packages like hamsters in a cage that they’v got to pay for keeping it rolling.

    But what baffles me is the deafening silence of one person in particular: Rampersad, the Commissioner of Police is nowhere to be seen these days. It is also nice to see Mr Super Arrogant head of the MCIT still parading with his bright red necktie…

    And I got a terrible heart ache was when the prime suspect, unable to retain his tears upon recounting his torture at the hands of the MCIT and fearing his last breaths while remembering his loved-ones, was scolded by the magistrate, and summoned to “maîtriser ses émotions”. Nice to hear that we are supposed to be acting like robots when deponing in court, and that emotions, raw and coming from the guts, are immediately suspicious as if everyone is guilty of crocodiles tears’ until proven the contrary.

    Nice country indeed – all I can do is to wish ardently that those who failed in their duty as human beings and as professionals to suffer the same fate as those who were aggrieved by their deeds and words. Painfully, de préférence…

    And these events confirms one very nice thing about Mauritius: some group has a noble motive of unifying Mauritians around some noble cause: following is very slow. Some bucketheads bark in terms of ethnic division, and you see people coming by truck loads to howl in unison (inversion of languages on bank notes, excessive volume of prayers from a loudspeaker in a residential area, to name a very few examples). All this clashes with my childhood memories when my neighbours helping each other during hardships or after cyclones, I recall. All this brings me to wish that we get hit very very hard by some natural calamity, just to check whether this original, true and pure Mauriitan solidarity is still alive somewhere. Just in case…

  • FBK

    Ireland,the country where terrorism was invented, we have no lesson to receive from them.

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  • korn1

    I have read comments on some forums with people saying Mauritius is not safe etc. I went this year and felt soooooooo safe,crime happens in every country.

    Still sad that this happened 🙁

  • madspark

    I think if you go back and review your history you will find that terrorism has existed as lon of g as man has fought wars. Any force acting in an agressive and violent manner against civilian populations has been viewed as terrorists from their point of view. The pro-crown population in america viewed those fighting for independence as terrorists as did the monarchy in france and so on and so forth..In ireland unfortunately we had and still have people that feel it is wrong and illegal for another country to be occupying a part of our country hence some of these have decided to fight the only way they can..Terrorism was in no way invented in ireland so kindly refrain from making such ignorant comments on topics which you obviously have no knowledge.

  • Akash Gura Goredo