A Vendre : Mouse PS/2 @ Rs 175

A Vendre

Unitek Mouse PS/2

@ prix promo
Rs200 >> Rs175.
Service and guarantee by Etech Ltd 😛

Used for not even 1 month!

Features :
– Cursor included and shape changes over different objects
– Can be used wiz either right or left hand
– Wiz scroll
– Resolution 800dpi, can be increased if u change the mouse
– Compatible wiz Windows 98/Me/2000/XP & Linux ( i think so 😛 )
– Optical light (Red Color) which can be used in dark.
– Can be detected by any computer wiz a PS/2 Port
– Interesting green color at the end of the cable
– Box and “attache-cable” included wiz offer
– Delivery Free in UOM
– free support
– Test Drive if u r sure to take it

reason for changing;
causing conflict wiz my trackpad and consequently system crashes…

Please buy this mouse from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • lol!

    1 mari advert sanla! WEIIIIIIIIIII

  • haha.. to pe fer blog pou fer advert?? hmmmm

    si azagen tend sa.. li ousi li start so blog la 😉

    eta coco si to donne moi cdo mo prend li :whistle:

  • :whistle: here you’re Yashvin online shopping mall…….hey bro how about opening a new computer store? I would sell keyboards and you mouse :sideways: :happy: :whistle: