a small barbecue party….

Yesterday, i made a small barbecue at home.
Nothing grandiose since there was only my parents, sister, cousins (next door) and their parents. Its my second attempt and it was successful just like that one organised some months before.

however the last time, the barbecue was ready by nearly 9 pm since i was a bit unexperienced. So this time, i started at about 4 30 and everything was ready by 6pm! haha,we had dinner too early!

The final result was “OK” and tasty….
except for a few burns that could be seen here and there…

now, lets hope, the next time it gonna be better experience and above all, taste much more better !

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  • kan to invite moi??

  • paraite bon :sick:

    when to invite moi pou ene barbecue la?? :biggrin:

    Nou capave share cooking experience πŸ˜›

  • menmen toi!

    serier alor!

    pou next bloggers meeting pa pou ena problem! πŸ˜›

    to la em pou fr BBQ! πŸ˜†

  • wawa :whistle:
    sans problemo, provided u bring the “charbon”, grille, poule, hmm, apres tous les reste stuff ki necessaire !

    😎 would be cool :face: but if it doesnt give a good result, i will make as if am not here!

  • This brings back memories when I used to have BBQs with the family, relatives & cousins… Its hard to be away sometimes… enfin, mais BBQ la paraite seryer… avec practique, capave commence vender tout… :biggrin:

  • Hey Yashvin ..

    Can I please use these beautiful emoticons on my blog ??
    [ I’ve already got some .. but my pack is not complete .. + I’ll only upload them on my photobucket account and then source them from there ]

    By the way .. nice barbecue ..

    Alsoo .. if u need recipes and all .. just make me sign [ am somewhat goood at cooking .. ]

    Take care

  • sure, u can use them….
    if u need them zipped, let me know…will mail them to u…

  • Deepa

    Griyade ti top net!!! mai selma lin fini tro bonair,6p.m nu ti p manz griyade apr li pa ti ena lamisik narien.mai lot fois nu fer fete e pu met twa kuma cuizinier ek DJ.