[Guest post] The 7 ideas to make Mauritius a cyber island!

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  • This is a good reflection on how to move ahead. Unfortunately, the government took their time about going ahead. The concept was on paper but they have been waiting for others to take the initiative and finance structuring. There is a good point about cabling (optical fibre), why did they not build a national network much earlier? It would have helped to have infrastructure to build on. There are some good signs about development from ISPs, one is that Emtel are no longer dependent of MT/Orange. Another is that bandwidth providers intend to bring down costs to ISPs. Still a long way to go and the road ahead is only just being opened.

  • A A

    The government is lame..no visions… We could do better 10 years ago if they thought the IT sector would be a good pillar 10 years after that…

  • Nayar

    And allow mauritians to recieve money through PayPal to allow freelancers to work

  • No.1 to No.5: All them are already known to all, but it happens that our competent authorities are more busy gettting impressed by their name of “authority” than exercising it fully: planning, financing, implementing and controlling the various actions that need to done with all stakeholders.
    No.6: I LOVE it!!!! Indeed, I “chose” Civil Engineering by default, out of fear of electronics and the associated mathematics

    No.7: research?? Look, it’s very fortunate that you have Dr Oolun as head of ICTA. He has invented algorithms and stuff that have contributed to the advancement of electronics and people like him, very unfortunately are very rare in Mauritius. What you need is a clearly defined policy for research and finding ways of sustaining it over time. See, our local big businesses are more eager to copy-paste schemes from abroad to squeeze our little rupees out of our pockets through their monopolistic domination of the market than spawning novel ideas.

  • A A

    Research yes, for example research on electronic..or any IT component. We can encourage people to research on new gadget, creates new things… We really lack electronic manufacturers in our country..

  • A A

    This is something I am waiting since a long time… I have even phoned banks for this, they accept the issues are from their side… PayPal has nothing to do with this, our laws should cope their conditions and our banks should do the rest…

  • muzzammil15

    youngsters piss on everything ” damn politicians would have these words reflected upon their thoughts thinking of your post Lol

    The fact is basically we are really late about technology and never would we be way ahead unless proper initiative are taken by the bench occupiers. Basically, We should firstly get to the level of internet which when having a speedtest, we don’t get internet ratings based on our ISP which is about F+ and D, The fact is Unless Major companies don’t invest in the island about competition with the initial system, Nothing would actually change and always in decades the words ” Mauritius is paradise in everything except the internet” will be echoed everywhere.

    The government has to work parallel upon The tourism industry as well as implement new technologies which will be beneficial for new geeks at the job markets, I wonder how they feel about working in those conditions which is based on paper works, the system needs to be updated ASAP and the online system must be secured enough so that minors undergo an atmosphere much likely not based on pornography including Providing proper interactions which will actually increase the rate of entertainment among kids as well as help them academically.

    Internet Tariffs must be decreased so that the internet is beneficial to everyone, Refunds must be provided by ISP for providing internet connections which does not meet the required speed.

    The internet security team must be updated with people WHO HAVE ACTUAL KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT THE INTERNET IS !!!! not with people who just know how to block websites due to minor incidents and the government should have Websites which provides online services instead of Discouraging people to be in queues, I believe the government should invest more on the IT sector than building roads to decrease the rate of traffic jam, Internet should be a mean of people doing their jobs, that the only solution to decrease the rate of people going upon motorways nowadays. The government have to suspend the license of ISP’s who are not actually doing their jobs properly and mostlly lay emphasis upon Advertising and who are only upon the aim of making profits instead of providing quality services and not being promising to customers.

    The government should recruit people who would control the online world based on professionalism not immaturity, Bring a change in the world decrease the price of internet then only we Mauritians will consider it to be a cyber island as stated.

  • lord_f3x

    I have to say that the govt (it’s irrelevant which party) has been putting IT in a lot of departments in the recent years, and I have worked on (and used) some already. From the Ministry of Finance to the Ministry of Health, Registrar General, Judiciary System, Police (Forensics), many projects have been tendered and are in development already. Just do a regular visit to the public procurement system.

  • Ohh..! that’s a nice one. I was willing to sell items online 7 years ago using paypal. @ that time both MCB and STATE BANK told me “We’r working on it and it will be available soon ” ( Though most of the people there didn’t even know what paypal meant ). I’m still waiting in my cyber island for it…

  • Aah, look how our authorities think that they will boost IT penetration into government services: http://www.lexpress.mu/story/43438-prb-2013-22-d-augmentation-salariale-pour-les-fonctionnaires-calculee-sur-le-salaire-de-base-de-2008.html

    Er, for those who may have missed it, it’s the last bullet point…

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