100% Humour à UOM

a picture is worth 1000 words

there cant be a better way 😀 !

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  • 😀 bien souvent li out of order sa lift la:devil: …And I know someone who gets very upset because of that…mainly because the lift acts as a sort of stress-removal chamber: You enter the lift…then you start jumping…very nice sensation i guess :p :silly:

  • lol, zamais mone try :wassat:

    mo croire bien bisin try sa avant ki mo kit uni :pouty:

    so zour zotte truver line arrete work, it is a breakdown due to my sauter piller in it :whistle:

  • Remarker, ena bane tuyo aligned dans lift la so inner side. Sa ine meter pou deboute lor la, lerla soter…faire plus effect. Then lahaut, lor plafond lift la, ena coment 1 trap door—> sa meter pou bane ki envi faire acteur coment dans fim, cav cashiette tousa 😀

  • taaaaaaaa!

    tone blier ki hauteur mo etE!
    si mo diboute lo sa espece tuyo la, mo latete tape la haut ta!
    beze r twa la! :angry:
    anyway, pu try li koume sa meme, pas dire personne :ninja:

    aster si encore ena chaise la, cpv use sa meme :silly:

  • armand

    Korean stuff cheep lift equals more breakdown

    I wonder when architects realize they are wasting their money