10 interesting facts about facebook

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  • http://javspiky.imeem.com javspiky

    Impressionnant!! :p

  • http://themediaguru.blogspot.com/ carrotmadman6


    I spend an average of 5 min per week on Facebook. ;)

  • http://www.yashvin.net Yashvin

    carrotmadman6 » LOL ! Those stats were false then lol…. this perhaps shows you are not an average user :P

  • http://www.abrahamharrison.com CHessia

    Whoa, for real, the first stats really had me impressed–like 100,000 new users every day!!! That has to be some sort of ridiculous record for a company. Its like when ICQ (if anyone remembers this “ancient” application, it was the first instant messaging service) came online and blew all regular numbers for new members of anything out of the water. I really believe that 20 min. is the average though…..Carrotmadman, you are the anomaly (and not much of a stalker of your friends!) As long as we are all on tehre anyway, checking out our friends (and enemies), you could check out the new application called The Life Changing Box (http://lifechangingbox.smnr.us/ ) which is the only facebook app to give out real honest to god prizes (like trips to nyc and home theater systems). If you are ‘touching’ a box when it opens randomly, you get the prize, so you must keep touching the box…he he he…….like in hot potato. I am very judicious about my facebook apps, as they can clutter the screen while I’m trying to wall post, but this one is clever, and gets you sweet prizes and ends in two weeks…..so get it while its ha. get it? ha, ba dum, ching! Anyway, I am working as a pr person for them so if you have any questions lemme know. Good luck!

  • http://tushal.wordpress.com Tushal

    HAHAHA..I spend around 0 min on facebook every week..:)I have deleted my hi5 and facebook account since it is starting to ……..my private life..I can’t go anywhere without people recognizing me..apres faire palab..ti trouve tushal zordi..ti avec une fille..bla bla bla..*-)*-)

  • http://reenadkl.blogspot.com/ ReenaDKL


    Facebook is really gr8…coz i found my more than 10years lost penfriend! It was the most amazing thing facebook did for me…

    Hope it never shuts down (enfin pu ena 500 dimounes sans travail…kan meme!)

  • S!NNER

    I’m totally against these types of social networking websites where your profile can be accessed by anyone. Identity fraud is becoming easier due to sites like facebook and hi5. Many Facebook apps are malicious codes designed for phishing or making the users’ pc a ‘zombie’ . New apps are not scanned properly.

    FINALLY : When you go for a job interview, almost every employer runs a check on you using google, facebook, hi5 etc… Compromising pictures anyone???

    rant over:)




  • http://www.yashvin.net Yashvin

    S!NNER » Totally true! Very nice comment dear!

    Facebook is like a corner to spy on people BUT its security is very well managed as its your fault if ever people are spying on you. Its strong security and privacy module allows you to appear invisible to everyone or specific people.

    You just have to know who to accept as friends, to whom to show your compromising pics, which apps to install, which apps to show on your profile etc etc…

    as for phiishing issues, its the responsibility as you are not forced to install any apps…

  • http://priscus.wordpress.com yusha

    tarrrr … tou ca la i didnt know :s mone rejoine un tas ancien kam lekol atraver facebook … ca sth nice

  • http://islandcrisis.blogspot.com/ avish

    mwa mone joine mo gf lor hi5 … apres mone delete hi5 la ..aster nu servi facebook li plus seryer ki hi5 si ;)

  • http://www.vincentlecluse.com vincent

    I think that I should consider the 10,000 servers if I want to compete with facebook :p

    Better find another idea.

  • http://tushal.wordpress.com Tushal

    :):)mwa osi i met my gfrd on hi5..ek lerla nu in delete nu hi5..

  • cybermate

    Ena ene rimer facebook affilier avek ban organization kumen cia/nsa toosa akoz samem li pan vender.. enfin fer zor research zot poo truver zotmem

  • http://www.yashvin.net Yashvin

    cybermate » ya, facebook is indeed a very good tool to spy on others :)

    Who knows, perhaps Ben laden has his profile somewhere, n the facebook security is so good that u will never find him, well of course, except the admins ;)

    Tushal & Avish » My exgf found me o hi5 too, but after 2years I DELETED HER! LOL ! haha!

    Vincent » lol, we should try to concentrate on a local campaign for now ;) reach all the mauritians first!

  • http://tushal.wordpress.com Tushal

    @Yashvin–>Hi5 making people meet..:p..Anyway..for me..its a “fresh relation”..I will write about it..{very briefly soon}:p

    Hmmmmm..i think ena hi5.mu..mo ti trouve sa 1 lepok..pa koner si li encore la meme*-)

  • http://fadil.fr/ Fadil

    Scribe is now open source – http://wiki.github.com/facebook/scribe/
    (Thank FB for that)