The wind relieving pose

[This post was written since a few weeks back, and it goes online today]

This is the story of my friend who goes to a yoga class weekly.

Yoga is known to be beneficial for our health and body, nice but since months, other friends and myself have been pulling the legs of that friend.

Why? because the name of this part of the yoga session is “Pavan Muktasana“, in other words “Wind Relieving Pose“. lol

I think you have perhaps guessed it, its all about farting 😛


And one of the aim of this session is to relieve all gases from your body.

Just imagine… All those people farting in the same environment…

Definitivement, c’est un plaisir!

Of course, farting is natural… Everybody farts but we try to do it without making other people notice it.

Sorry if I have hurt some feelings in this blog post, I just find it a bit funny but I bear in mind that this practice helps to keep people in better health!

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  • Neeru

    thts really funny but think we shld give a try to see if it works 😛

  • ASL

    Wow…seems interesting stuffs 😀

  • amishi

    ewwww gross!!!!

    i guess its 4 gud health… but still…

    ” all ppl farting in the same environment” GROSS!!!!

    lol! i guess yashvin,to bizin try sa kan to tousel!

  • GK

    It is all about the contents of the bowels…
    if it’s gas, then fart shall ensue….
    if its fecal matter………well, shit happens (XD

  • Crystal

    Ki mo bzin dir yash :p thxs?!
    Its all a matter of perspective 🙂

  • Bisin rap ene zalimette zet dan sa la chambre la!

  • lolzz… ahhahaha .. they need an exercise even for that ! lolzz 🙂

  • hahaha I never heard about this yoga session till now :p

  • Mike

    LOL, you heard of Maurice ile durable but this is taking it too far!!
    I wonder if they will discuss this environmental problem in Copenhagen??

  • Deepa

    Mo nani abitier fek pooonnkkkk avan li dire li pa ggn bon sommeil si li pas pooonnkkk 😛

  • Roubesh

    deepa u made my day or i should say u made my night!
    bon mo seye sa avnt ale dormi!:P

  • vicks


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