Melondooo! (ou pastèque ou water melon)

For the next seconds, imagine holding a slice of water melon in your hands. A red and juicy one, with or without seeds, it won’t matter since you will probably spit the seeds anyways lol. wow, I had 3 of them yesterday in Central Flacq, at Rs15 each…

Instead of buying a bottle of water or soft drinks, go to the first “marsand salade” or the guy who’s selling water melons. Ask for a slice of water melon. And if ever you are in Port Louis, enter the food court of the central market and instead of an alouda, ask for a water melon juice!

That’s the best thing you can have during these hot months!

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  • To fer moi gagne delo dans la bouche la… 🙁

  • Avishna

    making mum buy today…. mo faim mo guet cela!

  • mo dacord r toi for once 😛

  • Torpedo

    Eh, kiété? 15-oupi pou enn tranche!! Kado ha!
    Dans Plaines Wilhems, pena en-bas 25-oupi!

  • I had one for Rs10 today,
    just in front of the entry to champs de mars 🙂
    It was of the same size of the one I purchased in Flacq.

  • daks

    mange melondo toi….moi mo p fini tu letchis lacazz 😀

  • varsha avoy un peu letchis pou mwa *shy*

  • daks

    vwwiii pu casser pu avoyer 🙂

    apres 5 ans mo pied letchis p gagne letchis 😛