Waiting to take the sea

Waiting to take the sea

Waiting to take the sea

Taken during my cycle ride along the northern coast.

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  • Nav

    I need to learn how to do that effect w/ photoshop!
    nice photo

  • @Nav : Thnks 😀

    its pretty simple and direct forward to do this.
    Just duplicate the layer and then desaturate one of them (Image -> Desaturate)
    Place the colored one on top of the black/white one.

    finally, erase, or cut away the surroundings of the colored boat carefully.
    You may want to smoothen the boat’s border at the end.

    Thats it!

  • Mike

    nice effect

  • Wez

    Selective color…nice rendering…

  • Nav

    Thanks for the summary!
    That sounds a lot easier than some of the online tutorials 😀

  • lei

    Yeah- I’m going to try it now… lets see how easy those directions were ;P
    I like the photo.