Vegas Motor Show, now at Rs200 only

At a normal price of Rs350, I was not at all interested to watch those amazing big vehicles doing their 2 hour acrobatic show and stunts on the asphalted parking space of Shoprite, Trianon. In my opinion, these kind of shows should have been carried out in a more suitable and safe environment, I am sure that you know what I am talking about. Those especially designed dirty, muddy or sandy tracks with bumps, small dunes-like structures in some remote location. I am sure that that would have been a totally different experience, and most probably in that case, I would not have discussed about the high price.


Anyways, let’s come back to the main point now…

While driving back home, I noticed a guy sticking the promotional price on top of the existing Vegas Show adverts.

Rs200, sounds more interesting and affordable… I came across some pics of the show on Facebook, but still, I was not really enthusiast about it. The show seems “bofff”, as we would say in creole.

So dear friends, any feedback about the show?
Is it really exceptional and fun?

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  • Mauritian version of Top Gear Live World Tour? 😛

  • @Yadhav
    Nah, French version of Fifth Gear Live.

    Not interested. Plitot mo guette 1 episode TG. :p

  • Went their twice , its was just cool .
    The second time, only the 2 guys on performed well with their Motorcycle.
    The only problem is that the show is in plain air, if ever u r going dont 4get to bring an umbrella.
    No such different between Normal & VIP stand ! VIP sit on “cuir” while other sit on wood !
    Will upload the videos on my blog after exams

  • Like Carrot said. . Better stay home and watch Top Gear. . . 🙂

  • Bof like you said 🙂

    Maybe if it was in a bigger and more “suitable” place i’d definitely go!!! But on a parking lot??? kan meme!

  • Nice article. I have attended that show though I have no doubts that It should be a really great one. But what to do, rs350 is not an easily earned money. And rs200 is not easily earned either. So, I prefer let others enjoy it.
    My best take for this show would be rs50. That price I can afford 🙂 haha

  • @vanesh .. lolz.. if it is “plain air” .. why should we bring an umbrella ?? lollzzz hahahaha 🙂 joking ein .. hihi

  • yurit0s

    been there yesterday.
    paid Rs 200. only value for money stunts was the bike show. truck, cars quad, monster truck was du deja vu.

    ah oui if you are planning to go to the show, bring an umbrella. coz it’s ene plein air and the sun is pretty hard.

    also bring some refreshments with you.
    during the show they will sell coke, water, etc in 500ml bottles at Rs 50 each
    why pay 50 when you can but them at 18 at shoprite