UTM Party makes students go wild and dirty in the north

Just to share : I was at Mont Choisy today and I was quite shocked and disgusted by young people who were mostly university and college students too.

To quote : I witnessed drinking parties, kissing competitions held publicly on the beach and I can say that most of them were from University of Technology. Don’t ask me how I know. I will spare you the details. You might be interested to know that students of UTM held a private party at Moulin Rouge at Grand Baie and most probably, ‘students’ went wild along beaches in the region. Students from other universities and even colleges were present at the said party and at some instance, students without ID cards were being allowed to enter the club. As from reported facts, there were mostly college students present and I remain perplexed about how things go on in these kind of parties.

That’s all from me,

Hate me as much as you can, because I dare to say the truth 😉


Confirmed news update :

There was an accident yesterday in Vale, 3 drunk UOM girls and the vehicle was a total loss. A friend has spotted 2 lorries of fire brigade, police there and a white car crashed at the front.
Any additional info is the most welcomed.

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  • Nir

    Well i admit this is a true fact. This time it was UTM students but this is even the case with other institutions like UOM and CTI. What students does not see is the image they project in the community. They tend to go to have drinks outside the pubs just to save a little bit on the cost of drinks. Atleast inside they could have kept among themselvs their acts and behaviours. Concerning the under-age people getting access to these places, its have become so common nowadays, see a famous pub in Rose-hill where week in and out there are parties and most of the people attending are kids. The Police are blind to these places?

  • Annabelle

    c’est un fleau international. kids as young as 16 were having “rainbow parties” in europe. i dare you to google it =p

  • Disgusted

    OMG! They were kissing?! So disgusting!

  • Ki pou faire Yashvin, on est dans un société moderne!! Ben ça forme partie…
    Mauriciens p vine bannes fières européans aster… We are going in the right direction!!! 😉

  • Well there are different types of “getting drunk”. One is having a relaxing moment and the other is “faire villain entre camarades”. Guess in which category this one falls. Plus, I don’t get the logic of holding an academic end of year party in a nightclub.



  • Confirmed news update :

    There was an accident yesterday in Vale, 3 drunk UOM girls and the vehicle was a total loss. A friend has spotted 2 lorries of fire brigade, police there and a white car crashed at the front.

    Any additional info is the most welcomed.

  • Wild and dirty?? aaawww yeeeaaahh…. it was!! xD and we loved it for that! as for those who banged into a wall or whatever, just let them fix their problems on their own. They are old enough for that. UTM students drinking and kissing on the beach? Well, that’s what beaches are made for anyway. It is not illegal to have drinks on the beach and as for the kissing competition, you don’t only see them at the beach and there’s not only UTM students who know how to kiss and neither do I think there’s anything wrong with kissing xD College kids getting in? Blame the bouncers for that. They should be the one checking the IDs and bags and so on.

    So i guess I fixed all the problems here. ummm… yeah. looks so 🙂

    As for the hating part, well, I’m a blogger too. Thanks for sharing your ideas Mr. Yashvin. We respect your opinion. Kudos to you and have a nice day!

  • I guess that everyone should assume their responsibilities in this story. Bouncers and organizers for letting college kids in, the police for monitoring the area, the university for restoring rules and discipline to their students.

    btw, kissing and drinking is well allowed, I know. But making these kind of things noticeable with lots of noise and making a drama out of it while families are forced to watch them, this is not done. Take a room for that.

  • thatmauritiangirl

    Mone gagne ene gro LOL kan mone lire ene comment en particulier…Yashvin it proves, once again, that sometimes maturity has nothing to do with age. Apel sa bacchanal!

  • Can be more interesting if u actually explain more clearer. i cant always be right.

  • thatmauritiangirl

    Prochaine fois faire ene orgy lor la plaz…then u call it wild and dirty… *SMH*

  • thatmauritiangirl

    Mo as disgusted as you are, Yashvin…

  • Nil

    I was at choisy too,, well frm wen UTM has instructed its students to wear uniforms??? if not, was it wriiten on zeir faces??

  • aah toujours bisin ena dimune ki fr villain dans sa pays la..i read one of the comments that beaches are made to show ur kissing abitilies..GRO LOL @that.. mo comprnd to kiss in public is a personal matter..

    bt a stupid kissing competition? thats revolting..

  • one of them gave the start and two or three couples started to kiss. it was about who could kiss for the longest time.

  • vicks

    Ena content alle rode lamerdement, mais mo penC sa form parti de thrill la..

    Mais bon, laisse zotte vive.. 😛

  • Oh yeah. Do tell us about that particular comment. This incident stirred my head and I’d like to have a good laugh too!

  • Steven

    I LOVE your subtle sarcasm!

  • Christof

    Please raise your hand if you have never
    – been completely drunk
    – got drunk on the beach
    – kissed passionately your loved one
    – had the time of your life with your university buddies
    – given a damn about what other people thought of you

    Yashvin, is your hand up?

  • Fortunately not on the last point (and sincerely, I did not do all the others at the same time)


    ti ena 6 dimoune.

    zot ti pe doubler 3 machine kot 1 place mari dangereux. . quelque metre devant ena 1 la monter/desande. ler zot ti pe doubler, 1 machine dan sens inverse ti pe vini. zot pa kpv. zot in ramase 1 meraile. scene la ti 1 film horrer net.pare-brise loto en 1 million boutedisang lor coltaren parmi ban dimoune la. c en tifi ki reste triolet. et ki dan le monde fashion.
    zot etat bien grave. .

  • selven

    ^^ heh, crashing cars is considerred fun for some .. as long as there’s no death!


    Please raise your hand when you get drunk, drive and get into a serious accident.

  • Dommage that the ones that were in the car yesterday can’t raise their hands right now.

  • thatmauritiangirl

    Stirred your head? Hmmm…actually it was your comment that ‘tickled my funny bone’…:)

  • Varun

    If they were drunk driving, I would have prayed for their death! Amen!

  • laisse ban piti la amizer do! mais sa truc boir conduire la, mo pas dakor. for the rest, who really cares? zamai zot in fer li zot ?

  • themauritiangirl

    That does not surprise me that for you disrespect towards the public (families on the beach) and own image is not dirty! Furthermore that drinking, shouting nonsense like mad certainly to attract attention is not wild !!! You know if for you an orgy would have been preferable, may be because you are used to it by yourself apparently being used to it, well you should not generalize your case…

  • marisa

    Be ou, ou Pena nanien a faire pou vine lire lartik la??!! Go to the club and get a life!!!…LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO

  • marisa

    Unfortunately most of the time it is not them who die but innocents ! How many accidents caused by drunk driving :(… Last one with the cyclist at nouvelle france. Shame on those girls one day they will certainly account for that…

  • thatmauritiangirl

    It doesn’t surprise you? Sounds like you know me! Maybe if you read my comment again the sarcasm will jump at you?! *SMH* Oh, and read the other comment I posted too… Sent using BlackBerry® from Orange

  • sandy

    no never, and i certainly don`t plan to !

  • Billy

    Shame to see the number of immature persons on this wall. Yashvin is right in his judgements. Drinking, kissing and so on form part of life. But when things are done abusively, its wrong! Would you agree that someday, your own kid has same sort of behavior in society? How would you feel? If some of you here feel so normal about such practices in public, then also have the guts to do it in front of your parents and family! Helas, ena dimun kan boire, zot boire zot la cervelle osi..! Enfin.. Si zot pena respect pou zot meme, abe ki respect zot pou ena vis a vis la societe?!

  • En parlant de drinking and driving, here is a link:

  • Unfortunately most young nowadays are as such, disrespectful,
    indiscipline and without any values. I
    got lots of negative feedbacks concerning students from UTM from friends and colleagues
    since the last 2 years. Nowadays I know that the company avoid recruiting
    students from UTM or at least they are considered last because we got much
    problems in the past unfortunately.

    That does not mean the other institutions such as CTI or UOM
    are better, it is just a question that most of the employees we encounter
    problems with were from UTM. Most of them left or were fired after around 3

    Anyway that was just to share my opinion.

    Else note that your blog is great and very interesting Yashvin!…


  • Unfortunately most young nowadays are as such, disrespectful,
    indiscipline and without any values. I
    got lots of negative feedbacks concerning students from UTM from friends and colleagues
    since the last 2 years. Nowadays I know that the company avoid recruiting
    students from UTM or at least they are considered last because we got much
    problems in the past unfortunately.

    That does not mean the other institutions such as CTI or UOM
    are better, it is just a question that most of the employees we encounter
    problems with were from UTM. Most of them left or were fired after around 3

    Anyway that was just to share my opinion.

    Else note that your blog is great and very interesting!…


  • Arh, Yashvin… ou pa konn phénoménn Skins…?

    Disgusted or not, this is what the mainstream youngsters are aiming at: aping whatever comes from abroad, especially the féssbouk (de)generation which has a culture of its own: voyeuristic, exhibitionist, braggish, disrespectful, impatient and what not.

    Frankly, I cannot blame them: they’re the product of who reared them and their behaviour is the result of their upbringing: si zott malélvé, zott pa totalman en torr…

  • Answer to Question 1: No ma’am, I’m apparently immune to that thing called ethanol
    Answer to Question 2: No.
    Answer to Question 3: my personal life is none of anyone’s friggin’ business
    Answer to Question 4: yes, of course, but did not necessarily imply giving ourselves “en spectacle” to all and everyone.
    Answer to Question 5: Never. I never give a damn about anyone else’s opinion on my deeds / behaviour. And it implies that the image I project is so smooth that no-one could actually guess that I could be a disciple of Dexter…

    Answer to all of them: So what?


  • Well let us observe the trend… Avant ti ena film bollywood et imper film européens aussi ki ti ena copain copine, lerla generation zeness à lépok ti ena ça fashion copain copine la!! Ena ti p laguerre ek parents, sauver depi lacaz tout, ti p avoye lettre tousala… Sucide si ti ena bcoup mo penC 😛 aster imper ine diminuer…

    Apres ça ti ena trend diskotek tousala, fumer, l’alcool, ene tas film ti ena coumsa, then discotek ti p coummence bombardé par bannes jeunes étudiants ti p fumer, l’alcool tousala parete bien coool!

    House party as well was a trend in movies and it became a fashion afterwards in Mauritius quand parents kite pays aller ti p fr party tousa avek so famme, so boire tout (enfin ça mo pas ine trouve beaucoup)

    Ene lépok ti bannes films cote to alle dans diskotek pou trasse ene femme pou gagne ene one night stand. Ça aussi ine commenC, avec so viol ou date rape etc.

    Now is the trend of American pie getting wild and dirty… we saw that at the Mon Choisy Beach recently!!

    Aster ki resT la? The Naked Mile??? 😛 (I will be waiting for that!!)

    I think sometimes we forget that movies and real life are two different things, spiderman pas exister dans real life, donc pas bizin essaye alle fr pik nous par ene zaraigné et essaye saute batiment!! 😛

  • JP Fortuno

    (drinking and driving) = bad.

    as for the rest, I can’t blame the youth; we tend to forget that we were teenagers too raised differently and in different contexts

  • Krishna

    Whatever happenend on the beach at mon choisy does not concern utm at all. If the police of grand bay and the mosque nearby did not have any problem, then what is your problem????

  • Sometimes I find some random guy getting beaten on the streets. Today I understand why. People like you who are here just to spoil the f*cking image of our country should be handed to the police or the general public or even to those UTM students. Then maybe you will understand the meaning of going wild. Dumb ass!!

  • Thank you 😉

  • Straight Edge Savior

    Well, I guess we all know the root of all these problems…. ALCOHOL

  • Mauritian

    Dear Yashvin, we can all understand from what you wrote that you are a frustrated short-minded author. So you were “shocked and disgusted” by the “drinking parties, kissing competitions held publicly on the beach”? Yeah, you are right, the Beach Authority should definitely provide kissing booth to stop such shameful acts in Public 🙂 About the famous drinking games you witnessed, I guess that’s the fundamental part of a party, right? I don’t know if you party with “tea” but as long as I have lived in Mauritius and abroad, Party=Alcohol, even our grandfathers know that! Now my question is: why do you hate college students and UTM? Imagine having over 100s of teenagers drinking and partying? What do you expect? Them playing hide and seek behind filao trees? Building sand castles? Oh yes, because that is so much fun!! I can recall so many times seeing entire families picnicking at the beach with half of them drunk.. Yeah, thats how Mauritians Party 😉
    I don’t know how you know students were being allowed into the club without IDs, Were you the bouncer there?
    Or were you in the club? Did you see all the college students and asked for their IDs? Even if they were there without IDs, who’s responsibility was that? So you want to know ” about how things go on in these kind of parties. “? Obvious proof that you never stepped in a Night Club!! Well, or perhaps you did but were to blind by the stroboscopic lights to notice the teenagers there 😉

    Confirmed news update :

    There was an accident yesterday in Vale, 3 drunk UOM girls and the vehicle was a total loss “. So UTM is to blame for that right? They’ve held a party, there were drinking games and kissing competition so its obvious who is to blame? Is that what you mean? Is that why you’ve put this in here? Because if all of us think like you do, Dude, Mauritius would be hell of a place, such a paradise! Lets close the bar where the drunk guy that killed his wife got drunk! Lets close down this shop because they sold the knife the murderer used!

    Open your eyes and think wise (after what I read, I really don’t think you are). Take any country in the world and you’ll get the same result. Blame students not the University. Blame the government and the media! People like you, who pretend to be perfect social beings are of the worst kind. You’ve lost the trend Dude! You are worst than my grandpa.. Understand the real problem before typing shit, because thats what disgusting and shocking about YOU! STOP your partriotic bullshit.

    A non-UTM or UOM Student or whatever.

  • Sorry to hear that you compare people to your ‘Bad’ grandpa. Guess that you were not well taught how to respect elders.

  • Mauritian

    Im only comparing YOU dude, not all people.. And if you can’t understand the meaning of the sentence in the context it was used for.. You are worst that I thought!! Pathetic!!
    I was taught how to respect everyone, not only elders and only those worth of being respected,

    And is that all you’ve got to say? All you try is to lower my self esteem my mentioning my grandfather as “bad” influence?
    Dude, The real problem here is that you have no better response and try to lower my self-esteem to feel better and more powerful than me! You’ve really got a problem, and on top on that you call yourself a blogger?

  • Pussay

    Bientôt pou ena Project X. marké gardé 😛

  • Do review your definition of blogger and compare it to the real one before saying things.

  • Wai. mentalité morisien koume sa : “Ki to probleme la dans”, you are not to be blamed.

  • Krishna

    1. The party was at Grand Bay and not at Mon Choisy Beach. As far as I know UTM students do not wear uniform. How come some random blogger can say that people drinking and kissing on the beach are from UTM???

    2. Next to the venue, there were shops, tourists passing by, MOSQUE and POLICE STATION. Neither the police nor the mosque made complaints. Then what is the problem of that guy???

  • Hans

    University Student Drinking- Not Illegal
    University Student Drinking on a Public Place- Not Illegal
    University Student Drinking and Kissing- Not Illegal.

    Not Knowing real facts but still pointing out a group of people- Illegal
    Using a photo made by UTM Students- Illegal

    Who is doing Illegal things now Sire?

  • The best joke :

    ” Using a photo made by UTM Students- Illegal”


  • Pravin

    Busa, li pe rod gagne popularite li.

  • Suvarov

    Dude Seriously I don’t understand what ur point of view. They organised the party. They are the one who reserved the rights of admission. And if bouncers are being advised to let everyone in they can’t do much as they pub is under the organisers rules and they must abide to whatever deal they have. And so far i knw mauritius they barely check you ID though. Go in a pub at Reunion Island if you don’t have at least ur passport and another piece of ID you will not be allowed to go in. And bouncers aren’t professional security people as they don’t even possess a valid security license.

  • You said it all : “They are the one who reserved the rights of admission”. We are exactly debating this point (among others).
    How can kids (non university students) be admitted?

  • Suvarov

    The bouncers are working according to what they have been told. They can’t go against that rule. And FYI whatever the party was it was all legal. They cant do any party without getting approval from district council and the police. If minors was there they can’t do much. The only thing is if ever YOU GONNA organise your party put some cops by the door and asked for ID.

  • I did not question anything about the organisation of the party. Instead, it has been reported that college kids were allowed in, without any ID check. If you wanna know the truth, ask around, the right persons who were there.

  • Hans

    You wouldn’t be laughing out loudly if you knew the law 🙂

  • You bet?
    Placing a picture on Facebook and allowing to be accessed publicly does not protect you as an owner. And as far as I know, I have not deleted or altered the picture in anyway to remove the word “UTM” or anything which relates the owner to the original picture.

    Ok, you may sue me. Go one.


    You know what would had been fun? A drunk driver hitting the car driven by Mauritian’s parent.

    I wonder if he would still had such pathetic views.


  • Hans

    I think the suing is on its way Mr 🙂

  • Please proceed 🙂

  • btw, dont forget to bring the original pictures you included and proofs that you purchased them for the purpose.
    And also license for the original software as well as the one who did the job and the proof that you registered the picture along with the respective copyright attestation.

    You will need all that.

  • Hans

    Unfortunately I have no standing in this matter but I heard that people having that Authority at UTM will do it 🙂

  • No problem. They are the most welcomed.

  • Hans

    If you were troubled, then the right thing to do was to go to the Police Station and complain about it man!
    No You make an article out of it instead believing that Police Authorities read your article.

    “Mentalité morisien” like you said! Afraid to make an official complaint but brave enough to hide behind their laptops to complain about it!

  • Why are you so bothered about me?
    btw, you seem to know lots of things. It is a desktop pc.

  • Hans

    I am just bothered about your prejudices on Students which is sad because they are adults, they have the right to do what they want whether it pleases you or not mate.

    What happened over there were between adults who mutually consent to do such acts. There is no need to drag the Institution in the debate. What they did were probably morally not correct but hey who are we to define what is morally correct for other people. What is morally correct for a group of people might not be for another group and vice versa.

    I still believe that indeed engaging oneself in propaganda seems attractive but still facts should be checked again.

    And if you want to engage yourself in a pun game, believe me this is going to get long 🙂
    So don’t 🙂

  • I find it becoming long too but sincerely, just as you said, I strongly believe the same thing. I quote : ” What they did were probably morally not correct”.

    You perhaps got me wrong. This is no propaganda but true facts that no one wants to admit. Prove me wrong if you wish but I brought facts in here. Anyway, if you intend to find the truth, you are the most welcomed but “plusieurs tetes vont tomber”.

    Dude, I’m just someone who don’t want to feel embarrassed accompanied by family members in a public place, just because silly kids are playing dramas while they could get a room for all that. Did I ask for the moon?

  • Wai man, to ena raison!

  • JP Fortuno

    I am not going to defend anyone but as far as I have seen from the replies, I would say that >some< comments are immature. (that's just my opinion, no need to debate on that)

    I'll just make a quick analysis of Yashvin's post and a few things that some may have not realised.

    To my understanding:
    " I was quite shocked and disgusted" <– that's the only sentence, where Yashvin expresses his feelings, and that's how he feels and you have to respect that.

    The rest is just Fact Reporting! How we view it, or we interprete those facts, is up to our background, education and the way we live. (see my short comment in an earlier post)

    If it was not a democracy (at least on his blog), he would not have even published your comments, remember comments are controlled here. So, I think he is humble enough to let you publish your thoughts.

    Now, if you guys decide to make personal attacks, it's a natural way to defend oneself, but I am sorry if I view it as 'funny'. (that's my feeling) Now, turning it legal and a drama shows the level of understanding of some (perception).


    “I have no standing in this matter”

    I read it was “I have none of the above.”


    Authority at UTM will sue the owner of this blog?
    LMAO. Made my Friday.

  • thatmauritiangirl

    You’re being judged in return…lol

  • its his blog, he can go like write his opinion about anything, who are you like judging upon things which you are looking at as a point of view of an student? You really need to grow up some maturity mate;)

    – and about police authorities read his article
    well bloggers dnt give a damn about them, its a personal opinion and you gotta know all you are talking about is just something based on imaturity
    get a life mate. someday you gonna be a parent, would you let your ward have such a future? 😉
    think twice about whatever you write !

  • They cant do any party without getting approval from district council and the police.”

    -can you actually be on detail on whatever you are saying?

  • Rishi

    This student Union is a really mess in organizing and planning event for students. Seems the Registrar and Director is sleeping. UTM event should be only to UTM no UOm ect should be allowed, control should be made in alcholic drinks etc. Even Image of the University is important.

  • Mauritian2

    @ Mauritian: From your very first phrase ” ‘WE’ can all understand…” How could you dare using the word ‘WE’ rather than ‘I’ because honestly I do not agree with you… Unless you have such a low esteem of yourself that you need to include everyone to get some ‘weight’ in your opinions… Stand for yourself first before you try to stand for others…

  • mwakimari

    wa wa ene ban imbeciles pa p comprend ki Yashvin p rod dir – la societe p vine decadent – ek wai, ban ki content bwar etc, mort kuma lisien lor chemin, mo sonne petard kan zot mort. ceki pli comique ladan, ban ki p penser tou normal la, kav zot soeur p donne channa dan sa kalite party la – la zot ggne bon

  • Psy4

    hey i saw these drunk fellas in G.Bay, maybe just few of them. they were alright.

  • I think that wherever you come from, the reputation counts nowadays. Having a degree is not what employers concentrate on nowadays. I’ve been working in several companies and none of them did even ask to show my degree certificate. Employers are more towards rewarding ( salary ) you for the kind of employee you are ( punctual, no useless absences, not aggressive ). Employers also got experiences with time. So if you screw up in your job or your personal life. It will be somewhere on the net or in the newspaper or gossiping around among colleges which can go against their career.

  • I agree that SOME teenagers are disrespectful towards the public ( swearing loudly in public, using sexually oriented jokes towards passerby ). They don’t even care whose around as far as ther’s none of their relatives around ( parents, aunts, uncle.. ). Most of the time when i see SOME teenagers around in groups, they appear like on the verge of doing something wrong at any time.

  • As at 08 August 2012, there were 12 very above-normal intelligent people who “liked” Mauritian’s post…

    Twelve anti-sand-castle-by-the-beach, twelve future very responsible parents… Probably…

  • tia

    maybe some people would love to see their children doing these things thats why they r raising their hands up.. not hoping but im laughing and thinking how u would react upon seeing ur own sibling behaving like that in public 😀 .. anyway avec lage mentaliter changer enan grandi enan retreci

  • s.paul

    1. utm so private party sa- mokoir si to pa inviter b to pa aler, li pa concerne toi sa
    2.la plage public- eleve utm , cuma tou dimoune ena full droit amuser
    3. telement ena chose pou aprane qand to faire 1 cour, to pa ggn letem met ene nissa, comprend bane jeunes la, mo pense toi si to ti ene jeune
    4.avan to tir ene photo, to 2mande dimoune la so permission, banla cav poursuive toi pu sa, danger net sa!
    5. si banla p kiss lor la plage, savedir to ti p veil zotte, ey ena ene dialog ki dire “vey to zafer”, la vie en dehor li coumsa
    6. dan ene groupe eleves surement bizin ena 1 ou 2 ki pu zoure ou faire dezorde, to pa cav blame tout sa bane eleves la.
    7.si ena students p rent dan club without id, zot pren zot risque banlamem, toi ki traca to p ggn pu zot?
    8. kifer to perplexed couma bane party deroule, ey mo sire to ena 1 passion, faire seki to contemp dan la vie, pa veil sa bane jeune la, 1 zour zot si pou prend le future dan zot a main.
    samem tou mo ti ena pu dire. non utm, non uom, non whatever!