Transformers 2 – We were there!

Yes we were there

Ok Ok, I admit it… this post is just to make you feel a bit jealous 😛

Now that the avant première is over, you can go and watch it in Star!

Good night friends…

Les douze coups de vinuit viennent de sonner!

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  • Daks

    mne rate ha la :p

  • Yeah..I;m going to watch it in some few hours..xD

  • I found transformer 2 kinda….boring :S While i do like great animation, special effects and robots, a story that makes ‘sense’ is important too!

  • Mike

    Yes, not my kind of story but I suppose it is entertaining because of the special effects. Good to hear that there are premier nights here. I guess Yashvin walks with the elite!

  • That’s totally cool!

  • pa ti capave prend poster la retourne lacase :p

  • @All : I haven’t said it yet, but I did not like the Transformers 2, not as much as the first one.

    IMHO : Too much special effects, an overdose.

  • Bhooks

    If you had your overdose of special effects with TRANSFORMERS 2. Next time go watch. “La petite maison dans la prairie” 😉

  • Bhooks

    was there too. Its was cool.

  • saw it loooooooooooooooong time ago :))))

  • lol

    of course!! same on you for watching cam rips! :p

  • Sun

    I fcing love the overdose of special effects!!! im sure carrot and saajid will agree..!

    someone said it right.. this movie was made to please the geeks.. 🙂 let em’ have it



  • Bernardo

    Geeks != special effects (…. well not necessarily)

    The film was “visually entertaining” but i won’t put it in the Sci-Fi Hall-Of-Fame

    I concur with Yashvin, the first Transformers movie was better


    (PS: Since i was a kid i’ve always preferred the Decepticons models..)

  • TL

    agreed. transformer1 was much better. in the 2nd one, some of the actors,especially angelina wannabe, overacted in a few scenes. and the slow-motion scenes of hers?? who would miss that!!! but overall, its a very entertaining movie. worth it? hell yeah…it was FREE!
    Yashvin, you got your picture taken after all!! ha,ha,ha

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