Total Plein Tank Tap Plein Results (2012)

Unlike for the 2010’s edition, Total did not issue any communique to ask customers to exchange some invalid tickets. The results have been proclaimed as scheduled, on the 17th January 2012 in the premises of the Mauritius Turf Club. Below is the official results, as published by the Total Mauritius.

I won none. Better luck next time!

Again, let me remind you of the monthly challenge “Guess Where” currently going on till the 21st January 2012. Give a try by guessing the location of the 2 pictures.  Click here.


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  • Sejour la, dan 1 bato COSTA sa?

  • Tushal

    I’ve some tickets wandering around. I need to search for them. :S

  • Sun

    ti p rod samem la! Thanks!!

  • Aavtar

    Hi, i think you are mistaken. There was an advert in a newspapers concerning exchange of invalid tickets. 

  • Vraie? Encor? lol.

    Thanks a lot for this important update. So, I was wrong! It happens 🙁

  • Pa zott mem ki ti condané parski bonbonn gaz ti underweight ek la-pompe l’essence ti déréglé pendan plizierr banaé avant ki condann zott?

  • Caki

    Checked my tickets. Didn’t win anything. De toute facon bateau croisiere la ine fini couler ….

  • Nayhla

    fosssssssss saaaabezzz cas dimounn  sa!!!!!! zamen trv ggnant zisss perdan

  • Sun

    didnt win anything… Any news on some winners?

  • Anonymous
  • 1 merd pan ggn pre 90 tickets mon gete pufffff :p

  • Feroz atchia

    twa 90 tickets mwa plis ki 150 tickets zero