[Video] Terre Rouge Verdun entrance to Ebene – Just invent your traffic rules

What I will show you today is not unusual if you use the Terre Rouge Verdun road every morning.

While the majority of drivers queue up to enter Ebene, a bunch of drivers prefer to

  • Drive on the motorway layby
  • Come in front of vehicles whenever they like
  • Change lanes along solid white lines
  • Change lanes on roundabouts

All these above, just to show that they absolutely do not give a fuck to all other law abiding drivers.

Case study : Toyota Yaris – 4442 JU 15

This guy really annoyed me this morning. Fortunately, I have my dashcam recording and when I came across him on the roundabout, I informed him to have a look at Facebook. With chances, he will probably read this post. So, a big hi!

Here’s the video:

If he ever thinks to complain to the police? Please do. Don’t forget to bring a copy of this video too.

Case study : Peugeot 208 – 4513 JU 14

New video captured today by the dashcam!

This car was lady driven and changed lanes on the roundabout itself while tens of other cars were queuing up.



As mentioned in my earlier post, education is indeed a failure in our society. Such persons need to be penalized and fined but unfortunately, the above scene happens everyday, even with 2 to 3 police officers posted there but without much help as one of them is regulating traffic on the roundabout while the other one just stands among the traffic cones.

So, what really happens :

  1. The huge traffic chaos and parking problem right in the “cyber” city Ebene causes a long queue to build up onto the Terre Rouge Verdun road everyday. And as shown above, a large bunch of drivers do not care about having to wait like other drivers. They feel that they are more superior, hence their own decision to bypass rules and breach laws. This p*ss*s off other persons who are waiting on the right lane.
  2. With cars waiting to enter the right lane, the traffic on the left lane comes to a halt. Now imagine 10 vehicles doing the same thing. That halt can sum up to several minutes in worst cases. This prevents road users on the left lane to pursue their road towards the motorway in the direction of Trianon. This traffic jam on the left lane is pretty un-necessary, purely caused by the above mentioned drivers. And this pisses off people on the left lane too.

Results: Every driver (whether on left or right lanes) gets p*ss*d off!

What actions need to be taken?

It doesn’t take really much to solve this problem. The existing police officers just don’t care because they were never assigned the duty to fine these drivers. However, just post 1 or 2 additional police officers at this particular spot and you will notice the difference. Suddenly, everyone will prefer waiting in the queue. But please, these police officers should look out for these drivers, not just stand there like the one who can nearly be mistaken for a traffic cone just on the Ebene flyover.

I will also push this video to the Citizen Support Unit and the Mauritius Police Force to see if any action is taken as many drivers prefer to ignore these as*hol*s to avoid getting into any fights or verbal threats but unfortunately, these as*hol*s just don’t care. As days go on, the number of as*hol*s will increase as they can see that nothing is being done to solve the problem, so why should they wait in the queue??? That’s logical and at the end of the day, we will end up with more as*hol*s because of the inaction of the authorities and police! This is why the situation gets out of control and ends up in road rages and accidents, just like in Goodlands some days ago. Read the article here if you missed it!!!

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Thank you for reading. Cheers!

I survived the post-rainfalls traffic jam, again.

rain moto

After the flash flood of March 2013 and the terrific torrential rainfalls during the past couple of months, it’s a hell every time it rains heavily in Mauritius. While inhabitants of several regions fear of having their houses over-flooded again, the situation on our roads is getting worst and sometimes chaotic, like this evening in the region of Ebene, which btw probably deserves the Worst Design & Infrastructure Award ever.

The situation in Port Louis was fortunately less critical, at least for me. I have seen worst days.

To avoid the usual dense areas, I took other alternative roads to get out of the capital. Once I reached Ebene, the large flow of vehicles driving in and out of the region (Ebene & Rose Hill) paralyzed the whole road infrastructure for several long minutes. It was practically impossible to get out of it either because all entry and exit points were jammed. I have never experienced anything similar before. To reach Rose Hill from Port Louis, I finally had to go through Quatre Bornes after managing to escape from the dense traffic jam in Ebene. It took me one and a half hour but there were definitely less lucky ones who got stuck there for hours.

With the increasing number of vehicles on our roads, traffic jams were already a major concern for our existing road infrastructure. But with the frequent rains and limited usage of the Terre Rouge Verdun Link Road, especially if it rains early in the morning, practically every one gets late for school and office, with serious consequences for the economy. There’s unfortunately no magical solution to this problem and I can’t see how the authorities can deal with it right now. Suggestions are the most welcomed.

However, you can probably avoid getting stressed in these traffic jams by leaving your house earlier in the morning or staying in office more late than usual.

An after-office beer isn’t a bad idea either, especially in the rain 😉

Take care and keep tuned to the blog!

Talk of the town : Terre Rouge – Verdun Link Road

Officially accessible to the public since a few days, the Terre Rouge Verdun Link Road is probably the talk of the town right now. This 24Km long road will definitely be beneficial to those who unnecessarily needed to go through the capital daily.

Great job!

I don’t know if you still remember but some months ago, I published pictures of the road under construction in the region of Creve Coeur (Click here for the post).

At that time, the project already seemed exciting and promising. And when the Terre Rouge – Verdun link road became officially accessible to the public as from Thursday, it became the talk of the town, or rather of the island.


Credit goes to Yasir Auleear for the above picture (Read his post).

Today, I drove along the road for the first time; indeed, a wonderful ride along those beautiful landscapes, especially the mountain scenery. Of a length of about 24km, the road will not only help road users to avoid the huge traffic jams in the capital but it should also diminish the number of vehicles (unnecessarily) going through the capital daily. It has been estimated that this new road will help in decreasing the traffic through Port Louis by about 36%.

Some pictures

And at the end (if you are going towards Ebene), the buildings of the so-called “cyber city”:


All good things come to an end, especially when you reach Quatres Bornes and its ongoing sewage works which turned the town into a “Ville des trous” :


Although a small part of the road is not yet accessible because of the works still going on, as a Mauritian, you have that feeling of being proud! I don’t say this often but the government did a great job! Kudos! I don’t think that anyone can complain until someones comes up with a “scandale du siecle” in which we will learn that millions of rupees were wasted or given away as bribes. Let’s stay positive for now 🙂

But I just hope that they won’t come back with their road tolling system, especially not after the next general elections!

Driving wisely through traffic jams

With a few of my colleagues residing in the same village, Triolet, we regularly talk about the daily traffic along the different routes we drive to office.

With a few of my colleagues residing in the same village, Triolet, we regularly talk about the daily traffic along the different routes we drive to office.

The use of lanes on the motorway is very often among the subjects we discuss. Regularly, despite two of us cross each other at some point on the road, there’s always a few minutes difference on reaching the capital. Speed is definitely not the reason at this peak time of the day. We noticed that driving wisely can actually be of great use, accounting for a large majority of the time difference and also, it might help to effectively control your fuel efficiently at the same time.

Anyone made that observation too? Personally, I found that the flow of vehicles on the left lane is more fluid in traffic jams most of the times. Another factor determining the fluidity is the presence of police traffic officers on roundabouts. Generally, vehicles on the left lane go more smoothly if there is no traffic officers regulating the traffic in these places.

With no traffic jams ahead, it is without doubt that the fluidity is better when you drive in the fast lane (right). And for god’s sake, please get off the fast lane when you are not overtaking! An important point to note : The existing law is being modified to re-inforce the regulations concerning the use of the fast lane. Soon, the fast lane will be strictly used  for overtaking vehicles only.

Some other tips :

  • Avoid accelerating unnecessarily in a traffic jam because it won’t bring you anywhere.
  • Sometimes it might be better to switch to the fast lane when you are approaching an area where a secondary road joins the motorway. Some drivers can aggressively and carelessly drive into your lane.
  • If you spot several heavy vehicles in the same lane as yours, switch to the other lane at some point of time. It might save you some minutes.
  • With motorcycles driving (sometimes carelessly) and zigzagging along the queues of vehicles, pay attention because they might appear suddenly behind your vehicle.
  • Always keep an eye around your vehicle and position yourself so that to leave some space in between two lanes. Better be on the safe side to avoid getting scratched by the two-wheelers.

Any additional tips to share???

Can carpooling reduce traffic problems in Mauritius?

Car Pooling can only be advantageous in every way.

Nothing is wrong in sharing your car (and the cost) with your neighbours or friends who are also travelling to the same destination.

The increasing number of vehicles on our roads has made the situation worse. Over 350,000 vehicles in our small island. Can you imagine? But what makes you even crazier is the traffic jams while heading to and from the capital.

A series of new roads have been announced to alleviate this traffic problem : The construction of roads/lanes will only shift the traffic jam right at the entry of the capital. They have been talking of the “metro-leger” project and bus lanes since years. Yet, nothing for now.

At some point in time, there was some talk going on about making a “Péage” system to enter Port Louis. According to them, this will encourage people to use the public transport system, which is frankly unreliable and uncomfortable. (Remember the post about Cockroaches in buses?) We can also add “unsafe” to the list, especially with some CNT buses recently in the headlines after a few accidents caused by brake fails and also, when a piece of the bus flew right into a car, killing the driver.

Now, let’s come back to Car Pooling. You should first get the picture of what I am trying to say :

You are stuck in a traffic jam. You notice loads of vehicles in which the only person is the driver.

You have most probably witnessed this scene several times. If you happen to see 4-5 of them, they are not only occupying 4 additional spaces on the road, but also, 4 additional parking slots in the city. Since all of them are heading towards the same destination, a single car could have been much more appropriate, economical and less painful for other road users.

traffic jam

Okay, I am not asking to fill every car up to the maximum capacity of 5-6 people like those large overloaded taxis mostly from the eastern region . We should be realist. Car Pooling can only be advantageous in every way. Nothing is wrong in sharing your car (and the cost) with your neighbours or friends who are also travelling to the same destination :

  • Less vehicles on the roads
  • Shared cost
  • Less driving stress
  • Environmentally friendly (Ile Maurice, Ile Durable concept?)

Bus services cannot really complain about this practice until they offer a good and reliable service. Many people, including myself, rarely travel by bus for the same reasons mentioned earlier.

The government should encourage car pooling but it is unfortunate that the people at the head of the authorities never thought of this idea because who would even think to share their population-paid Mercedes or BMW car with somebody else?

btw, do you (or are you willing) to do car pooling with your surroundings?

What do you think?

Vivement les vacances! Zéro embouteillages!

Ah, si seulement la circulation pouvait être aussi fluide tous les jours…

Et si les heures de classes étaient ajustées afin de réduire le nombre de véhicules sur nos routes?

Ah, si seulement la circulation pouvait être aussi fluide tous les jours…

L’utilisation de notre réseau routier existant peut être exploitée convenablement. Et si les heures de classes étaient ajustées afin de réduire le nombre de véhicules sur nos routes?

Certes, le nombre réduit de bus n’est pas le seul facteur qui est responsable de cette fluidité sur nos routes. Il y a aussi beaucoup de parents qui sont en vacances ou même certains qui quittent la maison plus tard que d’habitude afin de s’occuper de leurs enfants. Peut être certains laissent aussi leur voiture au garage? Et faut pas oublier, certains fêtent encore la Pâques 😉 Joyeuse fête à eux!

Alors, vous en pensez quoi sur ce sujet?

Ménace du président de l’association des camionneurs indépendants

“Pascal Bestel” (le président de l’Association des camionneurs indépendants) :

«Si le gouvernement ne prend aucune décision d’ici demain après-midi, les camionneurs entrerons en scène»


Je cite (de l’express de ce mardi 02 février 2010) :

«Si le gouvernement ne prend aucune décision d’ici demain après-midi, les camionneurs entrerons en scène», déclare Pascal Bestel tout en refusant d’en dire plus.

Est-ce-que ce “Pascal Bestel” (le président de l’Association des camionneurs indépendants) croit pouvoir jouer au justicier en proliférant de telles menaces? Qu’il aille au diable avec ses camions qui ont créer un énorme embouteillage quelques mois de cela, juste le jour des examens des milliers d’étudiants du secondaire!

Vous en pensez quoi? En passant, merci encore pour votre soutien sur ce blog… Déjà  plus de 500 articles!

Students back on their way to school…

While the students of Standard 1 (primary) and Form 1 (secondary) students joined their new schools/colleges respectively on last Friday, the holidays finally came to an end today for most of the pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary students.

Let’s see what’s different between school normal days and school holidays! 😛

While the students of Standard 1 (primary) and Form 1 (secondary) students joined their new schools/colleges respectively on last Friday, the holidays finally came to an end today for most of the pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary students.


I am sure loads of them must have been pretty excited to go back “sur les bancs” after more than 1 month of holidays during which a large number of them kept repeating “mone plein lakaaz“.

The fact that students are no more in holidays might mean a completely different thing to different group of persons, let’s see how ;

It’s all about traffic…

traffic stats

No school = No traffic jams on roads = More traffic on facebook

And its true the other way round too.

I was surprised to see the calmness that prevailed on my facebook news feed today. There was definitely less (or none) stupid quizzes, facebook status messages, group invitations among others and… and… and better internet connectivity/speed !

But the worst things happen in real life…

A few to quote :

  • Loads of traffic jams,
  • Endless time waiting for buses,
  • Less seats (or none) available, more noise (and music playing), swearings in buses and bus stations!
  • Many issues about student bus pass, school transfers etc!!!

Oh… how I miss those days, especially university days!

Bon courage to everyone!

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