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I survived the post-rainfalls traffic jam, again.

After the flash flood of March 2013 and the terrific torrential rainfalls during the past couple of months, it’s a hell every time it rains heavily in Mauritius. While inhabitants of several regions fear of having their houses over-flooded again,...


Talk of the town : Terre Rouge – Verdun Link Road

Officially accessible to the public since a few days, the Terre Rouge Verdun Link Road is probably the talk of the town right now. This 24Km long road will definitely be beneficial to those who unnecessarily needed to go through the capital daily.

Great job!


Students back on their way to school…

While the students of Standard 1 (primary) and Form 1 (secondary) students joined their new schools/colleges respectively on last Friday, the holidays finally came to an end today for most of the pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary students.

Let’s see what’s different between school normal days and school holidays! 😛