[Video] Terre Rouge Verdun entrance to Ebene – Just invent your traffic rules

What I will show you today is not unusual if you use the Terre Rouge Verdun road every morning.

While the majority of drivers queue up to enter Ebene, a bunch of drivers prefer to

  • Drive on the motorway layby
  • Come in front of vehicles whenever they like
  • Change lanes along solid white lines
  • Change lanes on roundabouts

All these above, just to show that they absolutely do not give a fuck to all other law abiding drivers.

Case study : Toyota Yaris – 4442 JU 15

This guy really annoyed me this morning. Fortunately, I have my dashcam recording and when I came across him on the roundabout, I informed him to have a look at Facebook. With chances, he will probably read this post. So, a big hi!

Here’s the video:

If he ever thinks to complain to the police? Please do. Don’t forget to bring a copy of this video too.

Case study : Peugeot 208 – 4513 JU 14

New video captured today by the dashcam!

This car was lady driven and changed lanes on the roundabout itself while tens of other cars were queuing up.



As mentioned in my earlier post, education is indeed a failure in our society. Such persons need to be penalized and fined but unfortunately, the above scene happens everyday, even with 2 to 3 police officers posted there but without much help as one of them is regulating traffic on the roundabout while the other one just stands among the traffic cones.

So, what really happens :

  1. The huge traffic chaos and parking problem right in the “cyber” city Ebene causes a long queue to build up onto the Terre Rouge Verdun road everyday. And as shown above, a large bunch of drivers do not care about having to wait like other drivers. They feel that they are more superior, hence their own decision to bypass rules and breach laws. This p*ss*s off other persons who are waiting on the right lane.
  2. With cars waiting to enter the right lane, the traffic on the left lane comes to a halt. Now imagine 10 vehicles doing the same thing. That halt can sum up to several minutes in worst cases. This prevents road users on the left lane to pursue their road towards the motorway in the direction of Trianon. This traffic jam on the left lane is pretty un-necessary, purely caused by the above mentioned drivers. And this pisses off people on the left lane too.

Results: Every driver (whether on left or right lanes) gets p*ss*d off!

What actions need to be taken?

It doesn’t take really much to solve this problem. The existing police officers just don’t care because they were never assigned the duty to fine these drivers. However, just post 1 or 2 additional police officers at this particular spot and you will notice the difference. Suddenly, everyone will prefer waiting in the queue. But please, these police officers should look out for these drivers, not just stand there like the one who can nearly be mistaken for a traffic cone just on the Ebene flyover.

I will also push this video to the Citizen Support Unit and the Mauritius Police Force to see if any action is taken as many drivers prefer to ignore these as*hol*s to avoid getting into any fights or verbal threats but unfortunately, these as*hol*s just don’t care. As days go on, the number of as*hol*s will increase as they can see that nothing is being done to solve the problem, so why should they wait in the queue??? That’s logical and at the end of the day, we will end up with more as*hol*s because of the inaction of the authorities and police! This is why the situation gets out of control and ends up in road rages and accidents, just like in Goodlands some days ago. Read the article here if you missed it!!!

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Thank you for reading. Cheers!

What do you suggest to solve the traffic problems?


It has been ages since I last posted something on this blog! Glad to be back with something new 🙂

Although there has been many hot topics to talk about, I was quite reluctant to write on them. In fact, there has been so many scandals revealed almost at the same time that even newspapers are finding it difficult to stay within their page limits. As for private radios, entertainment shows had to be cancelled in order to accommodate live broadcasts. Just to quote a few of the scandals : Terre Rouge Verdun, Nandinee Sousnack, Dan Kalikan, Pandit’s Restaurant, closed access to Mon Choisy public Beach… And of course, Navin and the Rs 220 millions found in his safe boxes and suitcases. Although I believe that justice must prevail, I have a fear that his panel of lawyers, made up of the most renowned ones in the island, will probably find legal loopholes somewhere in our constitution to get him out of his own sh*t.

Traffic problems

Terre Rouge Verdun Link Road

Anyway, let’s talk about the traffic congestion problem which got worse ever since Terre Rouge Verdun Link Road was closed on the 21st January 2015. While waiting for the completion of necessary reparations which might take a year, the authorities have already started to enlarge existing road infrastructures to try to alleviate this traffic problem.

Proposed ferry system to and fro Port Louis

The idea to write this post came up when I was discussing about the above article which I came across during the day.

traffic ferry boat sytem to and from Port Louis

Sincerely, I was quite surprised to read that the government is planning to consider a ferry system to connect Pointe Aux Sables, Baie du Tombeau and Port Louis if preliminary reports are favorable. Although we are at a very early stage in this project, I personally don’t think that the project will be viable.

We have all seen how the Metro Leger project of the previous government was rejected by the population for the time being.Let’s wait and see.

Simpler solutions to implement


With the help of colleagues, we came up with the following very nice suggestions of how our traffic can be improved, especially to and fro the capital, Port Louis:

  1. Construction of flyovers at (a) the traffic lights in front of Port Louis Waterfront – Places d’Armes, (b) immigration square and (c) Quay D – ICAC roundabout. These flyovers will eliminate the need to halt traffic in order to allow vehicles to get on the other side of the motorway or to get into or out of the capital. Just imagine the chaos if the flyover at Bell Village did not exist.
  2. Moving the bus stop at Les Guibies, Pailles to some 50 meters away will ensure continuous flow of vehicle in 3 lanes. Currently, there are 3 lanes at Camp Chapelon, then 2 lanes along the bus stop and finally, 4 lanes, just after the bus stop.
  3. Eliminate the maximum of roundabouts in our road network.
    While The Terre Rouge and Phoenix roundabouts should be replaced by something similar to Caudan or Reduit, other roundabouts like the one at the ghost city (Jin Fei) should never have been constructed in the first place.
  4. Give more incentives to bus companies to improve the public transport system by replacing those old buses with newer ones like the low-floor one.
  5. Construction of secure parking areas close to the motorways to encourage people to drive to these areas, park their cars and then, head to the capital in comfortable buses. This will not only provide parking at a lower cost to individuals but it will also decrease the number of vehicles to the capital if these parking areas are connected to the bus network.Traffic jam
  6. The bus lane at Victoria (La gare) should be extended by eliminating the unused space alongside the Vacoas Express bus stand. This will eliminate the need for other vehicles on the motorway to halt in order to allow buses to join the 2 lanes of the motorway.
  7. Create a national awareness program to emphasize on the benefits of car pooling, as previously explained in one of my blog posts. Just imagine, if people start sharing their car daily, it does not only save fuel but also solves traffic problems, prevents unnecessary stress and reduces number of cars on our roads.
  8. A better management of the free transport for students can actually increase the willingness of people to use the public transport system. Nowadays, endless number of complaints are registered because students use public transport buses instead of dedicated school buses. Result : Employees are penalized because buses are most often filled with students while school buses are used by only a small number of students.
  9. I don’t know how far this can be beneficial but what if school hours are changed? Let’s say that instead of the usual 8am to 230pm, the school hours are moved to 9am to 330pm ( or something similar?) Of course, this can make very unhappy people but if this can help to improve the flow of traffic, so, why not?
  10. Lastly, get that damn Terre Rouge Verdun road operational again and make sure that those persons (whoever they are!) assume their responsibilities and pay for their incompetency!

To end on a more positive note, I’m glad of the very good initiative of conducting a pilot project in Curepipe by allowing people to take their practical driving tests there instead of Port Louis. Also, the new government has also reconsidered to move part of the governmental departments and services to Highlands. Thumbs up!

Any more ideas to contribute to a better and cleaner Mauritius with less traffic jams, pollution and cost?

Thanks for reading and bon weekend!

Talk of the town : Terre Rouge – Verdun Link Road

Officially accessible to the public since a few days, the Terre Rouge Verdun Link Road is probably the talk of the town right now. This 24Km long road will definitely be beneficial to those who unnecessarily needed to go through the capital daily.

Great job!

I don’t know if you still remember but some months ago, I published pictures of the road under construction in the region of Creve Coeur (Click here for the post).

At that time, the project already seemed exciting and promising. And when the Terre Rouge – Verdun link road became officially accessible to the public as from Thursday, it became the talk of the town, or rather of the island.


Credit goes to Yasir Auleear for the above picture (Read his post).

Today, I drove along the road for the first time; indeed, a wonderful ride along those beautiful landscapes, especially the mountain scenery. Of a length of about 24km, the road will not only help road users to avoid the huge traffic jams in the capital but it should also diminish the number of vehicles (unnecessarily) going through the capital daily. It has been estimated that this new road will help in decreasing the traffic through Port Louis by about 36%.

Some pictures

And at the end (if you are going towards Ebene), the buildings of the so-called “cyber city”:


All good things come to an end, especially when you reach Quatres Bornes and its ongoing sewage works which turned the town into a “Ville des trous” :


Although a small part of the road is not yet accessible because of the works still going on, as a Mauritian, you have that feeling of being proud! I don’t say this often but the government did a great job! Kudos! I don’t think that anyone can complain until someones comes up with a “scandale du siecle” in which we will learn that millions of rupees were wasted or given away as bribes. Let’s stay positive for now 🙂

But I just hope that they won’t come back with their road tolling system, especially not after the next general elections!