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Map of Mauritius showing speed cameras

A new post to map the locations of speed cameras altogether. This blog post will be updated whenever needed with locations of fixed speed cameras as well as the frequent regions where mobile cameras are usually placed.


Are these police officers to be blamed?

A video shooting some police officers helpless in front a casino in goodlands. A few hostile persons were really excited and ready to fight among themselves.

I would like to have your view, after you read mine… Thanks


svp, un peu de politesse Monsieur le policier…

Tard dans la soiree d’hier, j’ai ete controlé par des motards de la police, controle de routine par un policier qui n’etait pas trop gentil…

Etre poli, c’est la moindre des choses, surtout si vous représentez la loi et en contacte directe avec la population…


Crimes stats on the rise in Mauritius, why?

The mauritian media is invaded with various cases of law and order since some weeks. In some of these cases, the victims turned out to be the ones who made up a fake story and the youngest one of them is a 9yr old girl.

What do you think would be The solution to our society problems related to law and order? Lets discuss!


Parking in front of Air Mauritius Building

This driver should be awarded for finding the best parking in Port Louis…
I hereby give him the “Best Parking Slot Award”!

Perhaps he had an urgent need to go to toilets, but in this case, would he have taken care to “fold” his side mirrors?


Review speed limit in Mauritius?

Is it time to review the speed limit for certain roads of Mauritius?
A growing number of new/reconditioned vehicles is using our roads daily, hence more stable, reliable and performing…
90Km/hr on our motorways, with 60Km/hr in certain areas around motorways and an average of 50 Km/Hr in villages..