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Government steps down, again : Halting distribution of “Repas Chaud” program in ZEP schools

At the time of launch of this program, no restrictions or instructions were provided to caterers about the food and service they need to provide. Is the govt waiting for incidents to happen so that they can bring necessary amendments to improve, playing with the life of innocent students.


HSC Laureates: No more bonds between them and the country.

This article is an update to what has been written and hugely debated here back in 2009. Many have been able to express themselves on the scholarship topic and the due of the HSC laureates at the end of their studies, financed by the government. And we all know that a considerable number of laureates never came back to Mauritius.


Free tablets for Form 4 students. Your thoughts?

A few months ago, you have most probably thought that the government was just blabbering about this project of giving a tablet to each and every Form 4 student. This concerns more than 20,000 units to be distributed in some 157 secondary schools.

Let’s talk about it!


Kreole morisien ou bhojpuri?

The government has announced that the two languages “Kreol morisien” and the “bhojpuri” will be introduced as optional languages in primary schools as from next year.