[Video] Terre Rouge Verdun entrance to Ebene – Just invent your traffic rules

What I will show you today is not unusual if you use the Terre Rouge Verdun road every morning.

While the majority of drivers queue up to enter Ebene, a bunch of drivers prefer to

  • Drive on the motorway layby
  • Come in front of vehicles whenever they like
  • Change lanes along solid white lines
  • Change lanes on roundabouts

All these above, just to show that they absolutely do not give a fuck to all other law abiding drivers.

Case study : Toyota Yaris – 4442 JU 15

This guy really annoyed me this morning. Fortunately, I have my dashcam recording and when I came across him on the roundabout, I informed him to have a look at Facebook. With chances, he will probably read this post. So, a big hi!

Here’s the video:

If he ever thinks to complain to the police? Please do. Don’t forget to bring a copy of this video too.

Case study : Peugeot 208 – 4513 JU 14

New video captured today by the dashcam!

This car was lady driven and changed lanes on the roundabout itself while tens of other cars were queuing up.



As mentioned in my earlier post, education is indeed a failure in our society. Such persons need to be penalized and fined but unfortunately, the above scene happens everyday, even with 2 to 3 police officers posted there but without much help as one of them is regulating traffic on the roundabout while the other one just stands among the traffic cones.

So, what really happens :

  1. The huge traffic chaos and parking problem right in the “cyber” city Ebene causes a long queue to build up onto the Terre Rouge Verdun road everyday. And as shown above, a large bunch of drivers do not care about having to wait like other drivers. They feel that they are more superior, hence their own decision to bypass rules and breach laws. This p*ss*s off other persons who are waiting on the right lane.
  2. With cars waiting to enter the right lane, the traffic on the left lane comes to a halt. Now imagine 10 vehicles doing the same thing. That halt can sum up to several minutes in worst cases. This prevents road users on the left lane to pursue their road towards the motorway in the direction of Trianon. This traffic jam on the left lane is pretty un-necessary, purely caused by the above mentioned drivers. And this pisses off people on the left lane too.

Results: Every driver (whether on left or right lanes) gets p*ss*d off!

What actions need to be taken?

It doesn’t take really much to solve this problem. The existing police officers just don’t care because they were never assigned the duty to fine these drivers. However, just post 1 or 2 additional police officers at this particular spot and you will notice the difference. Suddenly, everyone will prefer waiting in the queue. But please, these police officers should look out for these drivers, not just stand there like the one who can nearly be mistaken for a traffic cone just on the Ebene flyover.

I will also push this video to the Citizen Support Unit and the Mauritius Police Force to see if any action is taken as many drivers prefer to ignore these as*hol*s to avoid getting into any fights or verbal threats but unfortunately, these as*hol*s just don’t care. As days go on, the number of as*hol*s will increase as they can see that nothing is being done to solve the problem, so why should they wait in the queue??? That’s logical and at the end of the day, we will end up with more as*hol*s because of the inaction of the authorities and police! This is why the situation gets out of control and ends up in road rages and accidents, just like in Goodlands some days ago. Read the article here if you missed it!!!

Please don’t forget to share!

Thank you for reading. Cheers!

Why is Ebene so over-rated?

Its been nearly 4 months since I’m back in Ebene after an office relocation from the capital of the island. Although it really suits me to be here for the time being for personal reasons, I still don’t understand the hype around this savagely-developed region. Many companies move over here for several reasons, including its strategic position at the center of the island, thus, easily accessible from all over the island. Also, the word “Ebene” gives a completely different perception when mentioned as a workplace. However, I have personally always considered Ebene as an industrial zone.

We can’t even use the term cyber because you can find a wide range of companies doing business here. Just to mention  a few : banks, loads of call centers, an eye clinic, a private university and of course, hundreds of software development companies. I also know a few companies which have moved their administrative offices over here.

Road infrastructure

With traffic jams at the entrance of the ‘city’ in the morning and again, traffic jams when leaving in the afternoon, the roads simply can’t handle so many vehicles. On top of that, we can be thankful that a good majority of companies work in shift systems and flexi-time or else, there would probably be a much greater flow of vehicles and people. Very often, especially in Fridays and also during heavy rainfall, the traffic simply comes to a stand-still.

The road infrastructure is a complete failure with the few roundabouts contributing to traffic jams, lack of pedestrian crossings and pavements alongside roads. Although the decision to connect the Terre Rouge Verdun road to Ebene has been a very good one, this has significantly increased the number of vehicles at that point. The different entry points in the region become bottlenecks during peak hours with a direct impact on other surrounding road networks and even, on the motorway. Without police officers regulating the traffic, many would start their day with a hell time in the traffic jam.


Although I could have mentioned the parking issue above, I believe that it really deserves a section. It is probably the biggest problem in the industrial zone. With buildings capable of hosting offices for thousands of people, only a portion of employees are eligible for parking spaces available, leaving thousands of vehicles parked on the roads which were never made to cater for parking areas. Despite road markings prohibiting people to park on a majority of the road network in Ebene, people simply have no other choice than leave their vehicles in those forbidden areas. Any unoccupied space is transformed to a parking space, whether on the road sides, on roundabouts, on pavements and even in remote regions surrounding the offices. With vehicles parked whenever possible, this savage parking is not only inconvenient but also dangerous for road users, including pedestrians.

The lack of (legal) parking space is not the only reason behind the daily headache for hundred of drivers. A simple look at the monthly parking fees can explain a lot of things. For instance, the lowest price I came across is Rs 1700 per month for a parking area located in a remote end of Ebene while parking spaces near buildings can cost up to Rs 3000 per month.



Without (mostly illegal) food hawkers operating practically everywhere in the region, a large majority of people working in Ebene can probably starve to death since there’s only one commercial food court and a few smaller food courts in some of the buildings. At noon, you can easily find a large variety of food including dholl puris, stuffed bread, khebab, briani, fruit salads, boullettes among others. With probably no need to pay for any location, permits or extra expenses, hawkers are able to sell food at fair prices, thus encouraging people to buy food from the hawkers instead of food courts. Fortunately, I have witnessed good hygene around the people selling food but I wonder how many among them actually have a food handling certification and a hawker permit.

A tip :

Be careful when standing by your car’s trunk at noon :
People might think that you are selling food! And I am not joking!

What’s in for the future?

Despite the existing known problems faced, there’s no proper development plan for the region. While remaining scarce trees are being cut down, some parking areas will very soon disappear to make space for new buildings which are way much more profitable. Normally, there should be a multi-storey building for parking purposes but the project has been frozen for some political or administrative reason. This won’t change a big deal as monthly parking fees are constantly on the rise. New parking spaces will only allow more people to come in their vehicles if they can afford to pay the price.

Next, with no metro (tramway or whatever) station in this highly dense region, those choosing this transport medium will need to travel to and from the nearest station in Rose Hill by bus. For those planning to leave their cars in the dedicated car parking near those stations, as promised by the authorities, I wish all of you good luck! I personally don’t see any additional parking space there as Rose Hill already has a dense population with large number of vehicles flowing throughout the town..

To summarize : Ebene was never designed to accommodate so many offices and people. Ebene is just about you commuting to your work space, spend your day or night in your office and travel back to your home. No one cares how you travel to your office, park your vehicle, move to and from basic services, eat your lunch or find a few minutes to relax from the stressful industrial zone.

What’s next? Keep tuned to the blog for a personal announcement in some weeks…

Bye bye Port Louis

Ever since I started working, I have been greatly in love with Port Louis. For one minute, just forget the busy traffic and think about the number of shops, restaurants, hawkers playing hide and seek with authorities, great atmosphere (especially during the end of year festive period), the central market, China Town, the large variety of street foods and the ease with which you can carry out any transaction or administrative work. On top of being able to get the best shopping deals including unbeatable wholesale prices, everything is easily accessible within minutes by foot.


When DCDM Consulting’s management announced their decision to move to Ebene in 2011, it was clear that I was not among those who agreed to that. Consequently, I resigned from my job. Yes, you read it right.

Travelling to Ebene was going to take longer time too and I was not ready for that, especially if I could get a similar job in Port Louis or nearer to home. Soon after bidding my farewell, I was happily back in Port Louis 🙂

So, 6 years earlier, I had to move to Ebene on the 22nd August 2011, while I gave my employer a 3 months notice period. Coincidentally, I’ll be again moving to Ebene on the 21st August 2017. This is so freaking strange but this time, this office switch suits me for many reasons.

There are obviously disadvantages too, for example, excessively high price of parking and an over-rated cyber industrial zone with nothing else apart from buildings, buildings and buildings.

Officially on paternity leaves…

Today was my last day in the Port Louis office as I have applied for the paternity leaves during the next days. In case you missed the announcement for the birth of my second son, Divyansh, on the 25th July 2017, here’s the screenshot from Facebook :

Did you know that despite having 5 paternity leaves, you need to take them at a go, for the next 5 consecutive working days, irrespective whether there are non-working days (week-ends or public holidays). For instance, counting 5 days as from tomorrow ( Tuesday), I will be unfortunately losing a paternity leave on Saturday but I have got no other option due to some unforeseen situation. I find this unfair but anyway, it seems that the Employment Rights Act has always been like that!

With a new office location and even more responsibilities as a dad, I look forward for a brighter future and more fun in life. So, keep tuned for more updates on the blog!


I survived the post-rainfalls traffic jam, again.

rain moto

After the flash flood of March 2013 and the terrific torrential rainfalls during the past couple of months, it’s a hell every time it rains heavily in Mauritius. While inhabitants of several regions fear of having their houses over-flooded again, the situation on our roads is getting worst and sometimes chaotic, like this evening in the region of Ebene, which btw probably deserves the Worst Design & Infrastructure Award ever.

The situation in Port Louis was fortunately less critical, at least for me. I have seen worst days.

To avoid the usual dense areas, I took other alternative roads to get out of the capital. Once I reached Ebene, the large flow of vehicles driving in and out of the region (Ebene & Rose Hill) paralyzed the whole road infrastructure for several long minutes. It was practically impossible to get out of it either because all entry and exit points were jammed. I have never experienced anything similar before. To reach Rose Hill from Port Louis, I finally had to go through Quatre Bornes after managing to escape from the dense traffic jam in Ebene. It took me one and a half hour but there were definitely less lucky ones who got stuck there for hours.

With the increasing number of vehicles on our roads, traffic jams were already a major concern for our existing road infrastructure. But with the frequent rains and limited usage of the Terre Rouge Verdun Link Road, especially if it rains early in the morning, practically every one gets late for school and office, with serious consequences for the economy. There’s unfortunately no magical solution to this problem and I can’t see how the authorities can deal with it right now. Suggestions are the most welcomed.

However, you can probably avoid getting stressed in these traffic jams by leaving your house earlier in the morning or staying in office more late than usual.

An after-office beer isn’t a bad idea either, especially in the rain 😉

Take care and keep tuned to the blog!

[Guest post] The 7 ideas to make Mauritius a cyber island!

Today, we are welcoming A.A as a guest writer who will be sharing his ideas which might help in making the cyber island a reality.

Hello everyone!

After the “100,000” visitors count officially announced for the electronics trade fair, Infotech 2012, today we are welcoming A.A as a guest writer. He will be sharing his ideas which might, according to him, will help in making the cyber island a reality. Please do go through his ideas and don’t hesitate to discuss the points and even share your ideas on the topic.

Wish all of you a wonderful week ahead,

Dear politicians, if you are reading this, do steal my ideas please!

We have been hearing this concept of turning Mauritius into a cyber island since a very long time now. Today, I am going to share my personal views on it, by proposing some ideas of how to make it become a reality :

1/ Competitions among ISPs

Encourage competitivity between ISPs so that the decrease in prices are more considerable. We cannot afford to pay thousands of rupees for the highest internet speed while other neighboring islands like Reunion and Seychelles are paying much less. The internet speed and service available on the island are unacceptable. These fiber optic cables to increase speed should have been implemented a decade ago, not now. We are late! Very late!

There’s still room for new ISPs to enter the market to bring in more competitivity!

2/ Removal of VAT

Remove VAT on certain technologies like computers, laptops and tablets will encourage people to purchase more often. Tablet PCs for example, should have been a revolution now. A tablet PC is highly economical since it will save on your electricity bill. The cost of charging it is much lower as compared to using a normal desktop personal computer.

On top of that, thanks to its mobility, you can use it everywhere.Being much affordable than a laptop, it will also keep people away from some common pains due to the excessive hours seated in front of a PC.

3/ International IT companies

Encourage international companies to invest in our country! As far as I know, we have only been promoting the tourism sector more than ever, so why not bring the IT sector to a similar level? We can encourage international IT companies to invest here. I am not aiming at Google, WordPress, Microsoft, or whatever, but we can attract other software, network, web and any related companies. We have people who can do it. We really lack IT companies here;

Nowadays, we have a bigger share of companies in the BPO sector than in the software/consulting field! This is definitely not the definition of a cyber island.

4/ Improve our education in IT

New courses should be introduced at diploma/degree levels. Courses based only on digital marketing does not exist in the different institutions on the island, and this list goes on. I have also heard that we lack good programmers : I do not know if this has been solved now. More students should be encouraged to get into programming instead of specialising themselves on system and network administration.

More emphasis should also be put on the IT security sector. At Higher School Certificate level, a semi-advanced programming should be a must instead of displaying Visual Basic message boxes.

5/ Computerize the governmental bodies

Our country cannot be considered as a cyber Island if the government itself does not computerized its institutions like hospitals or police stations. Taking an appointment in a hospital (Tir carte rendez-vous) should have been hassle-free, without the need to issue papers after waiting in a long queue. Computerizing an institution can only have its advantages.

If some people keep having the thought that computerization will make them lose their job, then we will never be able to move on! This mis-perception should be cleared beforehand.

6/ Boost Electronic, Mechanical and Electric engineering

We have so many guys studying electronic, mechanical and electric engineering in our universities.

Why aren’t they encouraged to be more creative, like creating gadgets, robotized equipment or even computer chips? The number of companies dealing with electronics is scarce onto the island. From what I have heard, these companies are not ready to get these tasks here. By saying this, the country will never improve! Providing good training and the necessarily infrastructure should greatly help!

7/ Invest on research and finance new ideas

Finally, I will close my recommendations by including investment on research. Yes, the government and private sectors should encourage research programmes in IT; we have many brilliant people here having ideas who can help the country! We should finance new comers who have ideas; the economy can only win from these!

There are other ideas in the mind but the post will get too long. To conclude, can we dream that one day our country will really be considered as a real cyber island? Can we dream the impossible?

I have been hearing the term “Cyber Island” since 10 years now and if the government does not bring any change in its strategy, we will still hearing the same term “Cyber Island” for the next 10 years again! We are late, extremely late, so concrete actions need to be taken before our youngsters piss on everything here and leave for other countries.

Thanks to Yashvin for having given me the opportunity to write my ideas here!


Do you have 30mins to keep yourself fit?

What about you? Do you really have time for some physical activity? Or gym?

Reaching home after 8-9pm almost daily, I am finding it more and more difficult to find some time to do some physical exercise. Missing the time when I could burn a little bit of fat while jogging on the Montagne Signaux’s “Parcours de santé’ or even a few rounds of Champs de Mars.

Meanwhile, I try my max to go for a swim at least twice a week along with some jogging on the beach. And now that the sugarcane fields are being harvested, hopefully, I will be able to do some jogging there by waking up much earlier than usual.

Some of you might say “Why don’t you go to a gym?”

Frankly, I don’t see myself paying Rs1500 monthly (and Rs3000 entry fee) for the one found in the Nexteracom tower. Sure, there are other places too but my experience in gyms usually ended when I realised that I went to the gym only once a month, to pay for the subscription fee. That’s true.

And it is also true that people working in the IT sector easily get over-weight. Sitting all day in front of the screen. Eating fast food. On top of that, no time for some *physical* activity.

What about you?
Do you really have time for some physical activity? Or gym?

To end up, I will quote this wonderful piece of text found here :

There are 1,440 minutes in every day. Schedule 30 of them for physical activity!

Nexteracom : Understanding this art

Blogging live from Ebene. Let’s see if you can anything positive about this ‘art’ stuff.

Here I am, blogging live from Ebene, comfortably seated in the brand new DCDM Consulting office, from the 1st floor of Nexteracom Tower 1 building.

Now that I am in here for some time, I gonna use that as an opportunity to write a bit about how’s life in here. That’s gonna bring in some new topics/discussions and above all, hopefully some fresh inspirations from what is known as the Cybercity.

Before landing in Nexteracom for office assignment, I have been here only once, for a quick tour in Metropolis (we might have a topic on that later on). But last week, when I came in here in broad day light, I was pretty much confused when I saw this thing below.

You simply can’t miss the yellowish metal structure :

I must say that I was amused too, because I could not make head and tail about this. At first look, it gives the impression of being some uncompleted work. I don’t really know how to call it. For short, let’s say “abstract work”.

Since I am no expert in art, I tried to ask around, how people felt about it, what was it’s meaning, if there’s one. Till now, I haven’t come across anyone who said anything positive about it, yet, this thing is here and hundreds of people pass by it everyday, without giving it a damn importance.

Quoting one of the pharses I often while conversing with some close friends :

“Trop profond sa, to pas pu comprend.”

What do you think about it? Your views/critics are the most welcomed.

Where are you on a friday night?

The “Friday Nite” happy hour fever is now part of the Mauritian lifestyle, part of the “social life”…

The “Friday Nite” happy hour fever is now part of  the Mauritian lifestyle, part of the “social life”…

Le Suffren

Since a few years, Le Suffren had been The Place to go to have a nice time among friends or colleagues.


Parking : Free.

You find it a bit too crowdy?

Get into the free “Taxi” boat to go to the other side, i.e. Le Caudan Waterfront…

Le Caudan Waterfront

Le Caudan Waterfront

Once you are at Le Caudan, you got to take a decision, quite difficult for a first time :

Would you like to enjoy the cool atmosphere of Shooters Pub & Resto?


Wanna live music? Keg & Marlin will definitely a nice place to hang out with friends…

Or perhaps you would you like to have a HUGE beer mug of Phoenix in Sunset Cafe at only Rs 100?

Parking : Rs30 for first 4 hours and Rs30 for each additional hour.

Four Points by Sheraton

Four Points By Sheraton
Four Points By Sheraton

For those working in Ebene and the surroundings, it can be quite tiresome to drive down to the Grand Bay, Port Louis or to Flic en Flac, especially on a Friday night.

Four points

Four Points by Sheraton is the new 4 star hotel right in the heart of the Ebene Cybercity. Great atmosphere and I think its much easier for people to get a corner or a sofa for themselves compared to Le Suffren.

Sheraton ( G-Day Mauritius)
Sheraton ( G-Day Mauritius)

And the service is definitely much better!

Finally, if you want to have some “cacahuettes”, just ask… At Le Suffren, you might finish your beer without any sign of your “gajak”!

Parking  : Free.

Keops Amnezia

Formerly known as Kitsch, Keops is another altenative for those around Ebene and it is located right into the Ebene Way Complex


Parking : Free.


A few months back, Lambic opened its doors.


Situated near the police headquarters in Port Louis, it has a huge variety of beers from different parts of the world! Indeed, you will be amazed when you will see yourself in the middle of a room with thousands of bottles of beer!

Boire fini, bouteille rester!


That’s the place to go if you want to taste that beer you had in London or Belgium! And of course, you can even have The Phoenix beer!

Parking : At your own risk, i.e. on the streets of the capital.

What about your choice?

This is only part of the review since there are loads more of pubs and restos out there, especially in Grand Bay and Flic en Flac, may be I will talk about them later on.

Now, what if you tell us where you prefer to go for a drink and why?

G-Mauritius : 2 wonderful days with Google!

Google, finally in Mauritius, and I was there!

My 2 days review of the G-Mauritius event, a first in Africa.

First of all, mille excuses!

Unfortunately I have not been able to blog the monthly price update of the Petroleum products on the 2nd September 2009. I was surprised by the number of people who told me “To pane blog lo prix l’essence!”. I did not even know that some people did notice that missing post.

The main reason behind my absence in the blogosphere (though only a few days) was the lack of time because of work commitment. Today, after nearly 1 week, I ate dinner at home!

So, here’s the price update for the month of September 2009 😛

Essence : Rs42.05 to Rs 45.20 (+Rs 3.15)

Diesel : Rs 35.45 to Rs 38.10 (+Rs 2.65)

G-Mauritius Day 2009


Let’s come to the subject of today, which I am sure many are eagerly waiting to read my review.

As you (perhaps) already know, G-Mauritius Day 2009 was a 2 days event during which Google Engineers shared some of the invaluable knowledge to some 100 Mauritians. This initiative, a first in the African continent, was truly a success, and the Board of Investment can be really proud for making this a reality. Hats off to the whole team, you were wonderful!

The Google Mauritius family
The Google Mauritius family (Click to enlarge)

During the last 2 days, there was a wide exposure of Google products and technologies to the participants, including live demos. It was really nice to interact with the Google Team (Sasha, Ade, Julian, Chewy and Mary) who work in Google offices located in different parts of the world.

Day 1 was mainly aimed to software developers, since most of it was technical. Google Maps, Google API, Google Web Toolkit were some of the topics. I even felt lost a few times!

Inside the Conference room

Shah did take nice shots with his camera. He is truly a twitter addict, and I experienced that live while sitting besides him on Day 1.


The first day ended with a very nice Cocktail Party at Four Points which started at about 7pm. What time it ended? I dont really know since I had to leave the party at 9pm to go to work (yeah!) but the BOI team left the hotel after midnight!

Google party

Wonderful shot on Fadilfr flickr.


BOI made a great surprise to the Google Team for the 11th Anniversary of Google (which falls today!)

Google Cutting Cake

Neodil was lucky to get such a nice picture of Mary (Google) cutting the birthday cake in the presence of the Finance Minister.

yashvin ashesh dilraj

Dilraj,me and Ashesh | Eating my Google Cake! | Google team

Day 2 was much lighter and allowed us to discover Google tools to improve your business online. Most of us were amazed by the wonderful tools (Google Analytics, Adwords, Google Webmaster Central among others) and their results!

Nevertheless, tweeps did catch someone sleeping today! lol

Conference room

Laptops were made available to all the participants.

Indeed, G-Mauritius was a heaven for Twitter users and bloggers. The event gave the opportunity to the virtual friends to meet in real. It was really cool to meet and discover the people behind some blogs and twitter accounts.

Truly a small bloggers’ event : Ashesh, Ashvin, Avinash, Dilraj, Jevin, Kailash, Shah and Sou (Did I miss someone?). During these 2 days, Mauritian tweeps present at the event kept writing and discussing live during the presentation sessions.

Google gifts….

Google Tshirts, Google 2 GB Pendrive (Real pen + the  usb drive lol), nice Google File + the loads of cakes, snacks offered by BOI during tea and lunch breaks.


Ahhhh! I can already feel that a few people are being jealous 😛

What could have been done better?

Generally, there’s always some room for improvement, but I am sure most of the participants will agree:

  • A decent internet connectivity!However on hearing the provider’s name, I told to myself “La queue lichien pas cpv faire vine droite!”
  • haha, and another great party for the Day 2 lol ! 😛

These 2 days were simply great and I feel really proud to say that I was at the G-Mauritius Day!

In a few words, I would describe it as an wonderful enriching knowledge sharing social event!

Were you there? Do you regret for not being there? Do discuss and Share!

Useful links :

Pictures available at

Other bloggers’ review :

It is exactly midnight, time to publish the article!

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Hello, ki position Nomad, Emtel, MTML, DCL?

Hello,Ki dir?


More than 1 week already, “orange p vender partout”, but still, no response from the competitors, at least, nothing extraordinary in their business strategy from namely,

  • Nomad
  • Emtel
  • MTML
  • DCL

Except a small thing from Emtel, you can now epin ur mobile with only rs20, instead of rs25.


r for rabbit modem

I tried to access Nomad‘s portal, but a big “Under Construction” Notice is there, dont know since when, lets hope its something really BIG for the few users still hanging out with their rabbit.c


d for dcl…

DCL Communications seems dormant since, euh, a long time, very long indeed!


goat for cabri l’inde…

As for MTML, its “Azu wireless broadband internet” is available since some weeks back but till now, there havent been any marketing done to attract potential customers, perhaps because they are not ready yet to handle many users and hence face the same problem which nomad faced with thousands(?) of ppl connected and the system breaking down day after day….really bad reputation they have here in Mauritius! lol

o for zorange…

Internet, Mobile, everything is being controlled by Orange, offering several offers ( mobile packs etc etc ) + innovations (new portal, magic numbers, etc etc) since its launch.

Will they be able to compete with the big multinational company orange?

Sure, the mauritian blog community and myself will be here to keep you updated about the events in our cyber island ( lol, cyber! )