33 is a special number! Happy birthday to me!

I’m getting older. It is so weird to say that I’m 33 years old but that’s life, let’s face it. The remaining hair is getting white, skin rids are not here yet but the most important is having a good health. While I agree that my weighting scale will soon refuse giving me any readings, I promise that I will try to lose some extra kilos (if I have time). Just have a look at how young (& cute) ( & less chubby) ( & free ) we were years back! btw, the photo looks great in a key chain, isn’t it? lol

The photo selfie project

Without losing more time of my precious life, I’m again uploading my daily ageing project which started back in 2013 :

Yeps, pictures don’t lie, especially when you have hundreds of them!

Some additional numbers :

  • 5 years of daily selfies
  • Roughly 1,800 pictures
  • Face time-lapse using the retired Google Picasa
  • Speed of 1/24 seconds per picture

Happy birthday to me!


Dhanvin’s 3rd birthday – Theme : Masha et Michka (Masha and the bear)

3 birthday cakes for his 3rd birthday anniversary :

  • One for the birthday cake cutting in school,
  • another one for the whole family party and
  • a last one (which got damaged in the car) for another small party.

For info, I purchased the Masha & Michka theme sets from AliExpress.

Link to the first birthday anniversary celebrations here (Theme : Cars) and photos for the football theme 2nd birthday celebrations can be found here.




Please note down my new age : 31

happy birthday

How many times have you seen someone being photographed with a birthday cake along with two candles showing the number 31? Well, I wasn’t photographed neither but I did photoshop the picture of Dhanvin’s cake for the sake of this post.

Coming to my daily ageing project, I’m glad ( and proud) that I have now over 1000 selfies, shot practically everyday during the past 3 years. The daily “selfie shooting” moment has become part of my life now and everyone at home got used to this scene every morning. As usual, I uploaded the complete video to Youtube :

I grab this opportunity to thank

  • Facebook for reminding my friends about my (real) birthday.
    Read about the birthday prank here.
  • Colleagues, friends and family members
  • Last but not the least : J. Kalachand
    This company doesn’t miss any of my birthdays since they phone me every year to wish me! Friends or family members can forget you, but not Kalachand! This said, I don’t even remember what I purchased from them!

Happy birthday to the most extraordinary person I know !

Take care everyone!



30 years old…


That’s the day on which Facebook does a really great job and I did prove this! Birthday wishes are once again all over my Facebook wall, emails and messages. Thankfully, some close friends and family members still give me a call on this special day. Even Nando’s did remember me by sending me birthday wishes through SMS. lol. This year, the celebration is even more memorable since exactly one year ago, Dhaneesha and myself learnt about her pregnancy. Yes, it happened on a 22nd March! Today, he is along with us, celebrating my 30th birthday.

The Daily ageing project is still on!



As introduced last year on this same day, my daily ageing project is still on : During practically every day for the past 2 years, I click my selfie! I now have around 700 selfies which I compiled into the above time-lapse face movie with the help of Google Picasa. And the best part is that I take a picture of my son regularly too, not daily though. It will be really great to see the outcome in a few years time. Just imagine: a video with pictures as from day 1!

Before ending this post, let me heartily thank everyone for their wishes and for being part of my life! And also, to Dhaneesha for her cake 😉


Happy Birthday!

Just grew older.
Big thanks to everyone for their wishes 🙂


Hello everyone!

Big thanks to all those who filled my Facebook profile, my mailbox and my mobile’s inbox with birthday wishes. Heartily thanks to my colleagues who organised the small birthday cutting in office. And finally, to family members and Dhaneesha who were at home tonight for another birthday party. btw, a big hi to all those who mentioned my 2011’s birthday prank!

Two cakes in one day. Wow 🙂

And just for the blog records, I featured in yesterday’s edition of Defi Quotidien:


Take care! Muah!

6 years… Happy blog anniversary :-)

My little baby turned 6 today 🙂
Happy blog anniversary!

If you are a regular visitor here, you already know how much I love blogging, ever since I started 6 years back. A wonderful and enriching experience. However, unlike last year, there’s no celebration like the cake-cutting. This year, it will simply sweet-sharing with colleagues (who are only looking for another additional reason to get some sweets.)

There’s no big team behind the blog. Only me. Forever alone, lol. Without your support and participation, it would not have been so fun. So, thank you again for being here regularly.

Happy anniversary to my lil baby!

xx Yashvin xx

Previous blogging anniversary posts : 1234 and 5.

Blowing out 27 candles…

How can a blogger celebrate his birthday without thinking about his friends, readers and family members?

Hello… The day was special, just like the previous years, except for one thing. I stepped onto some dog’s faeces early in the morning before going to work! Can you please stop making that disgusted look please? And stop laughing too.

Fortunately, everything went on smoothly for the rest of the day.

Many thanks to all those who wished me today whether it was on the different social networks (Google+ being the only place where no one wished me), MSN, Skype, SMS and through phone calls. I know that many among you had some doubts to wish me after the awesome prank I made on the 22nd August 2011.

Before ending, a very special thanks to my colleagues for the lunch, dessert and birthday cake and also to Dhaneesha for the dinner. And before she kills me, thank you Deepa for the original idea captured above!

You will be served with refreshments, cakes and then redirected to a superb birthday party just after commenting below.


Celebrating 5 years of blogging

Happy 5th Blogging Anniversary!

Exactly 5 years back, I posted my first welcoming blog post.

Today, I can indeed say that it was really worth to step into blogging. My baby has grown into one of the most famous blogs of the island, receiving some hundreds of visits daily. It has been an awesome and exciting journey, still followed by so many people ever since the Day 1.

To celebrate this special moment, I ordered a black forest birthday cake and shared it among colleagues and my family members.

Once again, I heartily thank all of you for the wonderful support and participation during the past years. This said, I will study each and every suggestions/criticism received during the past days in order to enhance your experience here.

As usual, keep tuned in here, you aren’t going to miss anything.

Happy 5th Blogging Anniversary!

Previous blogging anniversary posts : 1, 23 and 4.

Happy BD to me! – To the northern islands with Passion Océane

This is a personal blog nah? As compared to old times, I tend to put less personal info on the pages here, but today, I will just drop a few words…

This is a personal blog nah? As compared to old times, I tend to put less personal info on the pages here, but today, I will just drop a few words…

Dhaneesha and myself went for a catamaran cruise to the northern islands for my birthday. Had a great time there, together with the other tourists and the crew. We got on board the catamaran at around 9am, sailed towards Coin de Mire (Gunner’s Quoin), Ile aux Gabriel and Ile Plate. I really enjoyed snorkeling on Ile aux Gabriel and even more at Coin de Mire. Diving from the catamaran was exciting. No burning sun but a more or less cloudy sky with a few showers of rain. So for us, Mauritians, the weather was lovely since we did not get burn nor much sun tanning 😉

Yashvin, pages of my life

The crew was really lively and nice with all of us. Greatly recommend the guys at Passion Océane!

Pens down.