Do you ever switch off your mobile?

Do you ever switch off your mobile?

We have got such a nice sunny Sunday morning, so, lets spare the use of our brain cells for once…

Before going to bed, sometimes I do ask myself, should I switch off my mobile?

But very often, before being able to answer myself, I have already fallen deep asleep.

I switch off my mobile only on Saturday nights, and what about you?

Yashvin, pages of my life

Featuring in the above picture (from top, clockwise direction):
Sandra, Fadil, Zainab, Yasmina, Jaya, Mantasha and Yashvin as the photographer. lol
Location : Network Class, Engineering Tower, The University of Mauritius
Date : 25 Jan 2007

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  • I never switch my mobile phone off. But I often lose it..! and then I need to hunt for it.xD

  •! Silent profile and i sleep 🙂

  • mayeven


  • Mish

    I never switch off my mob…but it is always on silence mode and i never answer of me local call credits goes in checking my voicemail…lol..^_^ 😉

  • I do. So that my sleep isn’t disturbed by someone replying to my tweet… 😛

  • Sun

    i switch between profiles : SozZz – Lecture – SozZz

    sometimes im just too lazy to put the thing on charge.. so it just switched off.. its like it died of hunger..

    but i never actually SWITCH it OFF.. 🙂

  • Even i don’t switch off my mobile. It goes off by itself when the battery is low and i have not charged it 😛
    As it is it’s the most accessible way of communication u can say even better than fixed line… in the sense that ur friends can contact u anytime, anywhere without disturbing the whole house… (I suppose for most of the mobile users since my ringtones tend to disturb everyone around… 😛 )

  • Switch your Mobile Phone :|, No Way. My Phone Should Always Remain On In Case Of Emergency 🙂 Because My Phone Takes 40 SECS TO Load Including Pin Code, Security Code !!! 🙁

  • LOL, I haven’t turned off my PC since 5 weeks. I can’t even remember the last time I turned off my mobile or iPod 😛

  • Bhooks

    Yashvin… Try something. Place a corn in the middle of the six phones (The same way you’ve arranged them on thr picture) Let all six phones ring. Let see what happen.

    🙂 Pop Corn 🙂

  • I only switch off my mobile if I am sitting for an exam. Otherwise there is no need to switch it off, I mean no-one disconnects their land phone when they go to sleep do they?

  • @Yashi : Very nice one! 😉

    @Bhooks: We will do that at work, when we are staying for the night… lol, we should have enough pop corn so as not to “gagne gaz lendemain” lol!

    @Others: I think that after this small post, we will conclude that mobile phone companies spend a lot for a button, which most of us don’t really use 😛
    Instead, they should have put a [control+alt+delete] button, which is very useful especially if you have a symbian phone!

  • i switch my phone off just when I am angry with my boyfriend.or to check that orange is not cheating me with MCA.

  • @Yashvin
    I disagree… I have to turn off my phone to save my battery. (Pena battery BL-5C dans moris pou l’instant!!!) 🙁

    As for Ctrl+Alt+Del on Symbian, use TaskSpy to kill the process if the normal hold-menu-press-del app doesn’t work. As least, Symbian users don’t need to soft reset their phones every now & then. 😉

  • @Carrot : I charge my mob (N73 – BP-6M just checked) every 2 days under FUP (Normal use) lol!

    I can say that the battery lasts very long!

    @Loona : MCA? Whats that?

  • @Yashvin
    I charge my battery at every opportunity I get… A 5-min call halves the battery bars. 🙁

  • Narsha

    nope! i NEVA switch it off…! :s Any potential risks!?

  • @Narsha : Not at all, except the risk of turning into a pop corn 😛

  • Bob Fossil

    Mo telephone heureusement pa servi battery. Li ON 24/24 selman… Pena camera sipa lcd couleur etc…

    Home Phone (Land Line) mari!!!

  • phewww 1 quest ki fer mw reflechi lor mo mob!!! poor mob i dnt give a damn shit to her!!! wezer dead or alive :s..
    only yesterday wen needed her z most she let me down!!! z bloody bitch!!

  • ReenaDKL

    I usually do at night. But more often it goes off by itself when the battery is dead. Anyway, my mob is mostly for receiving calls and msgs, coz I got no credit on it since january last…lol!

  • Mike

    Sometimes it is better to switch it off, especially if you do not want Big-Brother to follow your every movement !! Maybe we should discuss other aspects like electro-magnetic radiation or the effects of the mobile on the proximity of the human body. I bet some of those points would make us switch it off…

  • Richa

    NEVER…. i only switch it off during class tests n exams.
    but i usually forget where i’ve kept it…..

  • I switch off my mob only when I’m on a sick/local leave :P, but usually put it on silent mode while sleeping.

  • Tim

    ario, mentiiiiii!! moi kine tirer sa photo laaaaa!!!

  • @Tim : Peut etre, lol, sorry tim!
    Mais li bisin r mo mobile meme sa!!!

    Amoins ti prend goorah so portable 😛

  • cybermate

    Have it been proven that those radiation affect human beings??
    coz moi asoir mo met mo portab das Toreiller nek poo kav ten alarm gramatin sans turn li off..


  • Mike

    I would not recommend having a mobile close to the head for long periods. Please read the article on radiation absorption on this link;

    mobile phone radiation and health

  • InF

    I do switch if off. Specially on friday nights, before going to sleep. I like my saturdays to be peaceful, and not being awakened by a ringer/vibe sound early morning.

    I also switch it off during exams.

  • Actually I don’t. It switches off by itself :p I don’t really use my cellphone that much, except for the alarm clock….

  • Shah

    Of course! My calls go to the voice mails (wav) which along with the MMS and SMS go to my e-mail inbox.

    I switch off my mobile phones off @ night.

  • Shah

    [@carrotmadman6 – I charge my battery at every opportunity I get… A 5-min call halves the battery bars. ]

    Frak! This effin’ sucks.
    *handing hydrogen T850 hydrogen fuel cell to you*

  • I always switch off my mobile before going to bed. I rely on Orange’s MCA :p

  • I don’t switch off my mobile. It is usually “dans ene coin”

  • Titine

    @mayeven: ene orange ene emtel ene mtml? lol

  • Titine

    @Yashvin: MCA miss call alert! Rs 10 par mois…