Controversy abt the shooting of Faltu @ UOM

Big news tonight.

As some of you are already aware, there is a film shooting at The University of Mauritius since some days. The filming crew and actors are Ritesh Deshmukh, Remo, Rakhee, Salman, Paulson, Arshad Warsi, Miss India and among others.

The film is about life in University and the film is of course being shot in the university premises at Reduit.

Students of the University, participating as “figurants” are getting paid Rs500 per day (+ breakfast and lunch). Basically, they form part of the background in the scenes, and as we say in creole : “Zotte zis bisin faire boukoup lo lecran”. No offense.

As the past few days, there was the shooting again today, scheduled from 0900hrs to 17hr30. The students were going to be paid once the shooting ends at 17hr30.

However, at 1700hrs, the filming crew announced to the students that the shooting will end at 1000pm and the payment will be done ONLY at that time. Those willing to go home, can do so, without getting paid. To note that the shooting was being held in the auditorium.


From the data I gathered, all the students became angry about this announcement. Most of them have been present since early the morning and now, they have just learnt that they will not be paid at the said time.

Remo, the one whom many Mauritians actually love to see on the screen, gave the following order :


A real chaos at the University!

The Student Union was immediately called on the spot. The members of the Union met Remo urgently to discuss about this serious issue. The filming crew agreed to pay only Rs250 to those present at that time, an agreement that the students did not approve! After much discussion, the filming crew was forced to pay the whole amount of Rs500. Unfortunately, at that time (about 1830pm), many of the participating students already left the university premises without the payment.

And that’s how ended the day of loads of students of the university, frustrated and angry.

I have already got news that many of them have promised not to participate in any other shootings of this film… This film shooting will always stay in the memory of all the students, some who even preferred to bunk class in order to make some money.

Can anybody else provide more information about this incident?

Many thanks to Carrot and Rubidium11 (Flickr Twitter) for the images above.

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  • paltu k*tta

    all students should boycott the film by not participating in it. worst, they should create hindrance in their shooting so that they know they arent dealing with assholes – so that they should behave next time! welcome to mauritius. university of mauritius.

  • Titine

    hello! yeps we are not free to sit or be wherever we want at the university! I just hope this shooting ends up ene fois!!!!

  • curiousEngine

    Unfortunately, the shooting also caused hindrance to the normal activities at the Temple of Education.
    What about raised plaza which is unavailable for students?
    what about the parking problems?
    What about the disturbance caused by the shooting activity (music etc.) especially when mid-semester tests already started?
    What about all the rubbish that they create on the shooting set and the state of the UoM cafetaria?

    UoM Administration did not send the students a circular informing about the allowance of shooting in the campus and about inconveniences which might be caused.

    enfin, if they are get huge amount of $ for letting the premises, who cares?

  • Ammish

    wow tou sa la ine arriV today la :-s

    lol, mwa 3pm ti fini vine home couma ene bon zenfant.. (pane participe dans film la aussi btw, lol) :p

    “KICK THEM OUT!” did he really say that?? :-s i’m impatient to see whats going to happen tomorrow :p

  • @Ammish: Weps! That’s what was heard by those present there.

    Tomorrow? I feel that there will be a “boycottage” on the campus! hahaaaa!

  • I just fucking want them out of UOM SOON. . We can’t move freely on campus. . Twice they asked me to move from infront of the cafe because they will be shooting. I just want them to FUCK OFF from UOM. My 2 cents.

  • Cheers for the writing this post! Banne Indien pe faire kouma dire banla meme banne mari la, banne zero sa! Vine Maurice ek faire mari are Morisien meme? WTF?!

  • Yay. Let there be boycottage.

    Kick them out is harsh.

  • Kick the person who approved of the shooting at UoM out! LMAO

  • karishma

    FALTU meaning worthless… looking at the shooting on the first day already gave me an impression of how rubbish will that film be.. how can those students bunk classes everiday there’s shooting??? just wanting to appear on the big screen!

    my assgnment was to interview some of the indian people on the first day of shooting.. and i still remember that actor who’s suposed to take the lead in the film making fun of the students!!!

    f*cking indian so called celebs pffffffffffff….

    n they left their trademark as well!!!!!! RUBBISH everywhere on the campus…

  • Raj K-B

    Am sure that the university must have received a lot of “benefits” by allowing this shooting to take place but I would like to point out that to allow it to happen there in the first place was a sign of serious disrespect for what someone has mentioned before as the “temple of knowledge”.
    Not only were we treated to all sorts of sights moving around campus as if they owned the place, but the noise and visual pollution (amongst others) was horrible. Shooting was allowed to take place at the university but my workplace being right in front of the cafetaria, the noise, the “action! cut!” being shouted out all day really impeded work. The university is not a standalone institution, there are many other institutions positioned side by side and the number of people transiting through all those spaces is astounding at any given time during the day. That shooting really made life difficult for many of those who work, or study in Reduit.
    Was it worth the money? Do we really think that having “university of Mtius/ministry of tourism/govt of mtius” gratefully mentioned in the opening and closing credits of the film compensate for the extent of disturbance? Why didnt they transform one of their thousands of universities – why come here?

  • I don’t understand why UoM allowed the shooting. I’m not studying at the Studio of Mauritius! Zot fer 1 ta tapaz kan p shoot (disturb classe), bane piti bouré classe poual fer shooting (lepok fer tests la), zot ena zot materiel partou, problem parking, zot sale partou…
    Another thing: la loi maurice dir pa gagne droit fumer dan bane institutions scolaires. B banla kifer kapav fumer sans problem??

  • Zigilator

    According to a source, the uom in receiving around rs 85,000 per day for the shooting. I hope they use the money for the benefits of students.

  • karishma

    with ur fee u pay everi yr the UOM isnt using it for ur benefits… how can u expect FALTU’s money spent on u guys??? 😛

  • Hope this crap ends soon and the university resumes how it was.. nice and tidy.. For those who actively participated in the shooting from 7hr till 530, hope “zot ine gagne zot cou…”

    Many have been bunking classes and i knw them as well.. Hope the money they worked heavily for help them.. koz like we C, ” cash C kuma delo, li pas resT toultant..”.. There’s a saying as well, “money never remains on one hand only”

    Hope they re paint and make the university like it was.. Btw the indians are just like jokers.. they feel to be in deep fashion but they look really like pure jokers giving free shows..

    Would have been BEST if students were paid for NOT being in the backgroud of the film.. 🙂


  • flaC


    zot kit zote pays “malangue” la pu fr shooting dans moris..apres zot fr mari..
    ki fr zot pas ti rode 1 uni dans l’inde ek fr shooting labas mem.


  • VR

    Yes me too. I’m doing a final year project and having trouble getting an ebay purchase approved for reimbursement. And its not like it’s too expensive..

  • @all – If there’s anything at UoM .. like actor bashing .. please let me know .. just leave a message on my blog .. I will get there in no time with some friends 😉 we are always around .. please do let me know ..
    @yashvin – i don’t mind if you publish this comment unmoderated..

    cheerz to all .. and neways I had done a work for an indian on the net .. some sort of survey .. ofcourse I didn’t do it well .. i just pasted text from internet .. but the guy wanted more !! for his money … and didn’t want to pay !! .. that’s how they are .. they do not want to pay when u done your part of the job .. and make you work more to get what they OWE you .. for the little story .. I pissed off the guy .. and even got paid .. not much .. but guess it was the real value of my “work” in the end .. pretty happy about that ..

    sorry for the long story outta subject..

    Just to resume .. if anyone is free for disturbing the indian film shooting .. pointing at Tushal specially.. plz lemme know .. I would love to do that ..

  • bollywood=ass

    thats one reason why i don’t watch bollywood movies… even the backgrounds in some scenes are horrible!

    They have to GTFO of Mauritius!

  • z1ManArmy

    And Rs500 for being on the background and getting insults?
    Well they can make a close-up on my ass for free.

  • Cyan

    haha…ban etudiants la intereC zis ar kass…

  • Dvil

    moi mo dire li bon! wooohooo!

  • Le_Voyageur

    once there was a film shooting nearby, i was there i and i affirm that those guys are S*ckers !!!!!!! they make you do things they want and later tries to discourage you to get whatever they promised .. pOur ban cki u0m la, a [[BIZIN LEV PAKER ALLER]] policy should be applied.. zotte p fer mari dan pays pa pou zotte e apres kan pou gagne bater ou harcellment pou reSTE trankil !

  • @ashfaq–>Of course I’ll let you know. I did not attend Uni the last 2 or 3 days. Today it’s time to go to Uni. 🙂
    Let’s hope the “cabri inde” “in leve paK in aler”

    TO be honest, they are quite disgusting. Eating and throwing everything where they ate.

    Did you guys saw the colour of common? on the SBM side. It’s RUBBISH.Even the windows of the Cafe on that side has been made disgusting.

    UOM using the money for the benefits of students? That should be the joke of the year.

    Rs500 for working the whole day and getting insults? No thanks. I prefer to waste my time in doing other things. Like whining. :p ( Stop Laughing Yashvin)

  • Mike

    Whow, serious disruption to one of the country’s main institutions. These film crews do the same in other countries. Switzerland was an old favourite of theirs and features in many previous Bollywood films. The authorities there got fed up with the disruptions and stopped giving permission. It seems Mauritius is now the target for the shooting of many scenes and I guess the tourism minister loves that! Just too bad for the people hey…

  • Titine

    @Tushal: @Dvil: DAVID????? hahah

  • Titine

    sry its my first time here this reply is for Dvil!

  • AG

    Gossh. Your English needs a serious facelift mate. Same goes for Tushal, the wannabe ultra-blogger.

    On a sidenote, I don’t condone what the Indian filming crew has done but it comes as absolutely no surprise to me. Indians, unfortunately, have this petty mentality that many of us Mauritians have inherited.

  • @AG: lol. I know. I was such in a hurry to write about this when I heard the “KICK THEM OUT!”. *shy*
    And I rarely edit blog posts once published.

  • Khushi Rucktooa

    KICK THEM OUT :O Thats a real big issue @ UOM! and we whom like Remo as such:O he is a real bastard! Ban voluer la!!!Enfin that sounds cheap but hey can you imagine for those student who have been bunking classes just to make some money and poor student many of them who could not have their sacrifice rewarded!!

    These film thingsmust not be given priority to be shoot at UOM!!

  • Ban indien in vine fer vilain!! Cool sa rythme! 🙂

  • Hey 500rs is ridiculous, i know we cant really compare, but you know how much we can get paid for that in malaysia, lets say u got nothing to do in the weekend, its easily 200rm-2000rs, and it can go up to 700rm-7000rs and work less than that. this is crazy, who do they think they are!!! go back to your place and shoot films in india, u got many places and university there. i dunno why they come to mauritius or abroad….

  • Torpedo

    Sa faire moi rappel kouma autant Shah Rukh Khan ki enn gentleman, autant Kajol ti vulgaire (mari lagel-sal sa makrel-la ena!!!) pendant tournaz Kuch Kuch Hota Hai en 1996…

    En 2010, 80 badines par jour l’administration pe gagner par zour pou:
    Рfaire dezord / malang ar zot salt̩
    – koz fort-fort partout
    – declar mari ar tou saki envie continuer zot la-vie d’étudiant normal
    Рempeche toi passe sim̩ ki to envie parski bann vedette pa envie
    – servi haut-parleur pendant lerr cours
    – blok accès ar zot prelart, la-tab, vans, etc…
    Рpenn caf̩taria en noir
    – faire malang dans toilettes (yeurk!)
    – créer enn l’atmosphere wouadir propriétaire inn vinn locataire.

    Alors, moi, simple étudiant payant (200k, pou enn masters) ki pé bizin subir sa parski zott l’administration pas assez créatifs pou faire l’argent rentr dans la-caisse…?

    Dodoland c’est un plaisir… masochiste!!

  • Minou

    Those who stayed after 5.30 didnt get paid fr their xtra hours.

  • Update

    I heard that those who stayed till 10pm got rs300 extra + their rs500.
    If anyone can confirm, that would be great. Thanks.

  • haha, i love this!
    thanks for sharing, youuuu areee awesomeeee.
    please please let me know once you post new stuff about F.A.L.T.U!
    i feel really bad for the students though =/
    but remo’s “KICK THEM OUT” was hilarious!
    that could ruin his reputation with the correct type of publicity, muahahaha.

  • update

    Here goes another Mauritian blogger, writing about this incident. Have a look at what Yadhav wants to say to the world :

    Other Mauritian bloggers are going to write their articles soon. Keep tuned!

  • TOday, zot in prevent anyone from going to the MCB bank or walk infront of the parking at x -common while they were shooting. . I WAS FREAKING STUCK infront of the x-common parking for +10 mins. In bsn saute merail parking pou return lakaze. .

  • @Yashvin: Thanks for linking back mate. I’m pretty sure that the guy and other people will learn a lesson from this incident. Not to be arrogant. 🙂

  • Lol.. simple.. kick them out instead

  • naad

    …and once during lunch time, peak hours, they were forced to shift from cafetaria to outside, holding their plates and drinks.

  • AG

    I really expected you to start insulting me or whatever after reading my post but you didn’t at all venture along that route. I salute you for that mate.

    I have nothing more to add concerning the movie shooting incident at UoM.

  • @AG: Thanks dear. I am always open to criticism. I will just have to take care while writing articles in a haste.

    Take care 🙂

  • Dvil

    li bon . zot kntan b**r dan zot f*s meme. ava aprane zot.

  • amishi

    that was to b expected… seriously, students p giv em so much importance. of course they will start flying high!
    felt really ban 4 the students,hope sm1 sets those indians right n show them that this is mauritius,n not india!!!

  • LOL! why were the students so keen to sell themselves for Rs. 500 and later get insulted?
    Those Indian film makers are all frustrated people 😛
    What is wrong is that if they sought help from those students and they promised them the fees and did not fulfill their promise… then it clearly reflects that those Indians are not honest at all… And like fools most of us admire them on T.V.
    That’s really funny!!!

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  • Extra

    on that particular day (Thursday night) those who stayed up to 10 pm are not getting any extra money either… :@ they promised us that they would compensate us for having stayed up late while all the others went home with their rs 500. the woman in charge of giving money gave us appointment on SAturday but so not nice she didnt turn up.. Roshan said they wont pay us..

    Its disgusting the way things are.. (completely unorganised and I strongly believe that there is much corruption in their. Participants don’t sign when they receive their money. It is the one giving the money who just tickmark alongside the names.. So he/she can just tickmark along names of certain students while refusing to pay them. and Eventually they get the money for them! too poor..! Its SUch a SHAME to see all this!

  • Extra

    @Yashvin: NOT at ALL!!! I just post something about it and now I see your comment!

    They’re so cheap!! FALTU as they are..

  • Extra

    BTW, my friends and I are still waiting for the money.. If anyone knows something about it please let me knoW!!!!
    I hate them!:@

  • queeny

    this shooting is a real bullshit!
    1-2 zour ok, mais apres c enervant :/
    tou les temp ena tapaz endeor class!
    ek lorla ban mauricien ki encharge ban junior artist la pena 1 maniere cozer!!
    once my fren stayed with them from noon-midnite for a mere rs500!
    much students are bunking classes too, its like a huge picnic everyday!
    mais administration pas truv sa ,akoz mo sire zot p gay plin kass per day!

  • pooja

    those who stayed after 6pm didnt get any extra payment as promised!!! :((

  • venu

    @pooja: they didnt pay our extra fee for the extra time on thursday 7th october… z ones who has gone earlier was rewarded the same amount…

  • Ruby 1 semaine ki pane reste online la..tou sa kitchose la fini ariV la..pheww..anyways..cmng 2 z topic of discussion..semaine avant moi mem mne ale fr payment graduation uni..n i was realy shocked 2 c z state of uni..franchement..sooo much of litter n mess..aprE kuma dire fete…

    UOM studs r educated people bane iliterate non?? ki zt lesse nimporte ki aaltu FAALTU personne humiliE zt alE.. i dunno y no1’s complaining 2 z higher ranks…or i dunno…moi mo dire..ale Radio plus do 😛

  • guibs

    sa ban la zot p kroir ki kan pou shoot dan UOM v dir ki li pou superhit comment KKHH
    mais la mo trouve ki li pou superFlop

  • sarv

    li simple li, bane zeleve ena pou ale dan zot class bey zot ale dan zot class… Rs 500..hmmm 5 mins aussi boucoup pou fini li ha….

    @ Ruby bien daccord ar twa…. apres tous c’est managment UoM ki bizin donne tord… koz banla ti bizin pense tousala avant ki zot tombe daccord lor kite agreement…

    ek information ki mwa mone ggnE ar bane kam ki p ‘ale fer boukou lor lecran’ ine inform mwa ki ena boukou zeleve ine abuse ha zafer la… zot ti p met zot nom apres pas ti p ale dan shooting

    afin, c’est tous…. mE mw mo dir ki UniversitE c’est pas ene place pou fer tournage film ha..


  • Undercover

    Well, if this is the situations, people coming in our area and think they are the boss, kick them out….
    let’s see how the movies become hit…..
    Will make it become super flop…
    Arrogant people who dn’t knw how to behave and want to become actors..
    Even don’t knw how to do business, are there how to cheat people…

  • Torpedo

    UPDATE: Faltu ti enkor bon comparé ar bann célébrations ki ti ena apré elections Student Council. Ena bann bebett ki’nn contigne crier couma lou-garou pendant 2hrs apré proclamation. Eski sa gathering la ek so-bann manifestations-la ti permis par commissaire de police sa? Si non, eski c’est pas enn illegal gathering, d’apré Public Gathering Act? Alors, ki-faire administration université pa’nn ramenn zot à l’ordre? Merde, tou etudiant gagne droit, d’abor et avant tou, etudier. Manifestation ou la-zwa divant enn coterie de puissants temporaire pas donne ou droit bafouer droit lezott. Student Council inn fini donn enn bien move l’exemp!

  • kamal

    I know it’s late to post about the discussion now…but just came across this blog now! LOL.
    Well i wanted to add that not only Remo behaved arrogantly and misbehaved…there was another one that probably many did not noticed. The one that behaves as a good guy and is every girls heart-throb: salman. Pa ggn cmpren ki li ti p fou lor sa set la..but on the last day of shooting, i was walking along the path in front of cafeteria to go to x-common at around past 4.30 p.m. They were to shoot in the “crater” near the cafeteria. At one point in time, i just saw salman charging into the crater, come near the path with his mic and ask non-figurative student with an angry tone resembling a “WTF u all doing here” tone: “salman: R u all xtras??..students: no…salman: then move back from here!” He said it a first time angrily to a group near the UOM map banner (where i also stood)..and another time, seconds after to a group of 3 or 4 uni girls near the cross-here…1st: harshly but corrected himself and talked a bit softer to z girls with pleaded hands, which sounded like “oops wat have i done..its gona impact on my image”.
    Maybe the uni girls who took a snap with him should judge more about the type of person they are posing and not behave lke 13yrs old! 🙂
    Well i leave judgments to u all..i accounted here wat i saw n heard.
    Thnx! 😉

  • le_voyageur

    it turned out to be a not so bad movie, lol .. btw do you guys know that the story isn’t original but drawn from Accepted (2006) as you guess, indian are the masters in copying 😉

  • I came across this post today – I know, more than a year!!! But I’d like to add something. Indians are known to be ‘dominèr” et “mauvais payeur”. Beware. LOL