Seen on a parking slot…

Boat on parking slot

I guess it was our luck 😉

This was taken yesterday evening (Sunday) when Nitin, Vissen and myself were going back home after a few hours at the beach, drinking a beer to welcome this week 😛


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  • wow very well parked… 😛

  • reetesh15

    Hmmmm super U sa

  • @reetesh15
    lol it’s even in a super u shape 😛

  • to sure pas leffet labierre la kinn fer zot trouve 1 bato ???

  • Mike

    Maybe the owner is expecting heavy rain and floods? In that case it would be useful to get home in after shopping.

  • Avishna

    hep! line prend place 2 parkings! contravention sa ou pa? debate 🙂

  • L’arche de Noe 😛
    O moins ena ban bon chauffeur bato ossi lol