Nomad claims for a returned modem!

Nomad, the “high reliable speed” internet service provider of Mauritius is back in the headlines of!

A friend, Nayar got a “Mise en demeure” legal notice today by post. (Sorry for the very bad quality of the image)

The letter has been issued by Sogerec, a company which provides legal services for getting money back.
(More info and better translation on their web site, lol)

Nomad is claiming the following :

IMPAYE : RS 7071.74
TOTALE : RS 7920.35

That makes a total of Rs7920.35 if the modem is returned and Rs10,000 additional if the modem is not returned.

But the best part in this story is that the rabbit modem has been returned long ago in September 2009
(See proof below – bad quality again).

They even included the following at the end of their letter :


What’s their problem?

Can’t they trace that out instead of sending those letters to people living peacefully now?

Nomad, my worst internet experience

And all ex-Nomad users know that the company does not accept the modem till you haven’t settled all the unpaid amount. It is a fact, most (if not all) of the Nomad users had a very very bad experience while trying to use that wimax powered internet connectivity. I have blogged loads of articles about Nomad. The Director of that time even asked me for a meeting to talk about my bad experience since it was making a lot of buzz on the Mauritian websphere. I was even called for a second meeting with the Person in Charge of the Comms of the company but this interview was never held.

Months ago, I switched to MyT and I can confirm : “Nomad s*cks!”

Anyone got the same letter as above? or more experiences to share? Feel free!

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  • Nothing can surprise us from Nomad 🙂 Btw I changed the domain and design of the Mauritius Blog List

  • ACIM!

  • Thanks a lot for this post yashvin.

    I will phone Nomad tomorrow as their Customer care is not working now.

    I will keep ya informed

  • Mike

    Interesting I will alert another Nomad user! It would seem that their administration is as bad as their client service.

  • they never returned me my rs500 deposit when i returned them their modem

  • Avishna

    et sa tombe sur toi!!! pq toi??

  • Ramjaun Kurshid

    Plse chk this link on my fb account it concerns nomad ….!/group.php?gid=115434131817000&ref=ts

  • s

    moi aussi in gagen sa letter la 3 encore

    pou premier account in buy modem la d’apres promotion ki nomade ti faire en 2008. apres 3 moi service vien caca. in send zot registered letter ek dire zot coupe connection. zot pas in couper ek zot in contineur bill. mais pas in pay bill till zot in coupe connection. mo gagne letter pou sa account la bizin pay Rs 1790. mais zot reclame moi aussi Rs 10000 si pas retourn modem la. b mone buy modem la b ki pou retourner.

    2 eme account ti ena 1 contract 1 yr. sanla so problem zot coumance add modem rental ki pas ti ena avant lor contract. b veut dire zot casse contract quand zot add sa modem rental . lerla mone aret pay a coz zot pas capave change 1 contract quand fini faire. aster la fin march ti bizin retourn modem la. mais pas gagne time al retourner a coz nek bizin al cybertower pou retoruner. tous zot stands in fermer. sa aussi in gagen letter pay Rs 2500. mais la dans aussi dire pay RS 10000 si pas retourn modem la. encore payment bizin faire sogerec.

    3 eme account 1 account virtuel ki jamais mone prend mais gagen lettre pou pay RS 6520. la aussi zot dire retourn modem. b jamais mone prend couma zot capave send lettre faire reclamation fausse aster. pou sa account la capave recalme dommage sa. a coz jamais mone prend 3 eme account la ek a coz mo pas in prend zot pas pou ena application form couma preuvre.

  • And now, why don’t your friend return them the favor?
    I mean. Tell him. Give Nomad a nice gift.
    SUE THEM!!

    aster, comment dire mo bsn ale rode sa receipt ki in gagne pa koner combien lannee la. .

  • nehu

    yeah i got z same “mise en demeur”
    i really lollll…koz i cancelled ma account long ago…on TOP 10000 for tht modem which is suposed2 be mine koz i bought it!!\
    WTF :s
    nomad dont cross da limit!! 😛

  • Luvnish

    I used nomad for 1 year… 1 year of placing modem near window when theres no connexion, which is almost everyday. Downloading naruto/bleach from the nomad website… the only website from which we got good speed.
    @ Tushal (the dumba55 who complains everyday about myT): compared to nomad, myT roxx!!! 😀

  • I was using nomad in year 2005ish something i guess. It was pure loss of money.

    I was very much disappointed with their service. 🙂

    Got MyT and still using MyT. 🙂

  • @Neelesh—>Should say. STUCK with myT. xD.

    Huh. tou sa dimoune la in gagne legal notice. LOL. Nomad #EPIC #FAIL

  • Vim

    huh like always Nomad has always suck!!!

  • Torpedo = Sky = Dodo

    @ Yashvin:
    “Months ago, I switched to MyT and I can confirm : “Nomad s*cks!””

    Man, i thought this matter was closed now after so many months after I first subscribed to comments on Nomad Rabbit… 🙂

    But, please, update yuor comment on Nomad about it sucking big time: MyT’s Fair Usage Policy also sucks big time!!

  • @Torpedo : lol, c vraie. I have used the worst and compared to the worst, myT does much better.
    A drop in speed during peak hours, but it is good enough for me to browse the web.
    As for the FUP, I am not a big downloader. My luck 😉

  • Atish

    hiya, got the same letter on saturday, n the most suprising is that i switch to adsl in july 2009, n i return the rabit modem in the same month. When i called nomad to ask them for which month i haven’t pay, they told me for the month of september 2009.. They don’t really update their system.. Nomad is the worst ISP i know.. fink must sue zat company!!

  • Anonymous

    Got the same letter 2days ago!

    Zot ine meme ggn toupE reclame Rs 100 pu sa papier Mise en demeure la. Nomad s*cks!

  • I just contacted Nomad now. Their number was unreachable before. The stupid wait music was heard and then it got disconnected.
    When they took the phone finally @1705. I asked them why did i get such a letter. They told me to call tomorrow between 0800-1600 and ask for Ashwin so that he could check my file.

    I waited nearly 20 mins on the phone in total: My money is flowing. Would they pay for it if they say ‘Sorry Sir, it was a mistake’.

    That company needs to perish

  • @Nayar : May be I am wrong, but that guy named “Ashvin” is the officer in charge of comms.
    He is the one who called me for the meeting which was never held.

    Just tell him that you reported the thing to Yashvin Awootar, and I said hi to him 😉

  • Inferno

    heureusement pu moi . moi mo servi myT ek mo camarad ti p servi nomad, kan mo ale kot li tu le tant li plaigner r moi lakoz so vitesse connection. dan 1 semain zis 3 jours ki li gagne connection ek li p dia moi ki line gagne ene letter depi nomad ki p reclame li rs 10000 si li pa retourne so nomad mais le problem est qur line return so nomad l’annier dernier. mo truv myT meiller pu servi. nerporte kan mo bizin browse the net li pa tarder zis dan ban peak days ek hours ki li tarder mais li xtra bon pu servi

  • Interesting. Feels as if Nomad will be having legal notices in return of their rubbish and fake claims. Did anyone ever tell the people at Nomad that it takes only a few second to update their whatever rubbish system they are using? Or do they still use filling cabinets to keep tons of papers?

  • Frantz

    A friend got this letter too from them when he had nomad some years back.
    In fact in hiscase,

    1. He bought the modem. So normally he does not have return it back
    2. He called them to cancel his subscription and he did not have any amount due but some months later, they sent him this letter saying he owes Rs2500.
    3. They did not want to give explanation. and my friend went to pay at Sogerec since he had no written proof of the cancellation.


  • vaiizard

    P paret ki mwa ossi mo cav gagne 1 lette come sa….Mo pa cone si mo encore garde sa ressi la… Mais mo pa trop casse tete coz zot pou surment rapel mwa apres sa bane joli coze zot ti tende coz zot ti prend 3 mois pou refund mwa Rs500. La aussi mo p gagne traca parceki p paret ki pa zis mo tousel kine zoure banla!!!!

  • It is not a system error. It is done intentionally in case someone lost his receipt. He will be obliged to pay it.They bet on people’s bad luck

    That’s a big plan.

    ‘Bizin aret zot lelan’

  • @vaiizard–>moi mo ti ena 1 cam ki ti pe work kot Nomad. li dire moi mo dossier kot Nomad mari sale. xD. ban agents la ti pe per pou cose r moi telment mo ti pe zour zot ek maltraite banla.

    Mo pan trouve mo resi kot mo ti cancel la. pfffff. kot mo pou ale rode 1 receipt ki 4 ans old. kpv plis meme. who knows!!

  • Hans

    Hi Yashvin I got one yay I am lucky person indeed LOL!!!!
    By the way are they dumb or something like that? I have written them a letter saying that I will not pay for the amount due because I have not got satisfaction with their services… I have also claimed that I will not go to ebene to return their equipments because I got other much more fruitful activities and I told them to send one of their agents to come and take back all their equipments. Also I told them in my letter that it was impossible to get in contact with them because their customer care services always put me on hold.

    This was what I wrote in the letter. Now one day, guess I was lucky, I got hold of one of their agents on the phone and he transfered the call to someone who got authorities I guess, he told me that since I have not been satisfied with the services, he will do a credit note to cancel the invoice.And also that he can send an agent to check if everything is ok with the equipments but the agents cannot take back their equipments!Wow what is the logic behind that?Moreover he told me that I could have called to inform them of my problem? AM I suppose to wait for hours on the phone (because they automatically put me on hold there)? Then the genius gave me an idea! Send a mail? What how? Internet not ok! Mail not ok! Is that difficult to understand for him that when there is no internet there is no access to email?

    Nomad s*ck big time!!!! Mone aret servi sa kuyonad la mwa plitot Emtel Broadband 😀

  • @all:
    You can never say ‘Mone aret servi sa kuyonad la’.
    Thats the greatest mistake you do in life.
    Nomad never forgets you. Sooner or later, they sue you.

  • Heuh…mwasi mone gagne sa…i got a bill from them of 3 months unpaid alor ki mo ti fini cancel connection la….d’habitude zot phone or sms if smethg is wrong with your payment…but this time..after 3 months …bow ladan em…3 mois pane payer….kan phone zot zot dir connection pa ti couP….alor ki pa ti p gagne connection ditou lor modem la 2 weeks b4 mone fer coupe connection..alor, c zot ki doit mw 2 semain es la..
    As expected: NOMAD is a big failure…..I tell the maximum number of people…use Internet Cards…not NOMAD…..
    I just threw the letters away….. I prefer take them to court than pay them for a service I did nt benefit….Law is for evry1 afterall! so Get lost NOMAD…off this country!

  • Atish

    hey dudes nomad must be sue!!!!! for fake claims!!!

  • Anonymous

    mw mo dir bizin fer 1 group dimoune kine ggn sa lettre la poursuivre sa gg* nomad la en court!

  • Mike

    Nomad is a typical example of how NOT to conduct business. They are alienating all their clients and possible clients who are aware of what is going on in Mauritius. A total lack of client relations and a disastrous administration. They are a sinking ship, if there was better competition on the local IP market they would have gone long ago. This is a failed attempt on their part to recover revenue. Furthermore, in certain cases they are probably acting illegally by making false claims but a lawyer from consumer protection could confirm this.

  • Kevin

    Janvier 2010 mo contrat Nomad ti termine. Dapres contrat bisin avoye 1 lettre pou annule abonnement. Mo avoye 1 lettre desam 2009, mais pou fevrier, mars, avril, may zot bill moi. Mone bisin fer cancel standing order la, ek kan mo sonne zot, zot dire zamais zot ine gagne mo lettre. Chance lettre la ti registered. Mone pran resi mone alle la bas. Ine pran pres 40 mins pou zot cancel abonnement la. Mari dan bez sa compagnie la. Ek en plus de sa, ti ena pres 10 dimounes ki ti vine cancel zot abonnements. Zot tou ti p plaigner…

  • kersley

    ceki pa content kapav lev paker aler.

  • Le_Voyageur

    nomad enkor vivant ?? .. combien dimoun/couyon ki enkor servI li ?? levez les pattres 😛

  • Anonymous

    M konsei zot tou rod directer nomad(Rizwan Rahim) ek CEO nomad (Alin Jayant) zot email ek zot facebook profile ek avoy zot mesaz(spam zot si fallait)pou dir zot ki zot penC de service ki nomad provide ek de sa ban mise en demeure la…sa pou fer zot koner ki pa bizin rod la gratelle ek nou…

  • Xzibit

    Mwa en tant li ancien client Nomad,mne retourn zot kouyonad,zot ine reussi return mo Rs500 depot 6 weeks later.They really suks

  • After several tries to call Nomad for two days, no one is answering my call.
    I think i would disregard that letter.
    ‘Zot problem are zotte’.
    I can’t take all my time after school phone them while it being unsuccessful.

  • JT

    Avec ene service deplorable coumsa pa Nomad pane encore lev so paker aler!!

  • Torpedo

    Parti Malin pe dirrrrr…
    Ena boukou abonné Nomad ki apé vinn YES-MAD avek so modem couma lapin blanc ki pas marcher, mais ki fair OU LEPEPP mars-marsé pou rode enn bon plass-te pou gagne so rézo zéro, ki faire OU LEPEPP marsé alle so Customer Servise Centre pou faire complainte lor complainte, ki faire ou rembourse bann modem ki ou’nn fini assté!
    Parti Malin pé dire ki ça-bann kata-kata-la pas pou toléré, fauder zot rembourss-te bann transport ki OU LEPEPP payer pou alle faire complainte, et si Nomad pas améliorer, li pou bizin LEV PAKE ALLER!! 🙂

  • Torpedo

    @ Nayar & @ Hans

    I hope that their customer service is not like this one:


  • Darenchamp

    mo ti pren nomad l’annE derniere vers mars …aster apres 2mois nepli kapav servi mo call zotte sois zotte dir mw ki trop bcou dimoune P servi ou bizin atan so peak time(apres 8hr kot plis dimoune servi LOL!!) lerla mo connection pu plis rapide!!bref mo call zot dir zotte mo envi ki mo envi cancel contrat zot dir moi bizin vin retourne modem la mais pane trop gagne l’occasion et apres 1mois 1 dimoune depi nomad mem vin kot moi pu pren modem la

    here’s the real prob!!
    kan mne fini retourne modem pane gagne nouvel nomad ditou(ni bill,ni call,etc..)B lerla mw aussi mo pane pren conte MAIS apres 1ans mne gagne 1 lettre de la compagnie SOGEREC ki mo dois nomad rs10000 parla
    mo call nomad tout de suite mo explique zot bien lerla zot dir ki zotte compren moi tousa, mais mo bizin get sa ar SOGEREC la et SOGEREC dir mw tel nomad pakonE ki pu fer la :((((
    mo pena aucaine intention donne zot 10mille kado

    plz i really need your help guys!!

  • @Darenchamp

    Do you still have the return invoice?

    If yes, just forget about Nomad. Let them get tired suing you.

    If they take it to court, just show your receipt their when asked and sue them back on the spot.

  • I got a re warning letter today. Content:

    They still persist on this issue.

    The sum has been raised to Rs 8020.35

    Tell everyone to stop using Nomad ASAP. If needed, share your internet connection with with them. Nomad needs to close NOW!!!

  • Darenchamp

    nan mo pena
    P roD partout mais pa P gagner :'(

  • Darenchamp

    @nayar mwasi mne regagne 1 lot lettre

  • To all those who got this letter or similar:

    We need to talk and take a decision.

    I need to get your email addresses. Maybe you could give Yashvin the authorization to give me your emails.

    Then, we could unite our powers and take a good move. Alone, we will fail as they got law in their hands.

    If you know any alternatives, please tell

    Best Regards

  • It will be fun to see Nomad suing all those guys and when those guys will give their proof that they already returned their rubbish rabbit. Why don’t you guys in turn serve nomad a legal notice?

  • @Tushal: Thats why we need to join together 😉

    Contact me at njoolfoo(at) to all those who got this letter.

  • Darenchamp

    nayar mne add tw lor fb!!
    by the way yashvin in conseille mw envoie 1 registered letter to sogerec and nomad, ecrire dir zotte mone fini retourner et avoye zotte merde.

    well ur ryt alone we wont be able to handle this!!

  • Darenchamp

    B tushal ban seki in perdu recu tasser man plis ki 1 ans sa..P roD mais pa P truV mem!!
    mo sure ki banla kone mne retourne modem la avant zot ti P dir mo pane return li but now zotte dir ki C pas moi kine return li mais zot agent kine vin cherche li LOL mo dir dans zot figure mo dir zotte zot P pren dimoune pu bouffon ici B ki difference li fer si moi mo ti kite modem la et zot agent vin pren li. lerla li dir mw si zote agent pa ti vine cherche li eski mo ti pu retourne modem la mo coupe telephone la desuite!!

    even if they have law in their hand all businesses when debiting the acc of a person,he shud send him a ‘debit note’ to inform the person that his acc has been debited and why!! In my case i never received anything from them!!

  • Darenchamp

    i called nomad once more today and they are calling my dad at cyber tower!!
    my dad is planning to get there tomorrow anyway i’ll inform you of the outcome

  • Mira

    Hello guy..ey mo p decide pou met n namad la..enfin mon fek fer application tousa et in fini pay 3 mois davance tou…mais kan mon gagne mo namad, kan mo connecter mo pa gagne internet ditou…aster mo tel nomad zot dir mwa mo computer ki pa bon…mon change mon met n windows 7..mais la si pa gagne connection mem..mon ale retourn modem pou pren n lot..zot in don mwa n lot, mais r sasi pa gagne connection..aster zordi zot in dir ki zot pou envoy n technien pou guete sa…mais apre ki mon lire tou sa ban comments la, mon decourager…c vrai ki Nomad n bullshit kumsa????ki zot conseil mwa???mo fer coupe connection??

  • @Mira: Salut.
    Nu pas cpv vraiement empeche toi servi nomad, mais comme tone remarker, tout dimoune p zis plaigner. No good news.
    C feedback ki zotte tous gagner.
    Tone truver to meme, tone fini payer, lo 1er jour meme tone decourager.

    Mo penser to deja konner ki la plipart d’entre nou pu conseille toi. 😛

    Keep us informed,

  • Mira

    Nomad technicien has come to my place yesterday guys et la lin essay connecter mais toujour pas gagne internet mem..lerla lin ale castel., soi disant ena n lenteine pou nomad a castel, samem lin ale gueter, et mon raconte mo misier ki mon gagne rendeigment lor internet et mo p dir li pou sa ban dimoune ki in gagne lettre et bizin paye Rs 10000…lerla apre n ti moment tech la vini li dir ena bokou dimoune p servi nomad en ce moment la b ene coute 8hr30 pou bizin gagne connection…mon dir li ,,si pa gagne connection lerla ki mo fer..???li dir tel li lli pou rezoutre problem la…aster mon connecter p gagne internet mem, mon tel tech la li dir mwa don li 1 minute li pou re tel mwa la…in gagn 30 minute li pa enkor tel kan mon tel so portab in teigne…

    Mon dir mo misier ale retourn nomad la et maltret zot dir zot ki nou in gagne renseingment lor internet ki zot service bien banal net et sa lespese Sogerec la avoy lettre tousa…kan mo misier in tel nomad in dir zot ki gg technicien zot in avoyer n ferfoute li pan fer et kan tel li li off so mob…zot in tende extra zourer et mo misier in dir zot affaire Sogerec, zot dir sa ban dimoune la ti fer retard pou fer payement akoz sa zot in gagne lettre…to croir sa twa???

    Enfin Nomad bien banal, p ale retourn li zordi et pou dmand zot mo cash rond…btw friends never put nomad as your internet, you’ll regret all your life..never do this mistake n never trust nomad..

  • ibrahim

    i got the same problem with nomad they ask me 2 years after i returned the modem to their head office claiming 10000 rs!!!!! this is unfreaking BELIEVABLE!!! why dont we get toghether with our documents n consult an advisor with the appropriate ministry?? who is with me?? we need to stop this bullying

  • @ibrahim:
    i re-got another warning today. Still threatening to go to court. Feel free to contact me at njoolfoo(at)

  • @Nayar: lol. And you did what? or plan to do what?

  • Wait for the official court case and kick their a$$. unless i get better advices