Price of water, the difference.


Bottled water always costs much more, extremely much more than tap water, its a worldwide fact.

For instance, a normal household can have a water bill of around Rs100-200, but a single bottle of water (1.5 L for example) costs around Rs15-20!

Just imagine, gallons of tap water is equivalent to a few bottles of water!

That was the (stupid?) thought of the day, feel free to express yourself…

[image source]
Special thanks to Zai, Mantasha and Ally for quoting the price of a bottle of water πŸ˜›

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  • So… πŸ™‚

    Usually that means your bottled water has gone through a “premium” treatment, adding nutrients & stuff… but I wonder to what extent it’s true? πŸ˜‰

    Soft drinks cost less than water in some countries. 😐

  • Everyday before going to Uni, I buy a 1L of vital water. I know I’m spending my money.
    But the price of water is very high.

  • Referring to bottled water from sustainability point of view, a bottle of 1.5L bottled water takes 5 Gallons of water to manufacture.

  • Ohhh… Rs 20… Ine vine mari cher!!! Grand merci c’est pas moi ki asT xD

  • ritzz

    Bizin boir delo robinet mem sa dans morice, sa delo seki ine rester dans mare-o-vacoas sipa komien zour la, samem ki bizin boire!

    Delo vital ena tro belle marketing ladans, apres li mari chere tou!

    Delo robinet, sa ki apel delo!

  • RocketScientist (Kunal)

    LOL YAshvin, ena 25 tonnes dilo divant mo laporte, mo capav avoye toi camion la neige nous vender dans moris nous fer ene business XD

  • lol, akoz saem mo rempli mo bouteil de l’eau depi lakaz ek amen sa travail πŸ˜›

  • stupid? yah an usual topic…i thought that you would write more on it.

  • Bhooks

    “Mineral water is water containing minerals or other dissolved substances that alter its taste or give it therapeutic value”
    Source : Wiki

    Up to you what you want to drink.

  • Sun

    i dnt care where its tap water or bottled water… puvi li glaC… πŸ˜€

  • Ally rien xD

  • ‘lex

    equation la c: dilo dans bouteille li a peu pres 1000 fois pli chere ki dilo robinet

  • cybermate

    wai ene fois ti gaigne matir fekal dans vital… rapel sa??
    prend compte ki zot p boire ban zen :P:P

  • There are people who can’t drink tap water… suffering from high fever if they ever did so [ i saw some cases like that ] (kind of surprised me at first)

    But then, water is supposed to be expensive, because it is something on which our mere survival depends on. Remember the Water-diamond paradox? :p water should be much more expensive..LOL

    anywayz, i don’t like vital it tastes like fish water, which crystal tastes like water, i.e tasteless :p.

  • @ Selven

    “anywayz, i donÒ€ℒt like vital it tastes like fish water

    lol !