Rise and fall in the Price of Petrol (Nov 2009)

Price of “Essence” decreased while that of Diesel remains unchanged

New prices of Petroleum Products :

Essence : Rs 41.85/L -> Rs 38.75/L ( – Rs3.10)
Diesel : Rs 35.25/L – Unchanged

Do you still remember this song of Craig David – “Rise and Fall” ?

rise and fall

That title can be used to describe the trend for the price of petrol in Mauritius.

But there is simply no logic in this monthly review of prices! Personally, I was awaiting a small increase since the trend since the last month was Rise – Fall – Rise – Fall….

Finally the head of the STC simply remains away from the media when he has to explain for the high price of Petroleum Products in the island compared to the worldwide price.

Anyway, I can’t complain about the decrease in the price of petrol (Essence) for this month but nothing is predictable with the State Trading Cooperation.

As I said on Twitter, there will definitely be an increase in the number of vehicles on our roads as from tomorrow…

Author: Yashvin

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