Price of Petrol (May 2010)

Yes, it followed the “yoyo” trend, i.e. going up and down every month…

The price of petroleum products for the month of May 2010 are

L’essence :Rs 46.65/L -> Rs 43.15/L (-Rs3.50/L)

Diesel : Rs 34.40/L – Rs 36.95/L  (+Rs2.55/L)

The monthly review of prices has been carried out much later than usual because of the general elections held on the 5th May 2010.

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  • LOL. 1 mois l’essense monter/diesel reste same sois decrease. . next month l’essense reste same sois decrease ek diesel ki monter. .

    sa ban prix la. li meme prix quan lepok baril ki +100 $. .ek asterla baril la li less ki $100 mais prix la plis. .enfin, vivre subutex. . ops. . I meant something else!

  • Sfynx

    cado election sa man

  • yurit0s

    wer bizin profiter, cado election ca.
    Le mois prochain fini, li remonter….

  • Si ti baisse avan election, zot ti pu dir bribe baisse apres election zot dir kdo election!!

    Li ti ena pu in baisser!

  • Jumping Turtle

    Prix l essence zamais ti depend lor NR ni lor Paul… Kan zot pu compren sa?? reply to the one talking about bribe electoral….

  • Tan ki diesel pa plis ki 20% prix lessence, li res pli economic pu roule diesel! Saki envi faire sport pa pu cass la tete avec prix lessence!