Postal / ZIP code of Mauritius

Update (September 2014) : 

Initially introduced on a pilot basis in early 2012 for the regions of Lallmatie, Bon-Accueil and Brisée-Verdière, the Mauritius Post has officially announced the Mauritian Post Code some months ago.  More details on this post : 

Now, the original article goes as follows : 

Strangely, I have been receiving quite a few mails/comments concerning this topic lately.

To tell you the truth, the postal / zip code thing still remains a mystery for me but you can easily get around the system by fooling a bit while entering your address in eBay, Amazon, Paypal or any other web sites.

To prove you what I just said, here are screenshots of my account/shipping details from my different accounts :

Ebay :

PayPal :

Amazon :

And what about 742CU001

Many people (including some sites) advise people to use 742CU001. While you might sometimes be lucky on some web sites, it might not work on others. As far as I remember, I had to fool around the ebay/paypal registration process to be able to create my account. This 742 thing did not work there.

As you noticed in my screenshots above, I have used the following different zip codes :

  • 230 with state set to <blank>
  • <blank> zip code and state
  • 00000 with State set to “default”
  • 00230 as zip code and NA as state.

You might say that I am wrong but unfortunately things do not always work the same way in all web sites. Many have implemented different types of validation for the shipping address.

FYI, Mauritius has no states. This field is rather used in the United States. And technically, Mauritius has no zip codes too. The ones used are just to fool the system. and 230 is rather our international telephone prefix number. Hope that this post will help you while shopping online! Don’t forget to read The Ultimate Guide about eBay/Amazon purchases from Mauritius.

If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate. Post them here 🙂

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  • Inf

    As far as I know, Mauritius has not implemented Zip Codes yet. I did read an aritcle fairly recently about Mauritius Post wanting to introduce the system and I think they’ll start trials soon. I’ve not heard anything about that since then.

    It’d be a good idea to introduce postal codes in Mauritius. One, it standardizes stuff for us when we register online. Second, it makes all those “Royal roads” less ambiguous! :p

  • A few years ago Mauritius Post talked about implementing postal codes but no information followed whether it was a real project. Anyway before that can be achieved municipalites need to put up street names where these are lacking.

    As for registration and use of zip/post code on websites, I find that using zeros or hyphen  ( 0 or – ) usually works for me.

  • Yashvin,
    I always put 230AA230 for my zip code and it always work! No matter where!

  • Yes sir, I remember that news too, and apparently, that laudable project is waiting on another long-term process of surveying all private properties for storage on a digital map archive (LAVIMS, it was named). That will take some years to complete, unfortunately…

    As for the Mauritian ZIP code, 013 always works for me.

  • Anon

    Hello. Well, I found online that the zip code for Mauritius is 00171-9000 🙂

  • Anon

    Hello. Well, I found online that the zip code for Mauritius is 00171-9000 🙂

  • Astrid

    I use the airport code MRU or the Mauritius ISO country codes MU or MUS. If letters only is not allowed, I add a zero or two… I have noticed mail from abroad reaches here faster when using one of these codes.

  • You mean, any combination of:





    should work?
    Ok, lemme try…

  • Astrid

    Akash, in most cases just the two or three letters; MRU or MUS or MU. It has happened I had to add some zeros too, but can’t remember which one…

  • Well, on my website for instance, my customers mostly put 230, only few put 742CU001.
    Unfortunately on most systems zip/postal code entry is compulsory.
    However, when we ship our items via HK Post or China Post, or even via DHL, we just give them the country name.
    Up to now, all our products have successfully been delivered to our customers worldwide and has been no lost because of no zip/postal code.

  • Mozammil Khodabacchas

    I use 742CU001 most of the time and it works.

  • Dam

    I use 742CU001 too.

  • Robert Malin

    230 001 sa do. li supposer aler mem 230 002, 230 003 etc mai moris tro tipti ena 1 sel 230 001. ek sa si pa necessaire meter kan p poster 1 lettre dpi l’etranger.

  • If ‘742CU001’ is not our zip code , as you said MRU has no zipcode, then what does this code mean actually? I’m curious..

  • “Postal codes are not used in Mauritius. But The use of postcodes has
    been introduced on a trial basis in a single delivery office.This trial,
    limited for the moment to the Curepipe office, has not yet been
    extended to other delivery offices owing to numerous difficulties, such
    as the lack of street names,house numbers, etc.


    7 4 2 C U 0 0 1

    The first digit represents the district,the second digit
    represents the municipality,the third digit represents the quarter,the C
    U represents the delivery post office,the last three digits represent
    the sector.”


  • ashvindx

    Update to this article. The Post Office has implemented Postal Codes in 3 villages in Mauritius since a few months already (on a trial basis): Lallmatie, Brisée Verdière and Bon Accueil (these three combine 25,000 people). I have seen 42601 and 42602 for Lallmatie. The first digit is the district (4=Flacq), the next 2 are the locality code (I guess 26=Lallmatie) and the last 2 are the area code within that locality.

    But my bank and some local authorities seem to ignore the Postal Code… Why aren’t they aware of it?

    But it doesnt always work when buying online, so when that happens, use 00 which is the US Zip code that officially represents “Outside US.”

  • If you want a husband-deal, pay attention to these findings about 200 online shops:

    Pa dir ki zott pa ti koné… 🙂

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  • Allan Bienaimé

    I live at L’Avenir Saint Pierre in Mauritius, what is my Postal or zip code?

  • thnka for the share , me i use 00160


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  • Akash Gura Goredo

    If you have not seen the billboards by now, this be news to you:

    So the 742CU001 is finally phased out for a geographically more precise way of differentiating addresses. Go Mauritius, go!

    But, how will all Mauritians know which post code applies to themselves and their addressees, especially those without internet? Perhaps street signs should be updated with their respective postal code zoning too…

    PS: this mightily essential update alone should earn me at least some hundreds, if not thousands, of upvotes. Let’s see how generous people can be… 🙂

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  • light yagami

    my postal code have 6 digit and on paypal it allow only 5 digit
    what should i do ?
    do you have any idea on this task
    ^.^ ^.^ ^.^

  • lol, i never tried.
    Use the 00000 one for simplicity 😉

  • light yagami

    thnx 🙂 soo much
    btw … thx for your fast reply

  • My pleasure.