A 5 digits postal code for every Mauritian


Hello everyone!

The mystery of the Mauritian post / zip code has finally been solved!

Initially introduced on a pilot basis in early 2012 for the regions of Lallmatie, Bon-Accueil and Brisée-Verdière, the Mauritius Post has officially announced the Mauritian Post Code some months ago. Although the word “ZIP” code is sometimes wrongly used, it is worth mentioning that this “Zone Improvement Plan” has been a system implemented for USA only. Like other countries, France has its own way of handling their postal code too. Similarly, the Mauritius Post has worked on a 5 digits code to facilitate the identification of all geographical areas in the island. More details about its implementation can be found on Pramod’s post.

I still remember that at the time of writing of my previous article in 2012, it was sometimes a pain when having to fill in the postal code. Strangely today, when I tried creating new dummy accounts(sorry eBay, Paypal and Amazon), I could use any postal code without any validation errors.


Most of you probably already know your post codes right now and in case the postman hasn’t delivered your post code yet, this link can be very handy to find your code or that of your Mauritian pen pals, friends or family members. I wonder if the procedures to update existing address records in banks and other institutions are more effortless as compared to Mike’s personal experience at his bank.

Although I usually don’t admit that I can be wrong too but here, I sincerely hope that I’m totally wrong in believing that the new post codes won’t help much in reducing the number of lost parcels on their way to our island Mauritius. However, I have no doubt about the fact that the new postal codes can speed up delivery of letters and parcels once they reach one of the Mauritius Post offices.

2 more things before ending this post :

  • Have a look at the first picture above:

    “L’Ile Maurice se modernise grâce au post code”. Really?

  • You can say that I’m being paranoid but do you remember that the number 5 (FIVE) was chosen to be prefixed to all mobile numbers? And now, for whatever reasons, a 5 (FIVE) digits postal code was implemented for Mauriitus.
    Believe me or not, there’s a conspiracy of the Labour Party to control everything in Mauritius, even the post of the Prime Minister!!!Thank you for reading my article. Bon weekend to everyone! 🙂digits5


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