Playing with Aperture


Learning Photography : Thats the same location with 2 different settings… notice the focus on the different objects.

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  • CanCreT

    and u missed a third pic… one with both the background n foreground in ‘focus’.

  • LOL! yeah! I missed it! 🙁

  • Can you superpose the best bits of the 2 photograph to make both the flower and background appear perfectly resolved?

  • CanCreT

    Try to shoot with the smallest aperture that ur lens will allow to 🙂 b prepared to used a tripod though.

  • Yeps! Is already doing that 🙂
    A tripod, I always carry one in my car’s boot… (btw, its for my friend)

    btw, thanks for ur regular visits n comments 😉

  • Can you try to edit the two photos and superpose the two resolved parts into one single photograph?

  • Yes sure, I can do it, but its not the same fun as taking the real picture 😛
    Next time I will do 3 pics, instead of 2!