Pictures of the day I

It all started with a desire to post something, but without any idea what to write….

Picture of the day, Cathédrale

I nearly ROFL at this picture, specially at the man pulling up his trousers.

At Champs de Mars

This one was taken last year…

Picture of the day, Champs de Mars

5-star bus

Picture of the day : Bus

Can someone please turn up the volume?

Expiry date?

Picture of the day : Expiry Date on Beer

I wonder how I never noticed that before!

btw, thanks god that we finished that bottle last year!

Else expiry date would have been reached!

Pif, during her free time

Pif reading newspaper

Pif, our smiling dog, can even read newspapers!




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  • lol, toutou la paret pas content bann news la …

    btw, is it legal to show the man pulling his trousers, can he sue you or force you to remove this pic for e.g.?

  • @Bruno : The face of they man is unrecognizable. Difficult to prove its Mr X.
    Anyway, if u know him and he doesn’t want to be on internet, leave a comment 😛

  • Mike

    LOL, Pif into politics? Maybe he has some good tips for the races?

  • lol! pif is too funny! 😛

  • Funny dog…li content montrer so ledent cuman so maitre mem tvr

  • Pif ine gagne tousser la…depi 2 semaines mo kwar….

  • Ah wi, mo fine blier dir sa lol.

    As Daks said, Pif p tousser depi 2 weeks, demain li pu baigne li pu ki cpv ammene li kot Veterinaire.
    Hope Pif pas gagne per r pikire!

  • Sun

    ohh… the bus is too cool!!

    i’ve been in that bust last week!! while going through Plouis.. i saw a video of a huge traffic jam!!

    was awesme!!

  • Anikka

    Bruno: “btw, is it legal to show the man pulling his trousers, can he sue you or force you to remove this pic for e.g.?”

    Gee, cudnt resist, comme d’hab! Yup, it is legal, coz the picture wasnt taken with him as a target, he was just going on a public road and someone snapped a pic of the surroundings and got him as well. So yup, pretty legal, i’d say! We’re actually studying this in intellectual property law class!

  • LOL. Yashvin, you can come and make my dogs learn how to read newspapers! !xD

  • ahaaa…I see the bus! 😛

  • Haha xD Trop top :p