Permis à Points – First case of corruption on the launching day itself.

Not surprised at all. I expected this one as mentionned in my post published only 4 days back. As reported by the media, the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) have arrested a police officer who asked for Rs6000 to a driver in order to disgard the fact that he was driving beyond the authorised speed.

Not having that sum of money in his possession, the police officer agreed to take Rs200 immediately and the rest later. The ICAC was informed and the police officer was caught, probably red-handed. Nice move by the driver who will nevertheless have to pay a fine of Rs2000 and will be attributed a few penalty points depending on the speed he was driving beyond the authorised limit.

Affaire à suivre…

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  • khush jiraiya

    Poisson 2 koter motocyclette la police kuma avant!

  • Temptation for corrupt agents but they are getting caught now whenever it be with the point system or in relation to ponzi schemes.

  • Is this a surprise?

  • Definitely not as I said.

    The consequences of being too greedy hmm hmm!

  • sa 1 kze pas kze XD

  • korn1

    How much do police officers make a month in Mauritius? Unfortunately you will always have corruption 🙁