Photographes Amateurs et Pros Mauriciens (PAPM) Chez Pepe

Chez Pepe
The group members organized quite a few events in the past (Catamaran, 24/7 night out, Shooting in Port Louis among others)  and today, we met Chez Pepe, Flic en Flac for lunch. 25 members turned up at the restaurant at around 1230… There was loads of things we talked about, for example photography, photography and photography. We tried to discuss about other things like photography and photography. Do I need to say that people around us most probably talked about photography too, lol!


I felt a bit “shy” with my 18-55mm lens when I was among those holding huge lens. One of the most amazing lens is the first one in the picture below : a 70-300mm lens which all of us had the opportunity to hold and shoot a few pics. Wow, it weighted so much but the weight does not really matter once you start playing with it 😉


This part of the beach was crowded with girls and boys holding their big DSLRs and shooting everything which moved around… Even the static objects were not spared!

Sorry to people out there in case you felt that we were a group of paparazzi! 😛

Group 1

Group 2

Leave all of you here, I will upload my shots later tomorrow (hopefully).

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  • yurit0s

    It was nice to meet you today.
    nan no need to feel “shy”. thought on my fist outing with PAPM, I did feel same.

  • ali g coyote

    hey nice collage 🙂 hope to see more often during the future outings and on the online group too 😉

  • Guru

    chance mo point and shoot pa moris em 😛

  • Raj K-B

    Pleasure to have all of you on that day – you members are what makes the group live! 🙂

  • Mike

    Looks like a popular group with a good following. Did not realize there were so many interested in photography here.

  • Ramchurn_Dinesh

    great these photos on the fcbk group … 25 dimoun so manzE Rs 9510 .. 😛 …

    by the way ti ena 1ta bel bel mat0s laba ^_^

  • Congratulations!

    @Dinesh : Congrats for the 9000th comment 😛

  • Brady G

    great article! hope to c you much more! Cheers 😀

  • Bhooks

    Tou dimoun dans Moris ena enn camera. Zis 25 ki zwen?

  • @Bhooks : Ena plis ki 1.2 millions dimoune dans moris, tone ressi truv zotte tous? 😛

    (lol, mone servi to teknik repond lo blog)

  • ReenaDKL

    Cool!!! Really makes me want to buy a camera! Hopefully by next year I will be part of the group 🙂

    Keep us posted Yashvin!

  • Deepa

    Tou sa camera la O.o
    Kan mo pu ena the longest la..
    @Kan to p achtr sa la bhai xD

  • Vikash

    pas 70-300 sa lens la! 70-200mm sa!!!

  • Jessica

    Recherche photographes mauricien qui font photos panoramique 360 degrés avec un objectif fisheye. Contactez Jessica sur

  • Naaweed

    Hello Everybody.

    Being new to this blog, I would like to know the procedure and requirements of the members of this organization, namely “PAPM”.

    – Is it officially recognized in Mauritius?
    – What are it’s aims?