Paying bills using Orange Money for the first time. You should too!

Although the service “Orange Money” has been around for a few years now, I have always queued up in the post office to pay my utility bills. Despite it took me only some minutes, I did not bother until my office was relocated to Ebene a month ago.

Amazingly simple, each transaction costs only a sms (Rs0.60), thus cheaper than a standing order of the bank and the bill payment amount is deducted from your bank account within seconds. The communication process is very effective as SMS reminders whenever the bills have been finalize and after the payment, SMS and email confirmations are sent.

However, the service is available to SBM customers only. MCB customers should use Juice and their native app developed locally. As for other banks, no choice other than queuing up or standing  orders. I haven’t tried yet but just as MCB Juice, you can use Orange Money as a payment method in shops and even fuel pump stations.Over 30k people have Orange Money, as at January 2017.

Some might say that I’m outdated but I wrote this post to show my appreciation to this service. If you want to save time and money, give it a try.


Author: Yashvin

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