No gift box please

Warm welcome to everyone!

As you probably noticed nowadays, most of the wedding cards have this short phrase at the bottom : “Humble request : No gift box please”.

If you don’t print these few words, you will probably need one or more rooms to pile the gifts received mainly during the “saffran” night on Saturday. Among the gifts, a large majority of them would probably be useless to the new couples and you will definitely end up with a few dozen similar gifts. The most common ones might be a set of glasses, photo frames, kitchen utensils, etc. So, since some years now, people prefer to politely request the invitees not to bring any gift boxes. Instead, money or gift vouchers are the most welcomed.

Coming back to my story, we were busy opening some envelopes yesterday night and to our surprise, one of them contained a blank card inside.

We verified twice and even more.  Nothing on both sides. Just a prank from someone. Who? That’s the question which none can answer, except the stupid who did that.

Anyway, that did not spoil the mood!

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  • Anonymous

    Would have been better to receive a blank cheque…. no such luck.

  • My sis got 2 mugs, 2 plates….some gifts even wrapped in Rani oil box :p  so yes, better have Rs.25 in an envelope instead of endless mugs and plates…

    My uncle had another idea: No gift please, only blessings 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha lol. 

    The “Humble request” est quoique un peu plus tactful. In the Chinese community, c’est carrement ecrit “A foong pao will be most appreciated” :O Sometimes, the family open the foong pao in front of the guests …. imagine it …

    I don’t know but I find this method very unpolite. A gift list to buy at Courts or elsewhere would be better with a reasonable range of prices. 

    I’ve got the impression that the guests pay for the wedding by giving money …. :/ 

  • vicks

    to pe lay the grounds pou to marriage la.. fini mette to wishlist lor to blog. coumsa mo ava donne toi kitsoz ki pas dans list la 🙂

  • lol..the other day 2 of my colleagues were talking about this.  Both being married, so they were sharing their experience with us.  Well, they even got empty envelopes, envelopes with a Rs 25 note sticked to it that while trying to pull the note out the note was completely torn and one collegue even got the photocopy of a guest’s papers in the evelope and no money….looolz…

  • The wedding gift list is the best idea I think…you can even have expensive gifts you want and 3-4 people can buy it 2gether for you 🙂

  • Nilex

    when someone says no giftbox its ok, in return one can give anythg other than a giftbox like a bouquet, cards or money…of course it depends on the guests. no one should judge the guests as they have already sent a notice in the wedding invitation saying “humble request, no giftbox please”…i guess its the guest who decides what he or she wants to give as gift…i’ve seen people coming empty handed to weddings…so getting a card in an enveloppe should not be very surprising don’t you think so?

  • Bhooks

    Ena gagne cado avec bann mesanste la dans 🙂

  • I think “no boxed gift” sounds better than “no gift box”, non?

  • Roushdat

    I find it rude to write this sentence…It’s as if you are implying: “Bring me money!!!” –>maybe they could get their Bank Account number printed on the card instead? Easier, right?

    It’s much better having a ‘Bring and Share’ wedding reception 😀

  • Ruby SRK

    😀 at times we got Rs5 coins in envelopes 🙂

  • Pou ou, enn pli top enkor:
    “No gift please”

  • Ashibnauth

    I think every one wait some thing in return 

  • Ashibnauth

    I Think Every One is Wait Some Thing in Return

  • Avnish and Meyshia

    No giftbox!!! haha our frnd even gt the idea of throwing away the box and bring in only the gift and politely present it!!!
    Even we find it quite rude as in a sense ‘to p exige dimoune la amen cash’

  • Avnish and Meyshia

    No giftbox!!! haha our frnd even gt the idea of throwing away the box and bring in only the gift and politely present it!!!
    Even we find it quite rude as in a sense ‘to p exige dimoune la amen cash’

  • Shabneez

    people get this line printed in their wedding cards since they don’t want to see a lemon and needles when they open the gifts :p (pamplemousses replacing lemons)

  • ashvinbhookhun

    No gift box. Mari serye. Kan to gagne pitaye la to aster seki to envi. To gout ek gout lezot dimoun pa parey. Ena certain inn kit bann comment lor som d’argent ki zot inn resevwar. Abe mo ena pou dir zot enn zafer eski kan zot invit dimoun dans mariaz eski zot invit li pou gagne cado? Ki li met 5, 25, 100, 1000. Li kuma li envi. Alor get pli divan.

  • ashvinbhookhun

    Zame inn exiz twa amenn kas. Met serye do.

  • ashvinbhookhun

    To ti a prefer coins 20 sous?

  • ashvinbhookhun

    Si tonn invited dans enn mariaz ek to truv invitation la rude. To aller mem? To pena lamour prop.

  • Nalliah Thayabharan

    Sneaky way of begging for ONLY money. Just an incredibly rude way to ask for cash, cheque or gift cards I do NOT understand why people feel it’s necessary to put this stuff on invitations. I will read and treat this as “No gifts… period.”