My Swiss knife

Some 10 years ago, I had several of them at home but each one of them disappeared (or got lost) mysteriously.
Anyways, I purchased this one on ebay for $28 (Including $6 shipping). Took 2 weeks to get to MRU with First Class Mail International shipping.

While checking the manufacturer’s web site, I fell in love with all those wonderful models for sale but finally I went for a ‘simple’ and more affordable one.

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  • btw ki to p pense pou faire r sa lolz

  • @Dhaneesha : To pu gueter 🙂

  • Wanted to get a new one since a long time… but was worried that we weren’t allowed to buy knives! Didn’t the post office make any fuss? 🙂

  • @Carrot : Nops. I did give a call to the customs office to enquire about any prohibition to import a knife, more specifically a swiss one.
    The officer told me that there was no restrictions on that 🙂

  • Mike

    Swiss army knife, nice collector’s item.

  • I believe this same make is being sold at caudan.

  • Yashvin

    Neelesh, any idea about the price ?

  • Li pou aide toi coupe légumes!! xD